Piya Albela 28th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Piya Albela 28th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pooja asking Rahul if he is behind the fraud company. Rahul says it is good that Yash Papa have separated our shares else we would have become bankrupt. He says you have showed your true colors today Bhabhi. Naren says it is enough and asks him not to cross limits. Rahul and Naren fight with each other. Surbhi asks them not to fight and asks him to think about Harish’s health. Servant says caterer, decorator etc have come. Neelima checks the bills and says now he can’t give you even 10 Rs, and asks them to wait. Harish says he will manage to pay them and asks to come to his office. They agree to give him 1 day’s time else they will file case against him. Neelima feels pity on him and tells that whoever have thought that you have to fold hands infront of these people and

says she will give him money, and asks him to ask how much money he wants. She says we have double relation with. Supriya gets angry and slaps Neelima. Hardik says bhabhi. Neelima says today you have proved what you have for me in your heart and slaps her back. Harish shouts Neelima. Naren gets angry. Rahul stops him. Supriya cries and asks why did she make fun of Harish infront of strangers.

Neelima accuses Supriya for dominating her in her sasural. Supriya says she always thought her as her sister. Neelima says they are bahus of the house, but she got more attention than her. She says she is owner of the house now and will know now what she will do now. She blames Pooja for the happenings and declares that Supriya’s family members will not stay in Vyas Mansion anymore, else she will kick them out. Everyone is shocked. Naren says you don’t have to work hard, I will leave with Maa, Papa and Pooja. He says he don’t want to stay in the house where family members are enemies. Harish says nobody will go anywhere and says this house is ours too and nobody can ask us to leave from here. He holds Neelima’s hand and says nobody. He says he was always silent thinking about their respect, and tells Hardik that he couldn’t respect their father’s name. He suffers heart attack. Surbhi and others hold him. Surbhi stops Pooja. They take him to room.

Rahul asks Neelima how can she ask them to leave, knowing Pooja has 100 crores. Neelima says she don’t care about 100 crores and wants them to be out. Rahul says he has a plan to keep eye on them. Neelima looks on.

Surbhi asks Doctor to give him best treatment. Doctor says he needs rest and asks them to give him hot milk with medicines. Harsha goes to bring medicine. Surbhi thinks Harish will see from now who is good bahu and who is not. She thinks you can’t be in good books, and thinks reverse countdown begins now.

Harsha tells Rakesh that she is thinking to help Harish and says she has 8 lakhs something. Rakesh says he will not take money from you and asks her to stand with Harish and give him strength. He thinks this is a start and tells that Harish will be ruined.

Naren tells Doctor that they will shift to other house. Doctor says Harish is unwell and he can’t permit him to travel. Pooja says we will not go anywhere and goes to drop Doctor till door. Surbhi talks sweetly with Harish and acts good. Pooja thinks about the happenings in the house. She sees Hardik and tells him that she knows that both families have an argument and asks him to let her family stay here for some days. Neelima asks her to stop her drama. Rahul says I have an idea so that we don’t see each other faces being in the same house, and asks Pooja and her family to shift to Naren’s room and cook there itself and stay altogether. Pooja looks on.

He asks if she don’t like the deal. Surbhi says what could be the better deal than this. She says I know you will think about your family and asks Pooja to shift Harish in her room, and says she will make sure that he will not have any problem. Pooja says thank. Rahul is upset. He asks Pooja if he can get her free time to talk about her family’s betterment and asks her to meet him at 8 pm on dining table. Neelima smiles. Pooja thinks what is going on in their mind.

Pooja asks them to come to point. Neelima tells pooja that Naren’s dada ji have bought some shares and bonds for a trust which is worth 100 crores now and asks Pooja to transfer that wealth on their name, and assures best treatment for Harish. Rahul asks her to sign. Pooja looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. getting irritated

    1. Hi ooshi agreed puja ki toh jaan ke piche padhe hai sb bt i knw puja is enough strong she will do smthing to save her family smartly

  2. thanks for the update Dear

  3. Pooja take decision after thinking about all

  4. how r me malangas
    good night take care
    suggest me any serial to watch on week end

    1. U watch khatron ke khiladi?

      1. Happy u replied Dear

    2. Mahakali, Saturday and Sunday at 7pm

      1. Happy u replied Dear

  5. hate all except Naren,Pooja and Supriya and some are beyond hatred they r …

  6. I hope they don’t show pooja to be as dumb as they are showing Naren to be….Seriously this stereotype that good people don’t have the basic intelligence required to see through other’s obvious plans has to be changed! Pooja will have to stand up for herself…..if pooja has 100 crores why does she need their meherbani

    1. I agree with you….but there is a fine line between hoshiyaar and chaalaak which even in real life is hard to discern….

