Piya Albela 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Pooja takes blame on herself, Naren in deep trouble


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The Episode starts with Guru ji asking Harish where is Naren? Harish says Naren is out now, you can talk to me. Naren comes there and asks what headlines they want to make. He asks Woman Organization, Guru ji and Media to get out of his house. Guru ji says so much ego and arrogance , and says who will tell that you are kashinath’s grandson and tells that no doubt that you have provoked these children and will be punished. Naren asks how does it matter and says he don’t give explanation to anyone and asks him to have some wine. Guru ji says you will be punished and one punishment is enough to wash away your sins. Naren says I am waiting. They see Guru ji’s men bringing some pots. Guru ji tells everyone that Vyas family had done charity of stuff to temple and shows the Dada ji’s name plate and

the silver pots.

Harish asks why did you bring it. Guru ji tells that he will remove all the things given in kashinathji’s memory and throws the nameplate. Naren gets teary eyes. He recalls Dada ji asking him not to leave his values in any circumstances and say Om. He keeps the wine bottle, wipes his hand and picks it up. He gets emotional. Pooja looks at Naren and stops him from leaving. She tells that they respect their customs and traditions, and tells that she wants him not to punish any innocent guy and tells that she is his guilty. She tells that she provoked Anuj and Rachel to stay in room and supported them. She asks him to punish them.

Guru ji asks her to leave the city and country and never come back again. Naren is shocked. Everyone is shocked. Guru ji asks his people to throw her out. Pooja says when she has the guts to accept the crime, then she can leave too. Naren thinks why did Pooja lie? Naren goes out. The lady ask her to leave else she will kick her out. Pooja goes out. The women gang attacked Naren with rod. He shouts Pooja. Woman gang takes him in car. Pooja runs back and see a car leaving.. She asks Security whose car it was? Security says office people. Pooja thinks if Naren is in trouble. She thinks what to do? She asks Servant if he saw Naren inside. He says no. She calls him. Woman sees her call on Naren’s phone.

Guru ji tells that they will boycott Gupta family from now on. Kusum asks them not to do this and tell some solution. Everyone is shocked. Guru ji asks them to get Anuj and Rachel married according to their customs and asks Gupta family to make their niece Pooja leave country. Harish tells Guru ji that Pooja is innocent, she is NGO Head and is a social workers and how can she favours wrong thinking. Guru ji says you are going against my decision. Harish says I am refusing to accept your wrong decision. Guru ji says if that girl don’t leave then they will boycott Vyas family also from their community. Pooja calls Naren. Woman switches off his phone and throws it afar. She says now you can’t meet Naren Vyas.

Harish comes out. Pooja tells him that Naren is in trouble as she heard his voice and sent her team to search him. Harish says ok. Surbhi thinks where is Pooja going in urgency and what Harish was talking to her. Pooja sees oil mark on the road.

Naren gains consciousness in the middle of jungle and tied to chair. He thinks about Pooja taking up the blame on herself.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Naren is paying for his wrong doings. Pooja takes the blame to save Naren and Surbhi has gotten victory. Hope that Naren is saved and has a change of heart and mind.


    Show is spoiling day by day.. though i know naren got bitter due to sudden happening in past planned by pooja, guru ji and surpriya, but he do not look good in this behaviour. He was better when he was yogi than bitter naren.. zee writers should get award “best spoiling story” for spoiling each and every show.

  3. I agree with you shraddha zee writers just keep on messing up all the serials and the more we the viewers speak out is the more they continue to do SHIT if you ask me the only reason they are doing this is because with good scripts the serial will end quick but with the evil scripts the can prolong it as much as they desire and hence the reason for doing this so you ztv writers we know your Strategy and we dont like it one bit; there is a saying all good things must come to an end at some point in time so do the right thing for once and help your ratings go up.

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