Piya Albela 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Pooja convinces Kusum for Anuj and Rachels marriage

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The Episode starts with Satish asking Pooja if there is any news about Rachel. Pooja says warden said that she had left 2 hours before. Satish prays to God for their safety. One of the woman plan to trap Naren and mixes something in his champagne. Naren comes and says what is up boys. They greet him. Satish says they are not on ghat or temple, where did they go. Pooja thinks Naren must know about Anuj and Rachel. Naren drinks champagne and asks them to inform to Bangalore company that new manager will be joining them and asks to give special welcome, not less than a honeymoon arrangements. He is about to drink the drugged champagne when Pooja comes calling Naren. Naren keeps the glass down and shouts for his name asking him to come downstairs. Pooja says I know very well that you have provoked them

and asks him if he don’t feel shame to do such things. Naren says he has also learnt from his mistake. Pooja asks where did you hide Anuj and Rachel? Naren asks how do you know?

Pooja says how can you lose chance to hurt me. Naren says how can I upset you and shows Anuj and Rachel to her. Pooja says I thought you have goodness left in you somewhere. She asks Anuj? Do you have an idea what Mama and Mami are going through. She asks him to trust her and promises him that she will convince Mami. Naren asks Anuj to think and says your sister is habituated to break trust. She asks them to come with her to Dehradun. She asks Anuj if her brother will support her. Anuj nods.

Pooja asks Rachel to shift to hostel. Rachel nods her head. Naren says you people are still believing her and tells that Vyas mansion’s door will be opened for you. Rachel refuses to go to hostel until she gets her answer, and will stay there with Anuj. Naren says this is a wise decision. He calls Mayank and Surbhi and asks them to get guest room ready for the love birds. Surbhi smiles and says yes. Pooja tells Anuj that he will not share room with Rachel. Anuj says he will sleep in hall while she can sleep in guest room. Naren asks Mayank to get booking done for Rachel and Anuj for Bangalore flight. As you know Mrs. Kapoor and Promises don’t go hand in hand, but we have to wait for 24 hours, lets wait then. Pooja tells Anuj that the answer will be positive.

Pooja asks her team to submit papers in court. Waiter comes and steals her phones and leave. Naren comes and locks Pooja in room. Pooja tries to open the door. She says whoever has done this haven’t done right. Naren asks are you alright Mrs. Kapoor. He asks why you are not replying. Pooja says I will not accept defeat so easily. Naren says he thought to do some entertainment you have 24 hours and I have all flights tickets to go to Bangalore. He says I have locked all windows also, so all the best. Pooja says Mr. Vyas and thinks don’t worry, I won’t let you break my house.

The ladies meet Rahul. Rahul taunts them. The lady blames other ladies. They say that they stop her so that she don’t land in any problem. Rahul says he will give another chance. Pooja thinks how to get out of room and sees the stone kept there.

Naren says this time, Mrs. Kapoor will lose. Pooja breaks the glass and comes out, saying four walls can’t cage me. She slips and falls on him. Naren says she is still same and he has not forgotten her betrayal. Pooja says atleast you can read my eyes even now. Naren says if Mr. Kapoor comes to know that you were so close to me and if he becomes your enemy. Pooja says there is no chance as she has fixed enmity with him only.

Kusum refuses to accept Rachel and scolds Pooja. Satish tells that it is better if he dies. Kusum gets worried for him. Satish asks her to agree for Anuj and Rachel’s marriage. Kusum agrees. Satish apologizes and tells that he acted along with Pooja to convince her. Pooja tells her that sometimes we agree seeing our loved ones in danger. Kusum asks if she will do puja and apply sindoor in her maang. Pooja says I don’t think she will have any objection. Kusum agrees.

Naren asks Anuj and Rachel, where they are going. Anuj says Pooja managed to convinced his mum for marriage. Naren thinks he can’t let the love birds unite and have to do something.

Naren is tied in the middle of Jungle and tells the ladies gang how they will ruin him who had ruined them before. One of the lady attack him on his head. He falls down and gets unconscious.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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