Piya Albela 29th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Bela decides to kill Naren

Piya Albela 29th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pooja telling Supriya that Bela will stay here and tells that Surbhi confirmed it. Neelima scolds Pooja. Supriya says its ok and tells that Pooja must have forgotten. Harish says we have decided to let Bela stay in outhouse. Dada ji asks them to enter home. Chandrika does their grah pravesh rasam and asks them to enter home. Naren is about to fall, but Pooja holds him. Prem ratan plays….They leave their foot prints on paper and get inside the house. Pooja asks bela to come home. Electricity goes as Bela is about to step inside. Rahul sees Chandelier light falling on Surbhi and saves her. Electricity comes back. Harsha asks Hardik to take Surbhi inside. Dada ji asks Bela to come. Harsha says this girl will not come here, our house is not dharmshala. Harish tells that Naren is

alive because of Bela. Rahul says you have spend 1 crore Rs for illegitimate Naren.

Neelima says she can’t take risk Surbhi and her child. Harsha tells Dada ji that she is protective about Surbhi and Rahul’s child and that’s why she has decided that no widow’s reflection shall fall on her baby. Pooja asks Harsha why she is thinking wrong being educated. Harsha says she is not modern and don’t want to risk Surbhi’s baby. Naren says I miss Mayank very much. Harsha blames Naren for getting Mayank and Naina’s marriage. Pooja says we didn’t know about Naina’s truth. Harsha says who knows if Bela had killed her husband. Pooja says what you are saying bua and asks her to look at her mehendi. Harsha says you are not my bahu and Naren is not son of the house. Naren is taken aback. Dadaji tells Harsha that her decision is wrong and he will let Bela stay in the house. Harsha says daughters shall not stay in their parents’ house. Dada ji asks her to give outhouse keys to Pooja. Harsha throws the keys. Naren helps bela picks it.

Pooja asks bela to think that this is her house. Bela thinks you did a mistake, she will kill Praveen. Supriya asks Naren and Pooja to go and rest. Rahul says this is not fair and says they have a big room and I have a small one. He says Naren is illegitimate. Harish slaps him and says it is enough of legitimate and illegitimate talk and announces Naren to be his son and calls him as Naren Harish Vyas, heir of the Vyas empire. Rahul is shocked. Naren tells Rahul that he don’t need anything and says we don’t blood relation, but relation of childhood and asks him to hug him for that sake. He requests Dada ji to let Rahul and Surbhi to shift in his room. Harish says no, and says Rahul can adjust. Naren requests them. Dada ji says yes. Harish gets upset and goes. Pooja asks Naren to rest and says she will take Bela to her house. Naren says I will come with you. They go to outhouse. Pooja tells her that there is renovation work going on here. Bela puts her hand in the wood and acts to feel pain. Naren rushes to her.

Pooja and Supriya come there. Pooja asks her if she is fine. Bela says she is habitual to such things. Supriya notices Bela’s behavior and asks Naren to come. Bela asks Naren to save his number in her phone so that she can call when needed. Supriya enters the room. Bela thanks Naren and calls him Praveen ji. Naren says I am Naren. Supriya is shocked. Bela thinks she will kill Naren after drawing him close to her.

Bela calls Naren and tells that she is going to take bath and acts as getting electrocuted. Naren runs to her and lifts her in his arms. Pooja tells everyone that she wants Bela to stay with them in day time.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. naren ka bone marrow toh pahleh hi transplant ho gaya tha ab heart bhi ho gaya, iske bad kya kidney, pancrease aur baki organs bhi transplant karenge ye writers

    1. Absolutely right you are.

  2. naren ka bone marrow toh pahleh hi transplant ho gaya tha ab heart bhi ho gaya, iske bad kya kidney, pancrease aur baki organs bhi transplant karenge ye writers

  3. High voltage Joker serial,joker drama. Stop airing, no one like to see this stupid serial. We want to get some relax and entertain after day long work not to get to rise bp. Even writer’s family may not like this ganjury’s story. Kick hard to land in mental hospital.

  4. Awful story line. Perhaps this serial has jumped the shark!!!! Maybe time to end it!!!!

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