Piya Albela 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Naren shocks Pooja and gets engaged to Surbhi

Piya Albela 26th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Naren telling Pooja that Mr. Kapoor will come to the party. Mr. Kapoor comes and gives bouquet and compliments Pooja on her beauty. Naren taunts her, but Pooja don’t understand his taunt. Pooja tells Supriya that today her dream is going to be fulfilled. Supriya suggests that they shall take pic. Pooja says yes. Naren tells Surbhi that there is a surprise and asks her to wait. Naren, Pooja, Mr. Kapoor and Surbhi say poetry lines on love. Surbhi throws the cracker near her dress. Pooja dress catches fire. She realizes and shouts, throws her dupatta. Naren and Mr. Kapoor come to her rescue. Naren sets off the fire with his hand. Pooja is shocked and concern. She takes Naren and makes him sit, calls Servant and asks to bring ice and ointment. Naren says I am ok. Mr. Kapoor looks

at his hands which is burnt too. Rahul shouts and says Mr.Kapoor is hurt much.

Pooja ignores him and attends Naren’s wounds. She applies ointment on his hand. Rahul tells Mr.Kapoor that he is doing right. Naren cries. Pooja asks what happened? Naren says he cried after a year and tells today it will be memorable day. Pooja says they will get the family pic clicked. Harish says lets take pic. Naren and Pooja dance while a song plays.

Mr.Kapoor also dances with her. Harish says lets start engagement. Naren holds her hand and asks Mr.Kapoor to come on stage as engagement can’t happen without best man. Mr.Kapoor goes there. Pooja forwards her hand to wear engagement ring. Naren goes near Surbhi and propose her for marriage shocking Pooja and others. Surbhi is happy. Pooja is shocked. She is about to go to Naren, but Mr.Kapoor holds her hand and makes her wear the ring. Pooja is shocked again. Mr. Kapoor makes Pooja wear ring forcibly. Satish asks what is this bad joke?Naren says Mrs.Kapoor planned all year to trap me and I fooled you. Pooja cries.

Naren holds her face. Mr. Kapoor asks him to be careful. Naren says you couldn’t figure out about my plan. Harish says enough, did we teach you this. Naren says I made Surbhi wear the ring when her divorce was final. He asks Pooja if she is not satisfied with one. Pooja asks why you are talking like this again. Naren says congratulations for your defeat.

Naren asks Pooja to stop crying and leave from his house with her baggage. He pushes her. Anuj holds Pooja.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh my my!!!! Has Naren gone mad?

  2. Now Anuj stand for Pooja, he should be the one to prove her innocence and the one to support her. Pooja should not seek any help from that Mr Kapoor.And Anuj should now protect Pooja and not let her meet any of Naren or Kapoor.

  3. Chinmaya Kumar Parida

    What nonsense,?actually naren gone made

  4. That’s it… I’m done with this effing crap… What an a*sh*le character Naren is… The main characters were based on two other fable characters and this is what the writers are glorifying in this serial?? The male lead character is nothing to emulate..he’s full of blasted hatred, no common decency to forgive ,enjoys playing with a woman’s affection and love even after hearing the truth etc etc… What a waste of my time. When I see Naren grow a brain, maybe I’d be prompted to comment but for now let him enjoy Surbhi, they make a fantastic pair…. No matter how much a woman sacrifices, she’d never be thanked…as Piya Albela says…

  5. This is not the end in pooja and naren. Now it would be his turn to know pain an hurt when supriya gains her memory. Only then he would know…
    Pooja time to move on.

  6. I started hating naren.. He became so heartless… It’s too much now..Damn

  7. I started to hate naren he and that ugly shurbi she is a ass hole

  8. She suppose to gave Mr. Kapoor a HARD SLAP, a Hard Push, take off of that ring pelt it on him and shout 2 him: What the hell he exactly told her husband and why he came with ring 4 her?? Steupzzzz

    1. You are so damn right, why the heck she don’t do that….and I fail to see the significance of Naren’s display of affection when he came out of the hospital room, you have to ask what’s the point of his crocodile tears…I feel like slapping my TV screen. You know Jols, these serials are definitely proving that they have the potential to cause us to suffer from high BP.. when we think we can sit down and watch some good entertainment after a hard day’s work, and we have to see this crap, it ain’t worth risking your health. Why must women have to go through so much damn stupid worries to get a man and keep him from women like surbhi….I hate Naren, he’s a loser…

      1. Naz please do not 4get that Pooja hurt him and return to him as some1 else wife and games that she won all … plus a lot of things agaist her and she never clarified none to him… and Mr. Kapoor did lie to Naren as Rahul advise him? So its reall Pooja need to put her act together and ade Mr. KAPOOR TO REVEAL THE TRUE TO NAREN… NAREN JUST SHOW HE DOES NOT CARE BUT HE WILL CRIED MOFE THAN POOJA IN PRIVATE…

  9. Mr. Kapoor character is not good. Pooja saved his life but he is distracted her life . And wat abt naren? How much did Pooja for naren? He forgot all things? This is not right in serial. pls pls writers immediately change the story line, we can’t see all these.