  7. Hi br mam aanya mama srishti ammu and all srishti i read ur previous comments i also wait for ur comments dear have u seen today’s episode comment and share ur views with us vyas mention mein thapad ki barish ho rahi free mein mil rahe…….lolz

  8. The deal made by Neelima is so stupid. If Pooja already have 100 crores then why will she need money from them. She can use that money also. I hope they will show Pooja clever and not like other soaps bahus abla and bechari.

  9. Hi amrit sristi anaya..ooshi..and others…….to day episode they. Celebrate diwali…..superb…supriya and naren had done their job well…..now ew enemy is supriya .if her love is true she should help naren she wants to see him happily that is true love …..share his sorrows nobody won’,t ask questions here . Rakesh. Is taking revenge…but pooja will so do something…definitely bcz she knows the value of money…..plz police investigate about anand death then raghul.mayank will goto jail….but mayank is so sweet bcz ofguru onlyhe turned to murderer…..I think pooja Will handle this situation wisely with help of naren and uncle pooja ponkezhu. Bharathi sonna. Ipudumai pen.writer sir give full strength to pooja .the ball is in u r court ….director showed love scenes also decent ly…..yst cycle riding ….kalyanaparisu movie scene very famous…….so nice to. day just opposite …..

  10. The trp of pa has been increasing since few weeks i am happy for that but when the show had beautiful elements like rang gali and all trp was not that good
    I feel serials always have a chance to be better and we accept it too so i wish as the show has become successful regarding attracting more people it shows its original potential through beautiful ideas it even includes love
    Missing the poetry and a logic
    Hope everything gets as magical as it was before

    1. May u please say what’s the trp of PA and in which position it is In??

      1. It is in the 16th position with 1.8 rrp

      2. Thanks kavya

  11. Hi guys sorry. Now new enemy is surbhi
    Typing. Mistake
    Plz writer sir that 4 magical lines and naren. Voice is also missing. Meaningful and wonderful quotations r. eagerly. waiting.

  12. Interesting story.

  13. Instead of investigating the fraud company….they are blaming pooja….
    Hey bhagwaaan!

  14. Hi frnds!!!!!!
    how are u all????
    ya frnds maine sirf update padhe h.
    episode thik hi h.lekin precap !!!!!!!!
    my god!!
    ab puja pata nahi kaise deal karegi.
    bt i want to be given a tight answer of rahul’s fraud with naren by puja..to neelima and raahul.
    gys!!!! where is lovely sister of harish!!!!!! and where is her love for her bro and his brotherfamily..??????
    Ab n mujhe neelima se jyada gussa harsha pe aa re h.
    kuchh to bolti…. – k mere bau ji k ghr me bade bhaiya ka insult nahi ho sakta and all that….
    puja k grihprawes me kitna nautanki ki thi!!!!!!!!!!
    ab kya hua harsha?????????????

  15. Naren k liye ye sahi h.q k ab naren pariwaar k baare me sochega.aur samjhega v ki ye duniya sirf achchhe longon se vre ni h.yaha tk ki aapki achchhai ka fayda uthane wale km nahi h.wo family v ho skta h!!!!
    so I’m happy with this track now.MY NAREN will mature.
    i know puja will handle this issue smartly.
    and harish could know the real face of all devil and puja’s innocence too.

    1. Also thinking the same thing

  16. Hi amrit !!!how was your exam???

    1. Gud mrng srishti my exam held gud now i will regularly comment dear eagerly waiting for next episode

    2. Agreed with ur views srishti

  17. Hi gys hi amrit di, br mam, shristi. M happy to see you back ooshi. Gys mera schedule time iss serial se match nhi krta pr mai ise dekhna chahti hu.this is the only reason Thts y m not commenting here. So sory gys.

    1. Bhool gai kya
      Sorry is not allowed

    2. Yes aanya dont say sry do as u feel comfortable

  18. I’m so excited to know what will be Pooja’s decision

  19. Wonderful serial. Love it..

  20. Why she have to sign the paper since she have 100 crores she can use her father in law’s better treatment. rest is the story as all good people are dumb in the serial

  21. Take care Dears

    1. U too, ooshi

  22. Exciting to watch what pooja will take the step as showing is in precap!

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