Piya Albela 27th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Pooja asking Satish if he is hiding something. Satish says no and asks her to go as Naren is waiting. Pooja goes. Satish thinks until he gets solution for the dosh. Pooja comes out and sees Naren standing with cycle. He tells that taxi punctured while he was coming and then took cycle on rent to reach here. Pooja asks if we will go on cycle, we can book taxi also. Naren asks her to come on cycle ride. Pooja agrees and says you don’t need to ask me, I will come wherever you want me to come. She says she needs an answer first and asks why your vehicle betray you always. Naren says it gets upset whenever the thing is about you. Pooja smiles and asks lets go Naren. Naren asks her to take his name again. He rides the cycle with her. Sab tera song plays…..

Neelima asks Rahul

what happened? Rahul tells her that officially Harish and his family are bankrupt now, and they will come on street now. Neelima says Pooja have to give us 100 crores to save this house. She says they got Power and money which they deserve. Naren plans a life with Pooja and says we will not have TV at home, as they shall spend time with each other. Satish thinks Pandit ji told that 2 days are risky for Naren and prays to God to protect him. Kusum gives him tea, and the tea cups breaks.. Satish gets shocked. Naren and Pooja are having an eye lock. Suddenly a car comes infront of them and they fall down from the cycle, but get saved. People gather there and asks if he is fine Naren and Pooja says yes. They stand up. Naren says cycle is not working now. Kusum asks Satish to say what is the matter. Satish is tensed. Kusum thinks what is the matter? Naren tells Pooja that somebody told him that shopping uplifts girls’ mood. Pooja says we will buy some stuff for our home.

Naren and Pooja buy the stuff. Supriya and Harish come back home. Supriya tells Neelima that Harish got unwell in Mumbai and that’s why they returned back. Hardik says we shall show him to doctor. Supriya says we started his treatment and next week we have to go to show him to doctor. Neelima asks him to go and rest, and says today they will enjoy and do dawat at home, says don’t know if we will have get together again or not. Supriya prays to God. Pooja tells Naren that her clothes is dirty, how to go home in this dress. Naren says he will fulfill her wish. He takes her to shopping mall and buys dresses for her. Mora Piya Albela plays…He selects dresses for her.

Supriya asks Neelima why did she make the arrangements. Neelima says we shall enjoy until we have servants, and makes Harish have the first bite with her hand. She thinks from tomorrow you will not have this. Supriya asks if everything is fine. Neelima says yes. Just then Harish gets a call and is shocked. Neelima smiles. Naren buys shirt of Pooja’s choice and tells Pooja that his wallet is empty now.

Naren and Pooja return home. Supriya asks where did they go? Naren tells her that he took Pooja for shopping and she emptied his wallet. He says he brought bed sheets, crockery, whatever she liked. He shows the keys and asks her to put their new homes keys in it. Supriya asks what? Harish comes with Neelima and Rahul and slaps Naren hard. Supriya asks what you are doing. Harish asks what shall I do, that a son have made his father bankrupt and booked a house on his wife’s name without checking the authenticity, and signed cheque of 25 crores for a fraud company. Naren is shocked and goes to Rahul. He asks Rahul what is this? I have signed 25 thousand cheque. Rahul says you have signed the cheque, booked home and asks why you are blaming me. Naren says I remember well that the cheque amount was 25000. Rahul asks why is he shouting and asks if the fraud company is of his father.

Neelima scolds Naren and says you should have been careful, and tells Harish that Naren went to Dehradun to show property papers to Pooja. Rahul says now Tawo ji and his family are bankrupt, what they will do. Harish asks Naren what he wants and asks from where to get money for payments. He asks him to kill him. Supriya and Pooja stop Harish. Harish says he don’t want to see her, and curses the day when he brought her home. Harsha comes and says who have thought that she is so cunning behind innocent face. She asks what did you get by doing this. She says you have trapped Naren. Supriya says you can’t talk to my bahu like this. Harsha says one day she will take Naren with her, and betray us. Pooja is shocked. Rakesh smirks. Harsha says this key chain is a way to snatch the wealth. Rahul tells that Naren is changed and blames him. Pooja asks why you are accusing Naren and says you are behind the fraud company. Everyone is shocked.

