Piya Albela 3rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Pooja eats poisonous kheer to prove her innocence

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The Episode starts with Dada ji telling Supriya that Pooja is waiting for her since morning. Supriya says she was unwell. Surbhi asks Rahul why did Supriya come to the function. Rahul asks them to have patience. Angraj is hiding there with bandage on his face. Dada ji asks all ladies to get blessing from the devta. Naren sees Pooja upset and does the ritual. Dada ji asks Pooja and Surbhi to open something and asks Neelima and Supriya to give gifts to bahus. Neelima gives gift to Surbhi. Rahul says it seems Tai ji forgot to get gift for Pooja. Pooja says she came here and that is gift for me. Supriya gives family photo frame to her. Pooja gets touched and says she shall thank her in special way. Dada ji blesses Pooja. Pooja dances on the song Maiyya Yashoda….Pooja brings kheer and gifts for Supriya.

Supriya thinks of Angraj’s words and pushes the kheer bowl, spoon falls down. She slaps Pooja infront of everyone.

Satish asks Kusum until when they will mourn. Kusum says we will not celebrate. She says I can’t keep the fast infront of Rachel, she will get sad. Rachel comes to her and tells her that Anuj will think bad that they left celebrating festivals and asks her to keep fast for her grand son. Kusum nods. Supriya blames Pooja for giving her poison and asks if you hate me so much. Dada ji says why Pooja will do like this. Supriya says I can’t understand that she will do this with me. Harish says she is our bahu and asks are you sure about this? Supriya thinks about Angraj’s words. Pooja falls on her feet and says you are having a misunderstanding. She says she didn’t do anything. Supriya says I have snatched all rights from you of my bahu and beti. She takes mauli from her hand. Rahul asks Naren to say something and asks her to take Pooja’s side. Harish asks if someone has added poison in it. Dada ji says may be Supriya is having a misunderstanding. Supriya says if you believe her then I will eat it and proof.

Naren stops her and says he will eat it. Pooja stops it and takes bowl in her hand and says many misunderstandings are created between us and says this kheer will become proof of my innocence. Naren says he will get forensic test done. Pooja says I can’t bear the accusation of changing the reports. Dada ji as if everyone is relieved now. Pooja faints and something comes out from her mouth. Naren holds her. Harish says we have to get her treated. Naren lifts her and takes her in car. He asks driver to drive the car. Rahul calls someone and asks them not to let reach Police station. Rahul’s police stops Naren and refuses to let them go. Naren says my wife is serious and asks them to let them go. Pooja gains consciousness and calls his name. Naren is about to call Commisioner, but inspector asks him not to show power and money. He asks Constable to take him to police station. Naren requests him to let him take his wife to Police station. Pooja shouts Naren. Naren runs to Pooja, but Constables hold him. Inspector says you have done a mistake by taking panga with us. Pooja faints again. Inspector says your car will not moved from here. Naren says he will take Pooja to hospital and fights with them.

Shailaja comes to Vyas Mansion and gets everyone arrested. Angraj is hiding.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Really disappointed by pooja instead of taking revenge for her brother death, mama-mami’s pain, rachel loveless lonely life, her unborn nephew’s fatherless life , pooja is busy giving proof of her innocence to those jerks. She should make viyas cry blood tears for their inhuman disrespectful behaviour towards the defunct and his family. Anuj alway did his duty towards her but unfortunately pooja couldn’t do the same for him. She failed as a daughter, sister, sister-in-law because of her blind love for her dumb husband and his selfish family.

  2. How long will pooja have patience with this mad family. I feel so sorry for her. Every family members are doing what they want with her

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