Piya Albela 27th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Pooja decides to fight for her love proving her loyalty

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The Episode starts with Naren telling Pooja that today he felt peace seeing her hurt and defeated. He says I won’t give a damm if you go with your husband on honeymoon to cruise or moon. Pooja is shocked and sits down shattered. Naren asks photographer to get her pic clicked and says he will keep a copy. Satish asks you needs whose statement now to clear the misunderstandings. Supriya goes near Pooja and sings mere ghar aayi ek nanhi pari. Pooja looks at her and hugs her cryingly. Supriya tries to cheer her up. Surbhi and Rakesh are tensed. Supriya asks Pooja not to cry and says if you cry then your pic will not be good. Naren says these tears don’t need your sympathy. He holds Pooja by her hairs and pushes her asking her to leave. She falls on Anuj. Anuj holds her. Naren asks her to see this

evening special memory and moves the cloth from the board. It reads “dogs and pooja are not allowed here”. Anuj says my Didi will leave from here and thanks him for the insult and humiliation.

Naren thanks Mr.Kapoor and says your truth ruined one more thing. Pooja is shocked. Mr.Kapoor also go out. Naren asks guests to leave. Pooja recalls Naren’s concern and the happy moments, his betrayal etc. She recalls Naren thanking Mr.Kapoor and says she wants to talk to him alone. Rahul smirks and plays dhol. Hardik stops him. Naren asks him to play. He dances with Surbhi.

Naren asks Mr. Kapoor what he told to Naren that he thanked him, which created misunderstanding between them. He asks her to sit and says he will tell her. Pooja says she needs to know and asks him. Mr.Kapoor says nothing is important to him than her happiness and safety. He says when Naren came to meet me in the hospital.

A fb is shown, Mr.Kapoor tells Naren that he met Pooja a year ago through suicide helpline when he was depressed in his wife’s memory. Pooja took care of me, made me out of depression and helped me. He says that time, I wasn’t aware that Pooja is mentally stable. He says she is totally mad and it is her hobby to trap rich guys, marry and leave them. He says she likes to give pain to others. He says she takes advantage of her innocent face. Naren asks about their marriage. Mr. Kapoor says she is my wife, I am getting her treated and asks him to send her back with him before she ruins more lives. Naren is shocked. Fb ends.

Pooja scolds Mr.Kapoor for lying to Naren and ruining her life. Mr. Kapoor says Naren Vyas will ruin you and will not let you stay in peace. Pooja says she deserves pain and tells that she made him heartless. Mr. Kapoor says Naren Vyas was responsible for his accident as he tried to kill him. Pooja says it can’t be possible and says he can hurt me, but can’t hurt others. Mr. Kapoor says you need someone better partner. Pooja thanks for the suggestion. Mr.Kapoor says he loves her. Pooja is shocked.

Naren opens the champagne bottle and asks Satish to drink it. Harish says you have proved that your mother’s upbringing has failed. He throws the glass. Pooja slaps Mr. Kapoor and gives ring in his hand. She thanks him for the friendship and says she returned here to win her husband and will win him. Mr.Kapoor leaves.

Naren plays dhol and says he can’t control the happiness. He tells that he will marry Surbhi after 5 days and asks Rahul to play dhol. Pooja wipes her tears, comes inside and says so much happiness Naren.

He asks why did she return? Pooja says your wishes will remain unfulfilled. Naren says you don’t accept defeat and asks what is her new trick to make the evening entertaining. Pooja says your wish will be fulfilled as the evening will be entertaining. Harish sees lawyer. Naren says again betrayal. Pooja says you have become brand ambassador of chal party, and got engaged by betrayal. She says you can get engaged, but stop dreaming about marrying Surbhi, as it is a crime to remarry when first wife is alive. She tells that you had signed on the divorce papers a year ago, but without my signature divorce can’t happen. Surbhi is shocked. Naren checks the papers. Pooja says wherever I go in this world, I will have your name forever. Naren is shocked.

