Piya Albela 6th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Pooja gets kidnapped

Piya Albela 6th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pooja coming to the place.. The people there tells that they were doing play. Pooja happens to see the poster in which fake Chacha and Chachi’s pic is posted. She thinks so this is their truth, I am coming to expose you. Naren is angry in his room and tells that whenever he sees this hockey stick, his mind asks him not to listen to heart. He says I can’t give peace to the people torturing my mum. Naren breaks the ghungroo and asks his servant to keep it. His assistant says you are not bad which you try to become. Mora Piya plays.. Naren looks at the ghungroo box and keeps it aback.

Goons tease Pooja and ask her to dance. They push her and she falls down. Pooja says she is Naren Vyas’s wife. The goons ask where is he? Just then Naren comes and beats him, asks

did you call me. Pooja is happy seeing him fighting with goons for her. He asks her to come and sit in car. Pooja feels pain in her leg, but starts walking. Naren sits in car. Pooja promises to make his heart beat for her again. Naren rings the car horn. Pooja sits in car and says you have troubled all neighborhood by ringing horn. She says you can’t see me in trouble and thanks him for loving her. Naren asks her to thank his hatred that it don’t love her. Pooja thinks she will wait for the day when this hatred becomes love and accept her.

Rahul tells that he can’t melt seeing Naina’s tears, once he snatches Mayank’s property from her then he will not know her. Naren and Pooja reach Vyas Mansion. Naren goes inside. Pooja walks slow due to pain in her leg. Goons come and kidnap her. Guard informs Naren that Pooja is kidnapped. Rahul comes to Naina and says if I could, then I wouldn’t have let any tears fall from your eyes. Naina says what is your mistake. Rahul tells her that Mayank came in his dream and asked him to give you red rose. Naina takes it and thinks she has to woo Rahul. Naren slaps his assistant and says Pooja is kidnapped from my house.

Dada ji says we shall call Pooja. Harish says media shall not be informed. Naren says election is near and they can’t risk. Dada ji defends her. Harish says it was good that she is kidnapped. Dada ji says she is our bahu. Naren says she was, and tells that marriage is on just paper. Dada ji asks really. Naren says he is not lying. The goons take Pooja somewhere. Media comes there and asks Naren about Pooja. Rahul requests them to leave his brother. Naren says I couldn’t handle my jaan, then how will I handle the people of Hrishikesh. Satish comes there. Naren says I couldn’t protect your niece and promises to search her.

Pooja asks goons to leave her and says her husband will not leave them. Goon says lets see. They tie her to chair. Naren says I will reply when Pooja is with me. Supriya thinks who has kidnapped Pooja. Chandrika blames herself for leaving Pooja. Dada ji says who might be the person.

Rahul tells that Ravan has kidnapped Pooja. Neelima asks him to be careful. Rahul says I haven’t kidnapped or touched her. Neelima says then who is this Ravan? Pooja sees Vyas Group of Company board and thinks who has kidnapped her.

Naren is the one who got her kidnapped and blames Pooja for Supriya’s condition. Pooja cries. Naina decides to get Vyas Mansion.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Naren is one shameless skunk to kidnap his wife to please Harish and Supriya. Rahul is up to tricks again; we will see who will outsmart whom; him or Naina. Who really killed Mayank? Did Rahul murder his cousin? Where is Mayank’s father ; is he still around because Kapoor is dead. Is Naina planning to get a 3rd husband in order to raid the Vyas empire.

  2. Sapphire…i just was on the KKB forum and pretty much let my disgust show..and for that idiot character Simonika..i peek in because i do like Purab and Disha and Aliya’s reaction to them, makes me happy inside when i see her face get all pruney with jealousy. LOL but i haven’t been able to watch a full episode of KKB since the Pragya Munni storyline..just yuck…but this show takes the cake in ruining a once genuinely unique story and the writers just pooped all over it, i am just so angry that i feel it’s my duty to shame them. lol

  3. cathy i dont watch kumkum bhagya as i used to only now and then i will take a look these days i am trying to understand what the heck the writers doing with woh apna sa cause they just destroyed a good serial is one shit after the next they running out of storylines bad and they are desperate now so they writing real shit and that woman they replace nisha with her voice is very annoying they could have gotten someone else to do a better job but all in all the first nisha was replaced.

  4. Cathy……while watching the episode yesterday, I was thinking…ignorance is really bliss!! Whoever said that, well it’s a perfect analysis of the behavior of Naren Vyas. It’s a good thing that the present script is only a showcase for entertainment because if this was real life, the ones living a life such as this, should go in hibernation and never be able to face the society ever. Imagine for a second, that a man behaving in the manner of what Naren is displaying, goes on constant rampage to castigate, ridicule, belittle and shame a woman who he eventually will discover in the near future, that she’s the one biological link to him and not just a link, she gave birth to him, how is that man expected to face himself, first of all, and then face the woman who was instrumental in giving him life, and then face family and society?? That would be one cold day in hell, I tell you!!! How would his enabelars be able to justify their actions when the truth comes out? Repentance absolves the souL of wrongdoings but for Naren, his would be immensely painful and his wounds will never heal….when Chandbhai told him that she would remember what she wrote on that piece of paper for the rest of her life,which he dictated for her, that hit me… Cathy, I’ve been bashing this serial when it’s needed but this present scenario, hits like make-believe is a reality and I’m sure out there in this world, a mother, father, son, daughter..could be facing such a truth. How hard is it to treat people with respect, regardless of their color, class, social standing, religion, race, whether rich or poor, everyone is entitled to it. A kind word inspires, a derogatory remark kills and whatever job a person does in one’s life to put food on the table, clothes on their body or a roof over their heads, however demeaning it will look to others, if their money wasn’t stolen, it’s worth their happiness and comfort. In this case, Chandbhai was a pr*stitute but like you’ve mentioned before, in India, they garnered the attention of only wealthy men and aristocrats, they weren’t the pr*stitutes of modern day ilk……just needed to say this Cathy…. I know you’d understand.

    1. Naz i do understand, Circumstances dictate our lives, if your fortunate in coming from a family that cares and catches you when you fall then you are blessed, but if you don’t have that support system then you do what you have to do to survive and no one has the right to judge you, sadly that is rarely the case we are shaped by our cultures and societies we can sympathize and we can help but unless you walk a mile in their shoes we can never really know anothers pain. The negative aspects of this show fasinate me in a not so good way, i keep wondering how much emotional/physical abuse is this woman suppose to endure and will the writers really let Naren come to terms with what he has done, what he’s doing now and what’s going to happen in the future…i’m not gonna hold my breath. oh yes and his reaction when he finds out the muck he spewed out at his biological mother, doubt that will be handled to our satisfaction either.

  5. I just hate the way Supriya is making Naren hold on to her skirt..like a mama’s boy!!! So sickening. I know there are mothers like that out there..won’t allow their sons to be a man, still want to pamper and massage their egos…..when the truth is out, wonder what her face would look like, for lying!! That would be hilarious in its seriousness though..and Harish… He should hide his head in the septic tank…

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