Piya Albela 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Harish telling his family that Naren needs medical treatment. Hardik says we know Naren and he don’t need any treatment. Harish blames Supriya for Naren’s upbringing and asks Rahul to talk to Doctor. Supriya thinks why God is punishing Naren. Mayank takes care of Naren while he falls ill. Pooja thinks I can’t let you play with your life, I have to do this for Supriya. Pooja calls Rahul and tells that Naren is unwell and is not eating anything. She asks him to send some doctor there. Rahul smiles looking at neelima and tells that he talked to Harish and that his treatment will start now. He tells that ambulance comes with doctors there, and asks her not to tell anything to Naren. Pooja says okay. Neelima tells that it seems even destiny wants you to become MD of the company.

Rahul smiles. He talks to centre doctor. He says they will take him to centre and will treat him. Malanga Re plays……………………

A sadhwi tells Mayank that his brother is unique. A man comes to the Gola shop. The shop keeper refuses to give him gola without money and pushes him. Naren asks him to give gola to that man and says he don’t have money, but he can work for him. Pooja looks on at his goodness.

Goat is about to eat someone grass. Man is about to hit goat, but Pooja stops him and beats the man. Naren takes care of goat. Pooja tells him that man was hitting goat so she reacted. Naren asks since when she is getting affected. Pooja thinks when I am concerned about goat as I am staying with it since 2 days, then what Naren might be feeling with the baby goat’s death. She thinks he is not wrong. She hears someone saying that when we can’t change, we shall not think to change others. Few men comes out of bathroom and tells that it is dirty and stinks. Naren hears them and goes inside to clean the bathroom. Malanga Re plays…..

Pooja looks on and thinks he has no problem, we couldn’t understand his heart. She gets a call and recalls her conversation with Rahul. She disconnects the call of the doctor and calls Harish. Harish asks how is Naren? Pooja says Naren doesn’t need any treatment and says he is like us, but different. He says such people is rare to find and that we don’t have that much goodness. She asks him not to send ambulance and promises to bring Naren by tomorrow. Harish says okay….He happily informs Supriya that Pooja called and promised to bring him home. Supriya informs Hardik that Naren is coming home. Neelima is shocked and thinks how did a naukrani promised them.

Pooja makes kids lock Mayank in a room. Mayank knocks on the door. Pooja thinks now door will open only after I talk to Naren. She gets neelima’s call and she scolds Pooja asking why did she promise and asks her to take him to centre if she fails to bring Naren home.

Naren is cleaning people’s slippers and takes Pooja’s slipper also to clean. Pooja asks Naren not to hurt himself and says everyone is waiting for you, come home. Naren says you are wasting your time, I will not go back. Pooja apologizes and says even I am upset. Naren says I have no complains with you, and have question for God. Pooja thinks about Neelima’s words. Doctors team come there and wait for Naren. Naren cares for goat.

“Bhool jo jeevan ke pehlu
Ghaltiyon se phir darna kya
Jisse Kabhi huyi na ghalti
Koshish hi usne nahi kiya”

(Forgetting the life chapters, why to get afraid of mistakes, whoever haven’t done any mistake, probably haven’t tried)

Pooja does aarti and asks God to give answers to Naren, as he came there with hope.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Beautiful Poem 😀

    I’m sooo glad Pooja changed her mind about Naren…
    Menka was sent to Vishwamitra with the objective of gaining his attention, but when she got to know what kind of person he was at heart, she started to accept him and love him for who he was…and that’s what’s happening to Pooja

    And now there can’t be any misunderstaning that Naren can have about Pooja wanting to get his mental treatment done, cause Pooja made it clear that she believes that Naren is not “crazy” and is just a good human being…

    I STILL want to see some ACTUAL scenes between them though ;(

  2. I really like this serial.totally new story?

  3. nice thought instantly pooja changer her mind and given challenge to naren’s father, i hope all will be done by sucessful.

  4. thanks for updating the episode Bhai
    eagerly waiting for next

  5. What an effect…it seems to be a different story…egerly waiting for upcoming episodes…

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