Neelima announces that Supriya’s family member will not enter Vyas Mansion again. Everyone is shocked. Supriya slaps Neelima. Neelima slaps her back. Harish, Naren and Pooja are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. omg so much drama
    but still I loves pooren scenes
    i know they will always support eachother

  2. loved********

  3. only NarJa scene was good except that every thing was bad and precap is the worst
    hate all except NarJa and Supriya

  4. how are u all guys can’t commenting much these days but not absent
    good night
    take care

  5. Please do not complicate the show .. i already stopped watching it ….. solve ol the mess … firstly give vyas empire to harish .. quicklyyyyyyy .. unnless no obe be intrested for the show

  6. Please do not complicate the show .. i already stopped watching it ….. solve ol the mess … firstly give vyas empire to harish .. quicklyyyyyyy .. unnless no obe be intrested for the show

  7. Higuys …amrt aanaaya and others…..harish also did the same mistake in front of guru that time raghul got the signature.no body slapped harish…. harish turn and lap raghul ad neelima also …..
    I think surbhi will help naren and pooja …bcz she is the malick…..

  8. I really don’t like where the show is heading to… It is so negative and now even promoting women (family relatives) slapping each other. Naren’s eyes need to be opened about his family especially about Rahul. Naren needs to act smart otherwise Pooja will have to do the work alone. I hope that they will soon reveal that Mayank murdered Dr. Anand. It is quite weird that they never showed Pooja thinking about him like how did he die and stuff? I mean that was her almost to be husband and she should have been traumatized by it, but they did not show this at all. It went straight into Pooja & Naren confessing love. Also somebody please put an end to Harish, Neelima, Rahul, Harsha, Rakesh’s drama. It is starting to annoy me and to be boring.


    I m totally confused.. within in one day what they have shown, is out of my mind..

  10. Hey I am Commenting here for the first time .. I always loved Piya Albela and will be a die hard fan of it till the end .. Now there’s so much going on on the show .. And Why did they stop the Quotes at the end ?? Now There is Lack Of spirituality in the show which was the base concept of the show ..Why?Why? ..naren Is so romantic nowadays an it’s good but I am missing the old naren.. Pooja stopped calling Naren Babu .. Now she’s calling Him naren ..I liked Naren Babu? ..Anyways Hope there will be more good stuff on the show☺☺

    1. Happy u commented
      Keep commenting Dear

    2. Hi anjali most wlcm in this family

  11. The show is getting too negative.its somehow losing its uniqeness.even i want pooja to call him naren babu.
    Hope this negativity ends soon.?

    1. Hope the same Dear

  12. Hiiiiiii guys. How are you?
    I’m fine.

    This kundli dosh track is really dangerous for Naren.
    Mostly I hate this bua. Rahul, nilima, and bandhu r also so disgusting.

    1. I was just asking for you but u came at the exact moment

      1. So sweet, ooshi dear

  13. Srishti,Devga,Anne,Aanya,Dr-pragz,Trisha,Geeta,Sarah,Zoya,Catherine aur baki yaar kahan ho tum SB wapis aa jao yaar jldi se

  14. Nyc episode ab neelima and rahul bht jump kr rahe hai itna ni pta abi rakesh b inke sath yahi krne vala hai they r so foolish kitni jaldi baato mein ajate hai vry greedy
    Nd hi br mam aanya mama srishti arch and all how r u all?

  15. Hello
    You all are right – I loved this show but I turned it off yesterday because everyone is being so mean and cunning- only scene I watched was the initial scene with naren andd bike – I wish Rahul would get caught!!

  16. Really in this piya albela every body became a villian except supriya pooja naren and pooja mama.

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