Piya Albela 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Surbhi takes advantage of Naren and Pooja’s fight

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The Episode starts with Pooja telling Satish that Anuj messaged and they are coming home. Satish asks Kusum to be good towards them. Naren tells that it is not necessary that they reach home. Pooja tells Kusum that she made anjeer Prasad and they shall offer bhog to God. Anuj and Rachel are happy and asks Driver where he is taking them. Naren laughs and says he gave wrong address to driver. Driver tells them that Pooja asked him to take them to Police station. Anuj asks Driver to stop the car. Driver refuses. Anuj tries to stop the car and asks driver to stop the car else they will meet with an accident. Rachel and Anuj gets hurt as car hits the tree. Anuj gets Naren’s call and tells that Pooja played game with them and tried to send them to police station. Naren tells him that he will send car and

asks to send location. Anuj and Rachel come to Naren’s house. Rachel gets fever. Anuj puts wet cloth on her forehead and is going out. Naren asks him to be with Rachel and not to worry about the world. Satish tells Pooja that they can come tomorrow because of the land slide. Pooja gets worried and hopes they don’t take any wrong step. Anuj goes to room and locks it. Surbhi tells Rakesh that they shall take advantage. Rakesh says now see how I get the pictures posted.

Pooja thinks atleast Anuj must have informed me and comes to Vyas Mansion. Naren calls her and says 24 hours are near and Bangalore flights are on time too. Surbhi comes and gives envelope in her hand. Pooja comes to Anuj and asks how can he be so careless. She sees Rachel on bed and asks what happened? Anuj stops her calling her Mrs. Kapoor. Just then she gets Kusum’s call and she blames her for getting the news published. Pooja reads the newspaper and is shocked. She asks why did you stay together when I asked you to stay separately and come there. Anuj says you tried to stop us and were sending us to Police station and says he didn’t hope this from her. Pooja is shocked. Anuj and Rachel comes out in hall. The ladies hold Rachel and asks her to get ready to apologize, to calm down her hot blood. Pooja asks her to talk to her.

Harish comes there and asks women to stop troubling simple people for news. Woman tells that all family have to apologize now. Pooja asks her to talk to her directly. Kusum asks her to stay away and tells that her son Anuj is a simple guy and tells that someone must have provoked him to do such thing. Surbhi says Naren kept the escaped love birds here and you people are blaming us. Pooja says I know who got the pics and news published. Surbhi asks her to tell the name of the guilty person. Mayank tells Naren that he did wrong to get the pics published. Naren says he didn’t do anything. Kusum asks Pooja to tell her who got the pics published. Woman organization lady tells that you all have to apologize to us. Suddenly some Saint comes there. Harsha and Harish greet him. Saint says Om Shanti. Pooja calls Naren and tells that revenge fire was so deep. Naren says he didn’t do anything else would have told straight on her face. Pooja ends the call. Harsha tells about Swami.

Guru ji stops her from washing his feet and says I know your family since your father’s times, but after reading the news, I came to know that your family have become modern. Harish says it is not like that. Guru ji asks didn’t this couple sleep in the same room. Kusum says my son is innocent. Surbhi says she wants to get money from us. Pooja says how much money you can give us, and says 10 crores, 20 crores, and tells that her husband gifts her valuables more than her assets. Guru ji asks Anuj who provoked him to take such a step. Pooja talks about good values binding them with their customs and traditions of the country. Guru ji taunts her for talking about customs after leaving her first husband, marrying another and then coming back to first. He asks where is your son Harish? Naren is seen there.

The women gang ties Naren in the jungle. Naren says the one who are already ruined by me will ruin me. The woman hits on his head and he falls down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  3. Naren is getting a dose of his own medicine. Evil Surbhi is goung all out to discredit Pooja. Hope that Pooja saves Naren and he starts having a change of heart and mind

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