Piya Albela 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Rahul Conspires to Malign Pooja’s character before Naren

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The Episode starts with Pooja coming to the mehfil. Naren asks if she is not scared of humiliation. Pooja says today she will prove her love and says today she has request with every mirror. She says she has two request with you. Naren asks what do you want? Pooja says until this mehfil is set, you shall stare at me and tie this ghungroo on my feet and free me. He ties ghungroo on her feet. She sings and dances Deewani hogayi. Satish and Anuj comes there. They are shocked to see Pooja dancing and falling in Naren arms. Satish shouts asking her to stop it. Pooja tells them that this test is important for her. Satish asks if she is seeing the place. Pooja says she has husband’s permission and it is not less than God’s permission. She resumes dancing. Satish and Anuj are shocked.

Some men

come there and see her dance. Naren looks at her. The men ask her to dance and calls her jaaneman. Pooja gets teary eyes and dances. Rahul smirks. The men throw money on her. Satish and Anuj feel insulted. Naren drinks wine and breaks the bottle. He then holds the men and beats them. Anuj also beats them. Pooja cries. Satish asks if she is fine. Pooja nods yes. Jogiya plays.. Naren picks his shawl and gives to Pooja feeling ashamed of his doing. Pooja takes it and covers herself. Mora Piya albela plays…..Satish gets angry at Naren. Naren says car is outside and will drop you all home. Satish slaps him hard. Pooja is shocked. Satish says today you have made your parents head down and asks him to see himself in the mirrors and says you have killed your soul. He asks Anuj to take Pooja home and says my daughter will not give any test now. Pooja asks him to give her one day’s time. Satish says I can bear to see your tears, but can’t see you getting humiliated else I will curse myself all life. He takes her with him. Naren looks at himself in the mirror and thinks about Satish’s words.

Rahul says still dance is remaining. He calls Mr. Kapoor and says you are welcome. Mr. Kapoor hugs him. Rahul says we will fool Naren infront of these mirrors and will break Pooja and Naren’s relation. Mr. Kapoor gets happy and hugs him.

Harsha gives milk to Supriya and asks her to drink. Supriya refuses. Harsha says else she will get go. Supriya says we have to get family pic and asks why did police arrest Rakesh? Harsha gets upset. She makes her have milk. Naren lie down in the bath tub and thinks about Pooja’s words. Rahul talks aloud and scolds the men misbehaving with Pooja. Naren comes there. Rahul tells that Pooja gave them money to misbehave with her. Naren is shocked. Rahul says Pooja also asked them to misbehave with her until you gets much angry. Naren holds his neck. Rahul says I have a proof and shows the cheque which was given to the men. He says Pooja signed on the cheque. He says here you are tensed and there, she might be having wine. Naren asks where is Pooja? Rahul shows something in his mobile. Naren is shocked.

Pooja comes to Naren and says she came for the last test. She says she knows that her Naren is same like before. Naren smiles looking at her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. i am so fed up with this damn serial one shit after the next and rahul as should be in jail yet pooja take him out thinking he would help but instead he is trying his utmost best to make her look bad and bring her down in front of narens eyes my gosh and pooja falling prey to all this shit that they continue to do to her; when will it end or instead will it ever end. Writers no woman in their right frame of mind will endure all this humiliation and torture; you all are carrying it way too far now; it is over the extreme time to move in a different direction send mr kapoor ass back to the asylum and let him take all his accomplices with him that is naren surbhi rahul and his wicked mother who started the whole damn fiasco and let pooja meet someone again like the doctor and give her a wonderful life.

    1. I totally agree with you..this is getting to me very annoying. its like they are telling women to endure cruelty and take crap from men in order to have a guaranteed relationship. Pooja’s character is not strong and independent anymore, It subservient and meek!

      I hate it!

  2. I follow this series loyally. However, the rating for piya albela has dropped from 8.7 to 8.2. I hope writers and the producers are keeping abr*ast because fans of the show are tired of seeing Naren and Pooja at war.

    It is high time for some reconciliation.

  3. Really? the moment when the money started flowing over the dancers and her costume was disturbed is the moment that all bets were off, where is Pooja’s personal respect, the writers should have let her leave with some dignity..this is getting more ridiculous day by day.

  4. The serial is going very unfair now.. pooja cannot be bad named all the time.

  5. When will this hatred end its getting boring. . Let Pooja forget him or better still pretend to go with Mr Kapoor and see if naren will not be jealous. It’s high time he find out the truth through his mum.

  6. ….and this is how it will go, one step forward,two steps backwards!! I damn tired of these tests, if a woman has to cross so many hurdles to win some love, where’s her dignity? This marriage is more like a business deal between this couple and it’s so pathetic to watch Pooja beg Naren for his love and affection. Also, what is the heck with these writers, you all said Rahul was under house arrest so what the ass he doing all over the place, like you all forget what you wrote before? Pooja has a slack screw somewhere in her brain, why else would she help Rahul get released under house arrest and he plotting and slithering all over the village. I also can’t believe also how gullible Naren is… seriously Naren? He’s that gullible? He needs some serious help and just imagine Rahul is showing him footage in the phone in the precap…lordddddd…..

  7. Before naren
    That stupid&cunning, roof
    Rahul has to be punished severely
    Song with him Mr kapoor also deserve the same

  8. Too much negativity in the show.Narens character is so stupid. I wish pooja would win all challenges, show real face of Rahul, surbhi and Kapoor and then leave him forever. This will be real pooja.

  9. Julie

    That’s it is can’t tolerate anymore. Naresh is behaving just like dumb & believing that idiot Rahul who cheated him every time & naresh after knowing about him still believing him. Why they are just making crap just make one final confession & clear the misunderstandings. I think naren will know her truth when she is about to die or in hospital.

  10. Piya Albela creative please for heaven sake is change the track …is Naren such a blindfolded idiot that he cannot think on his own?? He is so vulnerable that he gets easily convinced by anyone?? Come on and what is the rest of the family doing ?? Please di not show so much bitterness that we have to turn of the show … Naren babu aap toh dumbass nikale according to ur script ?

  11. Yes Pooja should show real face of Neelima, Rahul, Surbi and Mr. Kapoor and leave Naren forever to suffer by himself. Then Pooja should marry a very nice, kind and wealthy man to live happily everafter.

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