Piya Albela 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Pooja recalls her troubled past with Angraj

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The Episode starts with Supriya kicking Pooja out of the house and says you have no place in my son’s house. Pooja says Maa….I haven’t done any mistake. Supriya shouts and says you have killed my son, before I say anything bad, leave from here and cries. Pooja looks on shocked and cries. Photo frame falls down. Pooja is walking on the road and cries, vent out her pain and shouts loudly. Rain starts. She gets drenched in rain and says I wish I could go back 3 days back. She says who knew that the daughter mandap was set three days ago, who knows that son will be cremated after three days.

Before three days:

Meghna and Kunal are seated for marriage. Pandit ji asks Naren and Pooja to do ghatbandhan. Naren says Rahul and Surbhi will tie the ghatbandhan. Mrs. Goenka tells that rapist son

will do the ghatbandhan. Naren says Rahul is the son of the house and they will do all rituals. Kunal asks them to tie the ghatbandhan. Pooja asks Naren about his brother’s name. Naren says, Angraj Vyas. Pooja gets shocked and recalls something. Meghna and Kunal take rounds. Pooja thinks there must be many Angraj and it is not necessary that he is the same Angraj. Angraj is shown with Pooja’s name tattooed on his hand.

Naren asks Supriya to sit. Supriya says Meghna will leave. Naren says someone is going to come and he will change everything. Harish says really. Naren asks Pooja to get Aarti. He asks Danish to make the place happening. They dance on the song Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve……Naren, Pooja and others dance. Pooja sets the aarti plate and thinks why she is getting bad thoughts. She recalls her obsessive lover Angraj in her school. She hears the flute sound and opens the window. Some TV stars come and dance with Naren. Pooja senses danger and closes the window. Angraj is hiding and plays flute again. She hears the sound and thinks this is just my thought. Angraj keeps back the flute in his bag and takes out the knife. Pooja is still in her room and gets scared seeing window opening suddenly. She thinks she shall go downstairs and gets shocked seeing red color hand impression on the glass window. Pooja gets shocked and runs. She gets a bucket of water and throws on the window, but the hand impression is not here. Pooja thinks maybe Angraj was someone else and not the one who had scared me. It is just coincidence. Angraj is seen injuring his hand to leave that hand impression. Naren continues to dance. Mahi Ve plays…..Everyone is happy, dancing and celebrating. Meghna hugs her Swabhimaan’s sister Naina. Pooja brings the aarti and come to Naren. They all wait for Angraj. Everyone is dancing again. Electricity goes off. Pooja hopes it is her misconception and closes her eyes. Angraj enters there.

Back to Present day.

Pooja is drenched in rain and thinks the storm which came with that guest had killed a son of the house, I wish I wouldn’t have opened my eyes that day.

Naren announces that Angraj is the biological son of maa and Papa and heir of the house. Everyone looks on. Anuj says I will not leave him and asks if she forgot. Pooja stops him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. leisa s morris

    Im lost with dis….wat happened? I was just praisin piya albela d other day wat nonsense is dis today

  2. Drama after drama. My gosh the leads has no moments with each other. Only problem. the bahu’s have no place in their in laws house. Very sad

  3. Agree with u Geeta 100 %. It was disgusting to see how supriya dragged puja n threw her out of the house. If rich people like Vyas will do this then what abt poor people. Not at all good treatment for girls. Writers rahul modi
    N directors sooraj pls show some respect for married girls.

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