Piya Albela 30th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Piya Albela and Mahek have a merger episode

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Shaurya hears a man talking that the lady has to prove herself in bedroom if she wants to become a star. He gets angry and searches Mahek on the road. Svetlana tells Mahek that she will get her ready. Shaurya calls Mahek, but she rejects her call. Shaurya says if I reach her before time then can stop me. Svetlana says today is precious day for you and tells her that Shaurya is jealous of you, and asks her to take a decision and decide with whom she will hang out. She advises her to stay away from Shaurya. Mahek says I have seen his real face before you told me. Shaurya comes to Mahek’s house. Sirji shows boxing competition certificate to Sarita. Shaurya asks them where is she? And tells that he cares for her and tells that she is stuck with bad people. Sarita tells Sirji that they shall tell him. He

tells that Shaurya was the one who had kidnapped her and asks him to leave. The girl in the house stop Shaurya and gives his phone. She then locks the door. Shaurya thinks what to do. He gets girl’s message.

Angraj comes to Rahul and Surbhi’s room and take out their blanket. Rahul asks what is this bad behavior and asks if he is after brother’s wives. Angraj keeps hand on his mouth and asks Surbhi to bring make up kit. Rahul asks what happened? Angraj tells everything. Rahul asks why do you take drugs when you can’t handle. Angraj says he wants Pooja to be beautiful.

Svetlana takes Mahek to beautician/designer and asks her to get her ready for page 3 party. Stylish tells that it would be difficult, but he will manage. Shaurya calls Svetlana and tells that CEO is bad and has eye on Mahek. He asks her to save Mahek. Svetlana says I can’t hear you and disconnects the call. She thinks Shaurya will hate you.

Beautician gets Mahek ready for the party. Shaurya calls Mahek still. He calls Saurab and asks him if he got an invite for CEO’s party. He thinks he won’t let anything happen to her. Mahek comes to the party wearing a short dress with Svetlana. CEO poses for the pic and looks at Mahek, says she is hot. He asks his man to do something. Mahek is uncomfortable wearing short dress. Svetlana asks her to make contacts with them. She says they are rich and can change your life. Shaurya manages to come inside indisguise of a waiter. CEO holds Mahek’s waist and says this party is for you. Mahek is uncomfortable sand says this party is for you.. Shaurya comes to the party. Girl asks Sarita if she is fine. Sarita says sir ji is out and tells that Mahek is outside. They worry about Mahek. CEO offers drink to Mahek, but she have water. He forces her to have champagne.

Mahek refuses and says she don’t drink. He asks her to drink and forces her. Shaurya comes there and throws the glass. CEO asks who called you here and asked Svetlana. Shaurya says I am close to both and tells that she is special to her. CEO calls off the opportunity to Mahek. Mahek asks him not to do this and asks Shaurya to leave. She tells him that she knows his truth and is about to drink, but Shaurya throws the glass. CEO asks Mahek to dance. Mahek agrees. Shaurya asks her to dance with him, but asks him to be in his limits. Shaurya gets tensed. CEO asks if she is enjoying the party. Svetlana asks him to agree that he is jealous of her.

Next Part in Mahek.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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