Surbhi asks Naren not to listen to her and says papers might be fake just like her. Pooja says did anyone ask your opinion, why you can’t leave your habit of interfering between husband and wife. Harish smiles. Mayank checks the papers. Pooja tells Rahul that she took him out of jail on her guarantee and he shall have her acceptance stamp on his decisions. She tells that she accepts loyalty from him. She asks Surbhi not to fly high and says if her mood spoils then she will not let her get divorce from Rahul all life. Naren calls her Mr. Kapoor and asks what does she wants. Pooja says she will give proofs as she loves him. She says she is ready to be tested for her love for him and says she is ready for all tests and says she will win ultimately. Naren looks on.

Harish tells Pooja that you are not alone in any tests, we all are with you. Naren says your wish will be fulfilled and asks her to get ready. Surbhi asks what will be the first test. Naren looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. love this show and also naren and pooja couple…… ??

  2. Naren don’t deserve Pooja. How much happy was he to marry surbi, he is very bad. Will truth ever revealed at least that Pooja was not the one to bury him instead she saved him. Pooja should also leave him rejoin college and go for dance academy dream to make him suffer.

  3. With this insult and humiliation Pooja where is your dignity, your self respect!! let him drown in his own misery turn your back walk away, let him find the letters you wrote but never sent, let him see feel and read your pain…..it’s a good thing i don’t write these for a living cause i’d have some serious language, some kung fu kicks and whole lotta yelling.

  4. Bullshit no one can love a man so much, you want to tell me after all the insult pooja still worming her way back to naren this time for him instead of dragging her by the hair but to kick her ass out of the house; tell me where is poojas dignity my gosh naren insulted and humiliated she and her family with the painting too call them dogs and yet she is stooping to him my gosh where is her pride; as for rahul pooja got him out of jail for him to help her but instead he is using her to turn naren against her and as for that fatso surbhi she like a damn BOX wearing those saris lol both she and rahul deserve each other. writers if you want to make things exciting for us bring in this storyline where pooja moved on for the time being after letting naren and surbhi know that they cannot get married ever because she is still his wife and let pooja revert to her dancing skills making naren jealous where he will be in pursuit of her again and then let it be her time to give naren a hard time before accepting him; let him see what he has lost for his ignorance and let him beg and wish that he had never made a huge mistake like that and surbhi let her go insane waiting and wishing to be married to naren then let her go off the brink where she has to be placed in a mental institution and with all the money her father has he can never ever really help her because she has lost the will to live and has taken her life overdosing on her own medication and as for rahul the money hungry monger let him keep dreaming bills and property all the time till he goes off his rocker too and as for neelima she too has to pay for her deeds so for encouraging her son to do evil let her be assigned to a wheel chair where she cannot move around anymore as she wishes and well well that mr. pooja who did not even care to know the truth set pooja up for the fall and betrayed her loyalty let pooja end her friendship with him for good and let him end up in the dumps again with the gun to his head this trip let no one be there to help him. Come on writer i give you these storylines for free now use it to the best of your ability.

    1. This is what Indian culture teaches us…to take kicks and insults from the husband no matter what he does to you or how shitty he treats you because marriage is forever and you can’t break the bond and love another as it makes you either a sinner or whore…so basically you have just take it… Where is Pooja’s self respect and dignity? Writers, are there no other man beside Naren for Pooja?? Why do you have to make Pooja’s subject, a love interest?? Pooja is behaving like a beggar now, begging for Naren’s lo8, how pathetic. Even after sa3dogs and Pooja not allowed here, she still has the shame to prove that she loves him? When you have to prove your love to someone, he or she ain’t worth it… Only good thing going with Pooja is her sharp tongue when she deals with Surbhi, it’s entertaining… Sapphire dear, how have you been lately??

