Piya Albela 3rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Meghna’s visit surprises everyone

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The Episode starts with Lady Inspector stopping Naren’s car and tells that it was a routine thing. Naren asks if your routine thing is over then will you ask your assistants to move the barricade. Lady Inspector says my sight will be on you. Naren says I am changed now. Lady Inspector asks constables to let him go, and thinks just one mistake and then I will make you punished for all your crimes. Neelima scolds Hardik for using her mascara to blacken his hairs. Hardik asks if she is getting insecure infront of imported Meghna. Neelima gets angry on him and Surbhi, and says she didn’t give me a heir. Naren and Pooja come home and see someone playing piano. Naren smiles and plays guitar. Everyone gather there. Naren hugs her. Meghna says I am very angry on Naren for not making me call his wife now. Naren

says Maa’s concentration will be on her now. Hardik says she came after 8 years. Meghna praises Hardik and says I have changed, but you have same perfume. She smells lavender and says it is new. Naren says this is your bhabhi’s smell. Meghna says so this is the badnaseeb whom you follow, and says let me follow the smell. She touches her face. Pooja is surprised to see that Meghna is blind. Naren asks her to meet others. Neelima says its ok. Meghna hugs Harsha and others. Neelima says she has no vision, but she loves everyone. Naren gifts her punching toy.

Meghna asks Pooja not to worry about her and tells the directions to go to everyone’s room. She collides with Harish and asks how are you? Harish says fine and asks Supriya to send his green tea. Supriya asks him to spend 5 mins with Meghna. Harish says I have better things to do. Rahul comes. Meghna goes near him and hits him. He says I went to pick you at the airport. Meghna says she came back hurriedly. Naren introduces Surbhi as Rahul’s wife. Supriya says you have same room even now. Harish tells Harsha and Neelima that he wants to send Meghna back to London. Neelima says Supriya gives credit of your hardwork. Harsha says don’t know why she loves her a lot. Harish asks them to send her back anyhow.

Naren takes Meghna to room. Meghna says it is still same. Pooja says you will go after marriage. Meghna says I have to tell you something. Naren says I don’t like the groom teasingly and asks for details. Meghna says you can’t point out single fault in him. Pooja says we shall hurry up. Meghna says Kunal is Raj Goenka’s son. Naren is shocked. Harish tells that they have to meet Mr. Goenka for Meghna’s marriage. Neelima says but I will not let Supriya vacate house for marriage. Naren and Pooja collides with each other. He says I wish I had met you before marriage and asked 200 questions atleast. Pooja says then I would have rejected you, and says you would have married google. Naren says we will play this game sometime.

Supriya asks Neelima and Harsha to behave well with them. Mr. Goenka comes there with gifts and says today he came to his samdhis house and also his political rival’s house. Naren hugs him and says Political enmity will not end so soon.

He asks if groom and bride’s families will be on one side. Supriya asks them where is Kunal? Mrs. Goenka says you are very fast, we didn’t see our would be bahu’s pic, and you made him Jamai. Kunal comes and says everyone knows that Meghna makes relations fast. He gives roses to Harish and Supriya. Neelima says you got just flowers. Kunal says I am 100 percent sure that you are chachi and says I would have gifted precious gift, but I am giving this flower as per Meghna’s preference from my heart. Kunal then gives all bouquet to Naren. Mr. Goenka says we would have got a rich family girl for our son, but for our son happiness, we are accepting this orphan. Pooja sees anklet which they brought and is shocked as she got flashes of a lady crying and blood coming out from her foot.

Mrs. And Mr. Goenka refuse to accept the alliance of Meghna and Kunal.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Is there anything left for one to comment on? NA Piya Albela days are over so sad no one has really been commenting here what a shame.A once upon a Time good series has gone kaput.

    1. Hey you’re on here also ?
      I wondered the same as to why there’s little commenters on this page as well as jeet gayi toh piya morey page….it’s just that bela’s track ran so long I almost gave up on this serial altogether ?so hopefully this new track is interesting and there’s no naren-pooja separation.

  2. Hai guys how are you all doing. Another twist/problem are waiting for us. I hope no separation for naren/pooja

  3. Can some please tell me the name of song which Meghna play on the paino

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