Piya Albela 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Naren tries to break Pooja’s patience

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The Episode starts with Pooja driving rashly so that Supriya gains her memory back. Supriya sees truck coming from front and tells someone saves my bahu..Pooja. Pooja stops the car. Supriya faints. Naren is shocked. Harish gets down from the truck as it was pooja and his plan to get Supriya’s memory back. Doctor checks Supriya and says in some cases, patient memory get back. Supriya opens her eyes and asks Pooja why she was driving fast. Pooja asks did you recall anything. Supriya looks at Surbhi and nods no, cries. Pooja says it is ok, don’t cry. Surbhi says she needs rest now, we can’t let her go through trauma.

Pooja comes to Naren. Naren says you came to ask what you deserves, punishment or medal. Pooja says she shall be punished for risking Supriya’s life. Naren says it seems

you are scared of punishment. Pooja says she is not worried about the result and asks him to think about her. Rahul and Surbhi hears her. Naren says this test is invalid. Pooja says she knows he will do such thing and says she can tell with rights that her love is not one sided. Naren comes to his room, cries and have wine.

Surbhi asks Rahul if she shall attack Pooja. Rahul says Sita have to give agni pariksha. Rachel and Anuj come home. Rachel says she felt good with kids. Kusum asks them to have their own baby. Anuj says we are married for a month now. Kusum asks them to sit else asks Rachel to leave. Rachel says she don’t want kid right now. Anuj says ok. Surbhi comes to Naren and says although she is engaged to him, but he thinks about Pooja. Naren says it is not like this. Surbhi asks why did you cancel next round. Surbhi calls her mom, but actually Rahul and tells that she wants to break engagement with Naren and wants to return. Naren comes near her and throws phone on bed. Surbhi hugs him. Naren says he has nothing to do with Pooja and will marry her on the decided date. Naren comes to Pooja in car and asks her to sit. He says he is throwing bachelor’s party before marriage and this will be her third test.

Pooja says ok and sits in car. She asks why he is not taunting her today. Naren says he is fine and happy. He says today’s evening will not be easy for you. She asks him to tell what he is going to do. He drives fast and then says he will show her mirror. He brings her somewhere. Pooja asks where did we come? Naren says all mehfil is here and asks her to get ready. He asks her to come. Pooja is surprised. Naren takes cloth from the mirror and gives her clothes and jewellery, says this will be her third test. He asks her to wear jewellery and clothes and come, as guest will be waiting. He says you are my namesake wife and have to entertain the guests in husband’s party. Pooja asks what I have to do? Naren throws ghungroo on her feet. Pooja is shocked. Naren says it seems you don’t like it and asks her to pick the car keys if not ghungroo. Pooja gets teary eyes.

Pooja dances on the song main deewani mastani hogayi. Naren looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What the hell? Why only women have to save their marriage? Men has nothing to do with it. Now show is becoming worst. Why only girl has to prove love. Hatred overpowering humanity. How can naren can’t pay attention to mom’s words. How can’t he believe on pooja tears but believe in fraud surbhi tears.

  2. Stupid storyline now… just a time pass show.

  3. The only positive part of this story is Anuj standing up to his mother about allowing his wife to work…. Hip Hop hooray… Good job Anuj… So simple looking but cares about his wife’s happiness and her future….

  4. Ok….. But when this stupid
    Naren will realise the truth

  5. I agree with you Naz all the other characters are a waste of precious time and the writers just trying to prolong the serial with unnecessary stupid storylines; now tell me Naz could you ever be with a man who torture and insult you so much just for the sake of that four letter word love; my gosh if that is love i sure would not like to experience his hate lol what you say girl.

    1. Sapphire dear, I would not stoop ever to Pooja’s level to hold a man. Too many fishes in the sea to do that. He can ship his ass out of my life, no way would I put up with crap like that. Sapphire, you know a lot about me since we were on WAS and ETRETR, so you know my views on this… Girl, I’m feeling Xmas in the air and I love it!! I’m sure it’s colder these days where you live since its in the mountain interior and the parang and carols on 100FM is making me so nostalgic. I feel the crispiness in the morning especially and I ? it…. Anyway dear, precap shows Pooja dancing and I have to admit that she looks beautiful but I think the men in the room should tackle Pooja to spend time with them or fall all over her and touch her inappropriately, then we’d see how Naren would jump in to save her. His revenge sucks…big time!! These writers are sush morons ,if they were to show us romance, wouldn’t there be more viewers??? That’s a rethoric question OK…. Enjoy the weekend dear, I’m on my porch and the cold breeze it blowing, I hope it doesn’t rain…unpredictable weather these days I tell you!!!! ???

  6. Episod/present story/naren don’t deserves our comment but I am only excited for listening the song I love that song except it’s un understandable initial lines

  7. Seriously i want the bad guys to win, and only cause i can’t stand this pious Pooja crap..that stupid smile on her face and the way she hold her hands……..gaaaaaaaaaaah end this quickly.

    1. Yes, I’m also thinking we should start supporting the villains in order to send our BP down. Supporting the truth in these serials get us no where because writers are evil and unhappy people…and they think we should be unhappy too… I can’t bear to see Naren’s face these days and Pooja and her ridiculous smile is helluva irritating!!!

  8. I would have given Naren a boot and walked out of his life – What the hell are these serials teaching us ? Why does a woman have to be so giving and forgiving all the time – such torture ! And whats the crap in every serial people losing their darn memory ? Get real and make the stories worth watching ! Short sweet stories are far more interesting than long drawn boring ones !

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