Piya Albela 2nd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Naren’s heart draws towards Bela

Piya Albela 2nd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Naren throwing Pan down on floor and says he is Naren and not Praveen, and dislikes Pan. Pooja comes there and asks what happened? Bela tells that she forgot Praveen is not here, and acts to cries. Pooja says Naren has become irritated. Bela hugs her. Pooja says she will search somework for him. Bela thinks she will pull out Praveen’s heart.

In the night, Naren gets up and goes to Bela’s room. Bela gets up and says you are here at this time. Naren says not Naren, call me Praveen. He sits on her bed and asks her to feed him pan. Bela feeds him pan. It turns out to be Naren’s horrible dream. He recalls Chandrika asking him to keep Pooja always with him, saying she is your biggest shield. He sleeps close to Pooja.

Next day, Pooja tells Naren that they will keep this room as that of their old room. She slips. Naren holds her. She teases him. Pooja asks him to get ready. Naren teases her saying if he runs away with someone else. Pooja says nobody can handle albela like her. She asks him why he is getting irritated with Bela. Naren says she don’t understand that I am Naren, not Praveen. Pooja says it is not easy for a woman to lose her husband immediately next day after marriage. Naren asks why you are over protective about her. Pooja says your life is because of her. Naren asks her to tell her not to be around him. Pooja says I will tell her.

Naren asks her to be with him all the time. Pooja laughs. Naren says if this heart runs away with someone then don’t blame me. Pooja asks why he is scared and says I have solution for your problem. She sings song and records it. She hugs him. Naren smiles. Pooja asks Naren if he can give job to Bela in office. Naren refuses and says she does strange things. He asks for the handkerchief.

Bela tells that she will take Naren’s life to fulfill her revenge. She recalls her childhood with her father. She writes naren on the wood by sharpening it with an object. Pooja comes there.
Naren is in his car. Bela shows him pan. Naren is surprised.

Precap: Naren says thank god Pooja you have come, you don’t know what is happening with me. Just then Pooja comes from behind. Naren is shocked to see bela sitting.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thank you Jayashree for the greetings, much appreciated.

  2. Thank you as well for your greetings Geeta, it’s today 2nd. Glad to be of some support for a friend…anytime. ?

  3. It’s good that another woman in the picture doesn’t want to take Naren away from Pooja…she wants to kill him instead…but how traumatic can Bela’s life have been previously when all the women in these serials have passed through a life of abuse and torture, nothing needs showcasing anymore.

    1. Happy birthday to you naz nd I wish all wishes and dreams come true.happy birthday once again.
      It think it stupidity to kill anyone because of the reason his husband heart is present in naren.if she hates her husband so much.she could have arrested him to police or punished him herself when he was alive and when was still with living her.

      1. Thank you Hiyori….for your well wishes. What you’ve said is correct but you know how these writers have to put a slant on an obvious cause. Bela had all the reasons to put Praveen’s tail in jail, but like all wives on these serials, they take the abuse like a dose of medicine but you know, writers have to be dramatic so here they bring in Bela to spice up things and for now, the only positive thing in this situation is that Bela wants Naren’s head on a platter …..as well as the heart…pardon the pun!!! Her motive isn’t for separating Pooja for s*xual desires but getting rid of Praveen’s heart beating inside Naren and Naren surely ain’t going to be alive without a heart so writers know how to ensure that we come over here day after day, just to how Bela tries to get that heart or how Naren sidesteps Bela’s knife. Now I’m wondering whether Naren will want to sleep with Bela, after all his heart would still contain love….let’s see how this plays out. Thank you again for your greeting and well wishes, much appreciated.

    2. Cathy

      Happy Birthday Naz!! hope you had a wonderful day.

      1. Thank you Cathy, yes I did!!!!

    3. Belated Happy Birthday Naz, as for now I am not watching episodes but just read it’s updates and collages only. But I am damn sure the cv’s are planning something ridiculous track. And that Bela will also fall for Naren according to the articles. The cv’s are so cunning, how smartly they executed the heart transplant with love transplant free. Naren saying Pooja that his heart might run away with someone else is enough to signify how irritating and torturing the upcoming episodes will be.

      1. Thank you Emma..

    4. The cv’s are deceiving the viewers by giving more Narja scenes in this track. And now they haven’t shown that Naren love vanished for Pooja, now also they are proving Naren love pure and true for Pooja. But soon according to the article gradually Naren and Bela both will fall for each other, and Naren will become Albela for Bela. God, one thing only left in the show that is Narja true love and I am damn sure it’s pricking in the eyes of cv’s, so they are determined to destroy it also. The line itself where Naren tells that his heart might run away with someone else itself signifies how fishy everything is and what ridiculous things is going to happen.

      1. Emma, I certainly not looking forward to this, these writers are mean, they don’t like to see people happy. BTW… What is the meaning of… Naren will become albela for Bela??…

  4. HI Now come on in a long time so i see it is your Birthday well you know i always wish the best for you and all Gods Abundant Blessings and may you live to celebrate many more Happy Birthdays from your forum friend Sapphire, Love you

    1. Awwww….thank you Sapphire, I’ve missed your comments, happy to touch base with you and I know you wish good things in life for me, so greatly appreciative…lots of love from me too, we’ve known each other for a few years now and your blessings mean a lot.. ???

      1. Naz, ‘albela for Bela’ means he will become mad like and will behave in very odd manner for Bela without bothering others. In short he will become extrimist again. Bela will also fall for Naren. This is what the articles and news segment is suggesting.

  5. HI Naz spelt your name with a common n so i deleted it and forgot to put it back in my greeting to you sorry about that.

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