      1. Sorry for typo errors…

  5. Naz I am good trying to get back in the groove of my commenting again; I can see you are still at it but i am not hearing from jayashree hope she is alright. I really do not like how these serials going but hey say what old people saying you could lead the horse to the water but you cannot make him drink it; we can comment on all the flaws in these serials and the writers still will not take heed; so I guess we will have to keep on in their asses till we get through to them lol; when i tell u i just dont like that mr kapoor he too bold face he knows damn well that pooja love only naren yet he has the nerve to destroy her life with the plan he and rahul came up with and then turn around and confess to love her; seems love for him is hate because to obey rahul and say those awful lies to naren about pooja well pooja should have kicked him where it hurts the most and walk away never to speak to him again another thing pooja has no dignity at all like i said before all the insults from naren and she is still begging; what she should do is prove her love to him and when he succums to it go away and pursue her dancing career let him suffer some more i gave the writers some writing material hope they use it and mind you it is free of charge lol.

    1. Sapphire dear, Jayashree is on WAS and ADDNK but not too regular. She’s fed-up herself of the way these serials are turning out so sometimes she there sometimes not…. Happy to know that you are doing well… These days I’m busy with work outside my house so when I find a little space, I come up here to read comments to unwind and I have to say, all comments are enjoyable because we all have a brain in our skull except the writers.

  6. Non sense inspite all tests
    I want poooooja
    To slap ,and kick naren
    Curse him,
    That he doesn’t deserve her
    And go far from him. After few days he will realise this
    Stupid guy? naren

  7. I know dis is just a f**king show but come on nothing is more important dan ur self respect&dignity. It is just embarrassing n unlady like 2 still luv or fight 4 a man who embarrassed u in front of ur fam n frands. This is f**king degrading 2 woman, if I were u hasta la vista bebe n get my revenge to get even instead of luving or putting on fing test. Anywho the writers of this show r complete mierda. f**k the writers, show, naren & especially pooja. I am done so ✌ out

    1. ??????….very well said and your choice of words are epic….you go girrrrrllllll!!!!! ?????

  8. Divalianakhan

    I think the writter is very sesivle stop telling him wat he should do nd writter just show de truth 2 naren nd let pooja leave him 4 awhile only nd came back after naren regreting nd begging pooja
    Sorry not 2 insult any one andsapphire ur comment made my day supperb

  9. Doli armano ki was the only show that was daring enough to show that a women had some dignity to finally leave an abusive husband. Writers need to think a little practical when it comes to a women taking decisions regarding her marriage life. Naren is acting b*t*hy and Pooja needs to wake up from her fantasy land. I so miss that old Naren. New Naren is sick in the head and I kinda hate his character now.

    1. I also agree with your comment, especially when you referenced Doli Armano Ki…..Urmi was so diminutive in size but she had brawn to stand up to a freaking bully like Samraat…how the ass could a woman love a man who bullies and embarrasses her in public? Never mind the fact that Naren thought that Pooja was using him, men should be big enough to walk away without having to resort to behavior like Naren’s, just to get even… Hell…. That’s what women do, not men. You see Sadhana, most Hindu marriages are based on the fact that once you marry and go live in your sasural, only when you die you can come out. Forget being happy ,women should be subservient to her husband and in-laws, churn out a few babies and be s*xually available at all times for their husbands even when you don’t want the damn thing. Women aren’t machines, they have emotions, feelings and their dignity must be held up at all times throughout their lives. So basically, when you marry, that’s the end of your life…so to speak!!! It’s women like Urmi who go out there and make their mark in the world by empowering themselves, educating and setting examples for the others to follow. I made sure my daughter got an education at tertiary level and beyond just so that she doesn’t have to depend on a man for a single dollar…. So, what is happening here with Pooja is just f**king undignified for a young woman with an ounce of education, but this is what these writers are setting as examples, take the abuse bec6the holy scriptures said till death do us part…. ???????…

  10. How long will u drag this ugly track. Agnipariksha of women? How can a great businessman believe in Kapoor like person words. Proving pooja was not able to make him smart. She failed in her effort. Krishna was not dumb who believe in surbhi like people, he is clever. Please bring Modi essence and beauty inPA, not ekta Kapoor dragging dragging stories.
    Missing Modi essence lot. Mend both lead characters and give us Narja.

  11. I started hating naren how can he believe that Pooja has mental issues.and how can he trust on unknown person Mr kapoor.sooooo stupid naren is !day by day he become dum.

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