Piya Albela 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Pooja to win the second test

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The Episode starts with Naren asking Pooja on which thing she will bet, flower, money, knife or pistol..Pooja says if he needs to know her answer. Naren asks her to be careful and says fire is enough to make everything to ashes. Pooja says you have given prize before the test. Naren says he has burnt the flower, now she has just thorn in her side. Pooja asks if anyone can separate thorn and rose. Naren says coming to point and says you said that Supriya Vyas knows about your kundali dosh etc and says he wants to hear truth from her mouth. He claps. Harish says this is unfair, and says Supriya don’t remember anything, how she will give statement supporting her. Pooja says you gave me option to use lifeline in one of the round. Naren asks who is that person. Pooja says who could be the better person

than you and says if you don’t agree then I will think you are backing off from your words. Naren asks how can you trust me. Pooja says I am trusting my love.

Naren says quake will come today. Pooja signs Harish to relax. She prays to God and seeks his support. Harish comes to her and says Naren did this so that you loses in this round. Pooja says when he became my lifeline, it is his responsibility to make me win. Naren comes to Supriya and says don’t know with whom, I have to ask something. Neelima sees Harsha making sweets in kitchen and says they are lucky to have sister in law like her. She instigates her against Pooja and tells that she got Rakesh arrested. Harsha falls in her words. Neelima tastes kheer and says sugar is a bit much.

Harish talks to pooja and says he talked to Doctor and have an idea. Pooja says no, we can’t hurt her. They hear some sound coming and runs. Anuj and Rachel going to class. Kusum stops her and demands Rachel shall leave her job. Anuj refuses and takes Rachel with him. Pooja asks Naren if he took his lifeline job seriously and asks him to start tamasha. Naren says I shall thank you as you made me your lifeline and I got to see your true face. He asks her to read the letter aloud. Pooja is shocked. She reads the letter which reads that “Pooja is a bad girl and threatened me, if I don’t support her then she will harm me. I don’t know what to do”. Pooja says this can’t be true and this is not the proof. Naren says we will call hand writing expert. Harish reads the letter and is shocked. Pooja says Maa can’t read this. Harish says this hand writing is of Supriya.

Naren says everything is proved. He says Ms. Pooja kapoor hit her car when she refused. Naren says what punishment you need for this betrayal. Pooja says you have betrayed me and that’s why you shall be punished. She keeps gun on his forehead and says you have stoop so low to make me defeat. Naren asks her to prove that he is wrong and she is right. Pooja says today you wants to give test. Naren says anything and asks how you will prove. Pooja says I don’t need to do hardwork as your eyes are enough to prove my truth. She asks him to look in her eyes and tell within 30 seconds. She asks him to pull the trigger and keeps gun under her chin and then on her forehead. She says it is not a joke, lets play the game. She says you think that you have punished your guilty and I will think my love have ruined me. Naren looks at her and confesses that the letter was fake, and he made Mrs. Vyas wrote that letter. Everyone is shocked.

A fb is shown, Naren asks Supriya to write a letter. Supriya writes as he says. Harish says you hates her so much that you took advantage of your ill mum. He says an educated girl is bearing your tortures. Pooja says she didn’t know that she will be betrayed. Naren says you called your husband to room in midnight and went to have dinner with him. He says now you will tell that you can’t give this test. Pooja says she will give this test and signs Harish. She asks Supriya to come and sit in car. Supriya asks where we are going? Pooja says we are going on outing. She asks Naren to come. Naren says I am not coming. Pooja says you are my lifeline and you have to be with me even if you like it or not. Rahul tells Surbhi what is going on in her mind. Naren asks Pooja what is in her mind. Pooja drives the car rashly. Naren panics and asks what is going on. Supriya recalls her accident seeing truck coming from front.

Naren asks Pooja to come for the next challenge and throws ghungroo on her feet. Pooja is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I want to kill naren …. that’s it.. writer spoil his character.koi ek saal me itna nahi badalta.after all his mistake how can he apologies Pooja?

    1. Exactly! After doing all these crazy mean dastardly things how can a husband expect a decent wife in her right mind to forgive him? Is this show saying that the course of true love is mean and nasty? Wtf?

  2. Come on writers this is just a waste of precious time with this serial way too many unnecessary storylines cropping up which aint making perfect sense at all so stop the beating around the bush and get down to serious business please and cease testing pooja with all these shit tests that you putting her through my gosh u brought in this mad man mr kapoor who was suppose to be on poojas side and now you put him against her please writers make up your damn minds and which way you want this serial to go cause we are very frustrated about the whole mess you have created.

  3. Come on writter.pooja and naren need to stop all the games and fighting else this series will get bored like kumkum bhaja.naren and pooja should make up and get married to each other by friday,they should romanceand make their love story spicy and mr kapoor can be the villian in their love story.we need a new story line.i getting really fed up of their fighting.but i love pooja and naren as a couple.so give the viewers some romance between them now and cool the fighting

  4. all of these games and twists. I am getting bored at this point. Writers, You made MR. Kapoor a strong ally, now he is just a mad man and against pooja! The reason i watched this show against all others is because of the purity of love and acceptance between the two characters against all odds.

    Now, Pooja, who is of great mind and humble of heart is being tested continuously by the person she loves the most. Get to the point, let Supriya remember and get them back on track! Another week of this is…not good.

  5. still supriya aunty is in shock . pooja leave naren then he will understand your love.

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