Piya Albela 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update: Pooja passes loyalty test wisely

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The Episode starts with Harish asking Pooja what is she saying and asks her to tell everything frankly without any fears. Pooja says what is the use of hiding the truth, says we were hiding the truth so that Naren don’t get hurt. Naren asks her to come to point. Pooja tells Harsha that she will make sure that her son will get least punishment. Harsha, Rakesh and mayank are shocked. Pooja tells Naren that the guilty person is Mayank Kaushal. Everyone is shocked. Mr. Kapoor keeps the birthday cake on the grave and says just few mins more. Surbhi gets scared and holds Rahul’s hand. Rahul says you don’t leave the chance to hold me. He says we will have cake. Mr. Kapoor lights the candle on the cake.

Mayank says he is innocent and don’t know what Pooja is saying. Pooja says you are guilty

and will be punished. Mayank thinks what did I do? Pooja calls Police. Inspector comes and shows the hand cuffs. Naren says 1 min Inspector and says without proofs, you can’t arrest him. Pooja shows the letters and says I had written these letters for Supriya which never reached here as Mayank had hidden it. Naren says such letters can be written fast. Pooja says it has signatures of Mayank as a receiver. She turns to Harsha and asks her to lock her dreams in the suitcase and says Mayank will be arrested and will spend his life in jail all life. Mayank is shocked and cries. Harsha signs Rakesh to do something. He holds her hand and stops her.

Before Inspector can take Mayank, Harsha stops him and says my son is innocent. She tells Naren that Mayank is not guilty, but the real guilty is Rakesh. She tells that the letters which Pooja showed now is fake and the original letters are with me. She gives the letters to Police and tells that Rakesh received those letters and were writing letters and sent money to Pooja in Supriya’s name. She tells that Rakesh tried to conspire against the family and knew about Pooja’s kundali dosh and then also tried to separate Naren and Pooja and created misunderstandings. Rakesh asks have you gone mad? Harsha asks him not to threaten her. Harish says we will handle her. Rakesh holds Harsha and tries to beat her.

Mayank says enough and says I never thought in my dream that my papa can do this. He asks Inspector to arrest him. Naren asks Inspector to take care of jamai. Rakesh looks angrily as he is taken by Police. Harsha hugs Harish and then Mayank and cries badly. Supriya calls her jiji and signs her not to cry. She says we will get family pic clicked some day. Harsha says I don’t deserve your love and affection and apologizes. Pooja smiles. Naren is about to go. Pooja asks him to tell if she deserve medal or penalty.

Mr. Kapoor talks to the grave like a mad guy and says today is Pooja’s birthday too. He says I will bring Pooja here with me. He says lets celebrate and sings happy birthday…..dear Pooja. Rahul smiles and says 1 anar 100 beemar.

Naren takes out gun from his pocket and shoots around Pooja. Pooja says you hates me, but your aim is not right. Pooja asks him to give her medal. He throws the rose and is about to crush it. Pooja holds it before he could crush it. She looks at him and puts rose in her hairs. Payo ji maine plays….Pooja promises him that she will get rose hang in her hairs with his hand next time and says it is a good birthday gift.

Mr. Kapoor is about to sit in car. Rahul stops him and says we thought you deewana, mastana and parwana, but you are baijo bawra. He says we will make you Pooja’s husband else change Surbhi’s name. Mr. Kapoor drives his car and goes. Surbhi says this coward is your trump card. Mr. Kapoor returns and says he will not return to America and can’t lose Pooja.

Harish takes Pooja to Supriya and says she used to make naren have kheer on his birthday. Pooja asks Harish to make her have kheer from his and Supriya’s behalf. Harish makes her have kheer. She asks about the gift. Harish gives her gift and says once Naren and you get united, then everything will be fine. Pooja touches his feet and takes his blessings.

Surbhi comes to Naren and says you wouldn’t have done dinner and that’s why I brought it here. Naren asks her to do wifey stuff after 5 days. She asks what he planned for her birthday. Naren says freedom. Pooja comes to Harsha and says I know you are angry with me and says Rakesh’s truth would have been out some day. She says if you don’t hug me then I will think that I am reason for this family separation. Harsha hugs her and apologizes. She says I couldn’t do even after knowing everything. She says don’t know what my bhai and bhabhi might be thinking about me. Harish says we are waiting with open arms. Harsha hugs him.

Surbhi asks Naren if he will let Pooja free on her birthday. Naren says tomorrow her freedom will be big imprisonment and smirks.

Crazy Mr. Kapoor comes to Pooja’s room while she is sleeping and says he can’t insult his love if he lets someone wishes her happy birthday before him. He says happy birthday Pooja and kisses on her cheeks. Naren comes and is about to open the door.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thanks H HASAN for update.

    Writer paagal ho gya ha-kuchh bhi likh ra h aur hm sbko torture kr raha hai.

    Kisi k v life me itne villain nahi hote hai yaar……pr is show me to family word ko hi gaali diya gya hai……….pooja-naren k aas paas saare k saare log evil hai.

    OOSHI tumhare comment dekh kr bahut acchha lga yar.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kaisi ho?????????????????????????????