  10. Could someone tell me how naren could be sooooooooooo Dumb and Dotish, his real name should be DD my gosh with all that pooja is doing now to correct the mistake his mother encouraged her to make that is leaving Naren for a year he stil does not see through all that that pooja did it to save his dysfunctional life instead he is punishing her for it and as for that surbhi well she must be elated i hope it lasts for she and naren and to tell the truth i hope pooja never forgive him and just leave and never look back my gosh i am soooooooo fed up of these writers now just destroying the lives of all the good ones in the serial tell me what is the sense in watching these serials when there is no justice given or served upon the good ones and as for that trickstar mr kapoor he damn well know that he was helping pooja because he wanted to get between her legs he is a b*t*h no one could be that good i was saying he had to have an ulteria motive and there it is all along he wanted to throw the animal inside of pooja yes that was it all the time he wanted to commit suicide when his wife left him and pooja saved him well i hope there is no one to save him now pooja should just keep on going like she did before and to hell with naren and mr kapoor ride never to return to help those two Ass Holes lol what else could pooja do to prove her innocence and as for that rahul i hope he too get it up his ass who did pooja run to help with the burn not mr kapoor but naren yet he retaliated my gosh how dotish and dumb could one human being be anyway narens character now deserves surbhi i hope they both rot in hell together and a word to you writers try and change your way of thinking and writing cause you sure aint moving on with the way you destroying all your serials.

    1. Sapphire,you know why this shit happening here? It’s because people do take the pundit or holy man words as gospel truth, to stay away from your husband or wife or some damn crap about how to live your life so that their lives can be better or saved from some wicked forces they alone could smell or see…how the ass could a human being tell you that it ain’t good to consummate your marriage because a tree or pot could fall on you and kill you or whatever….these holy men feel like they are too good… steups….

  11. WOW! what a twist I love Piya Albela.

  12. We will wait for the twist; Pooja is still Naren’s wife. How in heavens name Kapoor did this nonsense. Its time for Harish to speak the truth and set Naren straight. Lets hope that Supriya regain her memory and get Rakesh, Surbhi , Neelima, Hardik and Rahul a jail cell. I felt sorry for Pooja and those nutcases ( Surbhi and Naren).

  13. Serial is becoming more worst than Bollywood

  14. Foolishness to the highest level shame on zee tv for promoting this nonsense called serial I pay a lot for hindi channel and this what writers gave me

  15. Yes, true sumaiya. Evil wins over goodness. Naren is not able to find any of the truth of
    Evils. Surbhi and RAKESH tried to kill his. Wife and mother. Disown his family dignity by publishing private pictures in press. And many more. But believe in Kapoor lies. It. Actually happens when we believe outsider than ours.
    Moral of PA is do evil….. It will last longer and impact of good deeds are short term. Now
    We hope mayank should stand and help harish to
    Expose evil and prove pooja innocence too. Thats true love for bhai and friendship for pooja.


  16. I hope naraen will cry more than pooja
    When he realised the truth
    I want to see that

  17. What these writers dont understand is that the beauty with these serials is the poetic justice attached to them; now we the viewers would not mind all the shit that took place before if the bad ones would eventually be exposed and punished for their evil deeds but instead of doing that the writers stray and continue to do shit they let the bad prosper with the evil doings and the good is being punished all the time my gosh how are these writers thinking and all these replicas in the serials we could do without; well the witchcraft has stopped but now they introduce this reincarnation thing; these writers to the extreme now and they need to cease the shit/crap storylines that they are throwing at us on a daily basis we have had our fill and is time to shit it out now WE HAVE HAD IT WITH YOU DUMB DUMB WRITERS AND PRODUCERS time for you all to pack up and ship out and let us get new and smarter ones.

  18. now trp falls and just shut this crap…so many villains including hero……what the hell……no piya albela…….its a villains albela

  19. Guys this is just a SERIAL!! In case the writers unite Naren and Pooja the serial will end. Then poor ZEE what will they give the viewers???

    1. Yes Jenny its a serial but the Hero acting too stupid that is the problem Rahul still is a funny evil but Naren is disgusting direspetful no only to her his own parents

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