Piya Albela 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Piya Albela 5th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pooja taking Supriya to temple. They see Naren sitting sadly with kids. Naren is in tears recalling Supriya slapping him. Pooja says I was shocked when I saw him in rang gali when I came to know that he took responsibility to educate children, I couldn’t stop myself from helping him. She says he is doing a good work and mayank and I are with him in this good work. They see Gudiya try to cheer her Naren and pulling his cheeks to make him smile. Pooja says we got a chance to make kids study here, because of husband and wife lie, and tells that he didn’t know about it. Pooja tells Gudiya that Supriya and Harsha are Naren’s mum and bua. Gudiya gives her rose. Supriya hugs her. Chandani, Meghna and others looks on. More kids come and give her flower. Supriya is in tears. Pooja

says you was always worried about him, and thought how he will punish himself. She says today also it is Thursday and he is trying to do something good. Harsha tells Supriya that they have done wrong with Naren and have to rectify their mistake. Kusum looks on.

Supriya goes to Naren and sits beside him. Naren has tears in his eyes. Supriya asks don’t you want to look at me. She says until you answer me, I will sit with you. She says I am bad to slap you without hearing you and asks if he will agree if she holds her ears and say sorry. Naren says you can slap me more, but don’t talk about leaving me.

Mayank thinks Pooja is doing so much for Naren and makes everyone understand, and even agreed for husband and wife drama. He salutes her and says she is different. Harsha asks how can you find goodness even in this place. Naren says Dada ji told something which remained with me. A fb is shown, Dada ji takes him to rang gali and says you will get any food here at night. Naren asks why Papa was saying that it is a bad place. Dada ji says no place is good or bad, it is us which makes the place right or wrong. Harsha remembers and tells that Bua ji said this to them also. She says she will teach hindi to kids and asks Naren if he will keep her as a teacher in his school. Kusum thinks with which right, pooja is fulfilling rights of a real wife and she will break fully.

A woman eyes them and informs Rahul. Rahul asks her to keep eye on Pooja and her team and inform him. He thinks since Pooja came here, she is doing this with me. He thinks if I do anything then she will show my photo with Gulabo. He thinks what is Harish’s plan. Kusum warns pooja and reminds her that she doesn’t belong to this family and they will sideline her soon. Doctor comes and tells about the blockage in his heart and asks her to take him home. Kusum says I can’t let you talk to him today and says you can talk to him when he gets fine. Supriya asks Pooja to understand and says she will send her after 2-4 days. Kusum gets angry and goes. Supriya tells that Naren arranged for car and driver will take them home. Supriya asks Kusum to agree and says they want to give money for Harish’s treatment. Supriya don’t tell anything and goes. Harish asks Naren about Pooja. Mayank says I will call her. Supriya says she is busy with work, I will send her home later. Pooja is seeing him from far and crying. Kusum sits in car. They leave.

Next day, Chandani greets Supriya and tells that seeing Naren, thought goodness is still in the world. Supriya asks why there are many people today in the temple. Chandani tells about ekadashi. Pandit ji asks Naren if he keeps fast on ekadashi. Naren says yes. Pandit ji asks if Pooja kept fast with you. Pooja tells Naren that she gave his message to kids. Chandani prays to God and tells that Naren and Pooja are like Radha Krishna and they are true partners for life. Supriya sees them standing together and smiles.

“Achayi Bhi Yahin Burayi Bhi Yahin
Paap Punya Ke Raaste Yahin
Kisi Ke Liye Na Yeh Baaten Nayi
Phir Kyun Nahi Chunte Hum Raasta Sahi”.

(Goodness is here, even evilness be, good and bad deeds ways are here, these talks are not new for anyone, then why don’t we choose right ways)

Malanga Re plays……

Naren and Pooja are standing infront of each other in the temple. Radha Krishna plays…Pooja puts garland in his neck. Supriya smiles seeing them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. first one to comment??
    this show is really interesting from d beginning itself …n I am totally in love with the character of naren….he is so simple…also pooja is so cute
    about eps I am eagerly waiting for love blooming from both the side….but in a soulful n different way??
    malanga rocks…..love poojen?

    1. happy u commented keep commenting

  2. is here anyone who watched bb

    1. Catharin

      Bb means ?

      1. bigg boss

  3. Hi frnds am little busy vth my work… Tats why am not commenting regularly…am daily visiting piya albela page to check ur comments But i regularly watch ths show at 8.30 pm…am totally impresed by ths serial….

    1. comment when ever u can

  4. Catharin

    Pyari aur bahut bahuth achi show serial….. Malangare ??good night to all my malanga family…

  5. Lovely serial, so very different and well enacted by Naren and Pooja.

  6. precap may be supriya’s dream.

  7. I love this show I love u naren(Akshay)and pooja

  8. Hi frnds.
    ooshi how are you?
    about episode-mere paas words nahi hai kahne k liye.jitni v taarif ki jay kam h.
    by… have a good day frnds.

  9. epi was superb and the end was
    sone pe sohaga/damn gooo…d

  10. where r still missing people come back guys waiting for u

  11. and H.Hasan Assalam o Alaikum and thanku very much for updating this superb episode take care

  12. wish u all a great weekend take care urself and others like Naren ok Dears

  13. How I wish precap to be true.. But 99% chances it to be a dream sequance… Loving Pooja and Naren.. Nd mayank too

  14. Hi gys amazing epi.gudia is so sweet.nd gys bt about mayunk nd pooja.i mean he s falen lov with pooja bt pooja atracting towords NV.precap is also awsm waiting for next.y so less cment here.where r others .devga,zoya,mama nd others.ditya mai bb dekhti hu every seson.

  15. Epi was nice. i think gys precap is a dream [email protected],mama,Ooshi,geeta,sonya,catharin hw r u?and I also watched bb every season as I am a big fan of salman khan.

    1. Assalam o Alaikum where were u yaar missing u and all very much i m fine

      1. Wallekum assalam Ooshi I am here only but not commenting bcoz I wanted to see that u all would missed me or not.

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