    Naren ka itna unhuman awtaar dekh kr mn nahi krta ta comments krne ka.lekin pichhle episode me tumhaara comments tha to mai abhi kr rahi hu

    Miss u all dr frnds…………(mama,zoya,catherin,aanya ……and all)

    1. Tumhara comment dekh Kr b boht boht acha lga mera b serial Ki present situation dekh Kr comment krne ko dil nahi krta miss u all alot boht kuch ho gya in 5 mahino main
      Be happy always and try to make happy others

  2. Awwww… Today episode was overall??but today pooja roxks and naren and surbhi etc shockes i really loves the way pooja to expose rakesh toward all family members… But i am scared about next epi God know what will be done in pooja life??

  3. Could someone tell me how naren could be carrying those to initials DD both Dumb and Dotish at the same time my gosh he is seeing the light and just want to stay in the dark what does he need; a Flambeau to help him see the light; to tell the truth naren has crossed all limits now and is not trying to see poojas truth; he has stripped her of her dignity with all those false accusations he keep hurling at her and all that pent up hatred he has for her and just would not let go of it; so writers personally speaking lay the card on the table, there is no turning back for naren he has gone too far with his hatred for pooja; he is not the naren he used to be and he can never go back so it is unfair for pooja to be with a person like that now this is not the person she got married to; naren has destroyed their relationship with his stupidity and lust for revenge to please writers let pooja have a good life with a new partner or just let her pursue her career in dancing but please; anyone in their right senses would definitely not want to have naren as a life partner as he already displayed his true character and raul surbhi harsha mayank and rakesh need to be tied together with a chain and dragged down to the police station as each man can be thrown into their separate cell.

  4. Naren is a certifiable mental case along with Surbhi and Mr. Kapoor; they should be put in straight jackets and locked away and the keys thrown away.
    Naren has all this hatred for Pooja courtesy of Rakesh, Harsha, Neelima, Hardik,.Rahul and Surbhi. Those evil brutes conspired to destroy the lives of Naren and Pooja .

  5. Graveyard scene was so morbid…could be because it’s Halloween time… What a bunch of psychos in this family!!! Now Mr Kapoor joins the gang. Indian serials have become very depressing and good values have no place here, you can’t survive for long..but you could, if you are ? ????…Sapphire dear, I like the name you call Surbhi ???…..and I agree!!!

  6. Susan i sapphire agree with you 100% all the way; i have already made my comment about how i feel about naren and his culprits and about pooja moving on thats it in a nutshell.

  7. Naz girl did u check out the graveyard scene with mr kapoor; he looked like one crazy ass hold with his two eyes expanding like a rubber band when he was blowing out the candle and who the hell is in that grave my gosh could someone tell me what are these writers thinking and feeling; i just dont know what to say about all these messed up serials anymore; the writers turn a good friendly relationship between mr kapoor and pooja to be so dirty now, they started off so well with pooja saving his life and i really thought that he had accepted her like a daughter not knowing all along he wanted to get between her legs too how sick can he be, well mr kapoor your ass is grass now because you know when pooja wants to make a point she goes all out nothing and no one can stop her so watch out i say now pray she does not open her eyes and see you over her kissing her without her consent and especially in her private space her bedroom and look what is happening now Dotish naren is opening the bedroom door my gosh what a catastrophe lol cannot wait to see the end of mr, kapoor.

    1. Sapphire, Mr Kapoor’s wife’s name was Pooja. The thing is , he’s living in the USA, we never heard of him having lived in India before but I bet writers will insert that info soon,… anyway…so how come her grave is in India and close to Pooja’s home….???and her name is coincidentally Pooja too…I think Mr Kapoor is psycho too. He looked like a lunatic when he was talking to his wife….Rahul looked like he belongs to the graveyard scene ???..I have to applaud Pooja for her determination, she has balls Sapphire, to put up such a brave fight for her husband, her comeback tactics are admirable…I also wish that Pooja could maybe push Mr Kapoor out the window, he’s so mad ass right now and it’s a good thing that Pooja has a hot mouth, but seriously,I don’t want Naren coming there to see mad ass Mr Kapoor there. I don’t mind the vilians Sapphire but my goodness,at least let the couples unite and fight together. When Hindu couples walk along the holy fire on their wedding day, isn’t one of their vows to stay by each other’s side no matter what? So how come their vows are not followed ,hell, they don’t even consummate their marriage,all they do is fight the family’s problems and outside forces… steups….

  8. error i meant ass hole

  9. ChandaMaya

    Lol!? I have been on this forum but not for awhile . . . This serial was so refreshing but it turn quickly like soured milk . . .more villains and villaness’ than necessary in the story line. This serial is just evil at its best . . .how dare!!! How dare they ever entertained the thought to have used the great Swami Vivekananda’s name!!! What a ugly message of Indian values!!

  10. ChandaMaya

    I think Indian TV is just as corrupt as the West! Selling evil, fake values, corroding the institution of marriage and family. Any ideology of God is useless because higher values is just a side kick to faith. I have been observing the tragedy of modern copy ? cat entertainment and the degradation of women and children portrayed on worldwide programs . . .this is not entertainment, it’s shock therapy and desensitizing a new generation of laissez faire attitudes. I’m appalled with the direction of this maccabre serial.

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