Piya Albela 2nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Naren humiliates Pooja

Piya Albela 2nd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pooja telling Naren that his aim is wrong. Naren says even your target is wrong and says media is not here. Pooja says she brought lawyer with her as she is bahu of the house and couldn’t stop herself from coming there. She takes Dada ji’s blessings, touches Harish and Supriya’s feet. She hugs Naina and says she spend time on getting ready and bought glycerine for her. She asks Dada ji to start. Pooja says everyone shall not think that I will not get anything. Dada ji acts and asks Pooja why she is behaving strict. Harish says I will go from here. Supriya says she don’t want anything and asks Dada ji to give everything to Pooja and her mum, and says then they might leave us. Pooja says lets start the distribution of bahus’ right.

Supriya is taken inside the

room by Nurse. She asks her to lock the door and gets up, thinks she won’t let Naren go with her. Pooja comes and knocks on the door. She tells Supriya hat she is taking her husband with her. Naren says I will not go with you. Chandrika and Pooja take him. It was Supriya’s imagination and she thinks she has to act helpless to keep Naren close to her. Harsha asks Dada ji why he took his decision.

Dada ji says because of Naina as she was hesitant to let her Chacha and Chachi stay here. Pooja thinks she came to save Naren and his family. Naina says Dada ji is so rich. Dada ji says I am naming the house on Naina and her Chacha and Chachi. Naina says she don’t want it. Pooja says she is the elder bahu and she shall get it. She asks Dada ji to make out house for Naina and her Chacha –Chachi far away. Chacha ji asks why you are objecting. Pooja says she has first right on everything. Naina says she don’t want anything. Chachi ji appreciates her thinking. Pooja says I will not change my decision and asks Naren to give outhouse keys to her. Naren asks lawyers to wait outside for sometime and pushes Pooja on floor. Neelima says tamasha begins. Pooja gets up. Rahul says shall I handle them. Naren says why I shall be miser to show hatred.

He says I will handle her. Pooja says I have to take you to BP doctor as you are getting angry often and asks Naren to sign. She tells Naina that she will not get outhouse and makes her wear cap. Naren laughs. Pooja asks him to stop laughing and start writing. Naren asks who will sign as nominee, your lovers of day or night. Pooja feels humiliated and asks what you are saying. Naren says birth have shown its affects. He says you both came to loot our house. He throws necklaces on their feet and asks them to loot it.

Chandrika says Pooja is innocent even after leaving in Krishnapuri. Naren says she is his guilty. Chandrika asks him to tell what she shall do to make Pooja’s life good. Naren asks her to think again. Chandrika says she is ready to sign on the papers without seeing it. Pooja and Naren looks on.

Chandrika tells Naren that she is ready to sign on any papers and says in return, he has to accept Pooja with all the respect and love./strong>

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. The subheading was enough to give me a headache….so depressing……how long must we put up with Naren and his over inflated ego and misguided thinking? If there’s no trust in a relationship,it’s doomed for sure and these writers get a kick out of wrecking relationships. We don’t have a problem with the dramas and sensationalism but for goodness sake keep married couples together to fight their battles, a little upheavals now and then is permitted. Here a husband is treating his wife like dirt and one fine day, everything will be forgiven like nothing bad was ever said. Writers,if you all don’t want to come across as credible, at least write something creative na…so we won’t know how crazy ass you ppl are….

    1. Most of the time i just can’t bare to watch this train wreck of a show…you got it Naz, why can’t they show a unified family against upheavals from outside…Ishqabaz managed to do it effectively till recently, it’s the three brothers and their wives against the outside, but lately even they have fallen victim to poison within the family, i wish they’d stop doing that. 🙁

  2. I completely agree with you Naz when u naren can torture pooja to any length and when it comes to forgiving, pooja will forgive naren very easily.

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