Piya Albela 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Piya Albela 26th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Pooja asking Naren to drink warm milk. She recalls people laughing on Naren. She tells Naren that why he is so good that he couldn’t understand Guru ji’s evil motives. She says whatever happened today…Naren says I have no shame on my doings. Pooja says you are not alone, you have a family whom you don’t care. Harish asks Supriya to tell him if she is ready to kick Pooja out of house. Supriya is silent. Harish says for the first time in 25 years that we have different thinking. Supriya says she is on God’s side and tells that she is sure that Pooja will make Naren fine. She says you can let Guru ji stay here and tells that Guru ji wouldn’t have asked you to make Pooja leave if he wasn’t scared of her. Pooja tells that Supriya don’t care of people’s laugh or their

family shame, but care for her son and that’s why she came running to him even though she was hurt. Naren asks her to stop it and asks who gave you this right. Pooja is shocked and says I thought we are friends.

Naren says there is a limit for every relation and says I hope this friendship remain in the limits. Pooja is teary eyes. He comes to Supriya and thinks about Pooja’s words. She gets teary eyes and recalls Guru ji’s words. He tells Dada ji that he is not ashamed of his doings, but everyone is hurt. He tells that it was his inner self voice which he followed. He asks why there is a rules of right and wrong. Guru ji comes and tells that it was your inner self voice and it can’t take anyone to wrong path else you wouldn’t have gone to Nirvaan ghat. She says your dada ji used to go there and get answers. He says you are not different from your dada. He says we shall go there and do shanti yagna. He says come with me Naren. Naren is going to Guru ji. Mayank says even I will come with you. Guru ji hesitantly says why not. Mayank holds Naren while walking.

Rahul tells Neelima that this naukrani can’t do anything in Nirvaan ghat as ladies entries is banned there. Pooja hears him. Neelima asks do you want anything. Pooja says do you like to lose everything and tells that Guru ji can’t harm her and no limitations can stop her from reaching Naren. Rahul asks till when you will become his shield. Pooja asks him to understand naren’s goodness for his own good. She walks out.

Guru ji brings Naren to Nirvaan ghat. The men identify Naren and says don’t know what shameless thing he will do today. Mayank asks him not to worry. Naren tells Guru ji that he will bring Pooja samagri. Mayank says he will also come. Naren says he will go. Guru ji thinks today no shakti can save you as women are not allowed here. Naren buys the stuff and see Pooja coming there. Naren says if you came to lecture me then I have no time. Pooja says nobody have waste time, but nobody is selfish like you. She asks what is our friendship limits, I want to know. She says you don’t care of friendship, else you wouldn’t have come here when I asked you not to go. Naren says I take responsibility of my own decisions. Pooja asks him not to take responsibility of her decision. She start walking and drops her earrings, watch, slippers etc. Naren runs to her and asks if you have gone mad. Pooja says this is my decision.

Naren asks why you are stubborn. Pooja says your decisions are out of friendship limits. Pooja removes her dupatta and drops it while walking. Naren asks her not to do madness and bends down infront of her. He asks her if agreeing to mistake is out of the limits. Pooja is walking still. Naren lies down on the ground and asks her to cross him if she wants to walk on. Pooja cries. Naren gets up and covers her with dupatta. He says you know naa that I tell anything angrily and says I don’t want anyone to control me. Pooja says it is not control, but worry. She asks if she has no right. He says you have right to scold me, stop me etc. He hugs her cryingly. Pooja reciprocates the hug. Oh piya….Pooja says where is a right, there can’t be limits. She asks if you agree? Naren nods. Pooja asks him to promise and asks him to stay away from Guru ji. Naren looks on shocked.

Guru ji waits for Naren and is shocked to see Pooja and Naren talking outside the ghat. She says I don’t know what is going in Guru ji’s mind, if he is right or wrong and asks him to promise for Supriya atleast. Naren promises her. Pooja says we will not stay here even for a minute. She holds his hands and starts walking. Guru ji is shocked and angry. He says he has to do something to this girl. Mayank gets Pooja’s earrings and bangles and thinks to talk to her. Guru ji smiles as he gets an idea.

“Alag Alag Rangon Me Sajkar
Sabhi Yahan Hai Aate
Phir Jo Sabse Ho Alag
Woh Kyun Ajeeb Kehlaate”

(Decorated in different colors
everyone come here
then why do the unique one
is called as strange)

Guru ji tells Harsha and Neelima that Pooja has trapped Naren and trying to trap all men of the house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thnx for fast update. I loved today’s episode. The precap is the thing I worry the most. But I don’t think they will listen to him in this matter. Don’t know what their decision will be?

  2. Episode was really good today…

  3. Just wanna to kill this guru ji.. Now he is trapping harsha.. So cheap

    1. me too

  4. All these fake gurus ruin the name of really pious n genuine ones and mislead people,idiot guruji.

    1. Yeah dr , agree with u

  5. loved todays episode

    1. Right….just loved narja scenes…

  6. Yes, i am also scared about guruji casting negative influence on everyone… I liked supriya taking a firm stand….Loved the pooja-naren hug ??

    1. I also loved that dr n also so scared of this gurugi.

  7. begining was not good but end was awesome except guru
    precap is not good except naren pooja scenes

  8. hello everyone hi oshi humne aapka comment abhi read kia hmara bhi yhi haal hi hmare phone ki to screen hi break ho gee hi jis vajah se comment nhi ker pa rhe hi ok come to the episode.abb naren ko pta chala jinse aap pyar kerte hi unhe kabhi bhi galat kerte nhi dekh skate.jab naren jameen per let gye the to bilkul shiv ji wali feeling aa rhi thi wo bhi esse hi Kali ji ke age let gye the ur unhone unke chest per apne feet rakh diye the thank god puja ne eysa kuch nhi kia.naren aaj ke hero ki tarah six pack abs wale nhi hi per unki akho me ek masumiyat hi.piya albela ki casting bhut achi hi.

    1. happy u r here

    2. Epi was really gd…Naren eyes r so expressive…nd his acting was suprb… luv piya albela very much….akshay just nailed it…

    3. Hi dr. Keep commenting.



    1. Hi…..but what is your original name…
      plz tell me…

    2. I am here. Btw who r u , dr


    welcome to all new commenters keep commenting
    we r lucky to have u all

  11. Most important I think here is so called educated ppl gets fooled by these criminal animals. It means that there is so much wrong as to what education these mrons get.


    welcome all new ones
    keep commenting
    lucky to have u all here

  13. I like this show(piya albela) and this episod was really good

  14. Amazing epi but pls harsha dont believe guruji pls makers dont show harsha as negatuve mayank likes pooja that is cn pls cvs better way and i hate thus guruji he is no guruji but satan

  15. Lizaa

    Epi was too good…
    Oh god yeh guru ji ??????
    Eagarly waiting for Monday epi. .

  16. Totally amazing episode. Love scene between naren & puja. Their chemistry is too good.
    But guru ji is so bad. & now he is Influncing Harsha also so cheap..
    Waiting for Monday’s episode.

  17. Lovely episode. Really loved naren*pooja conversation. Thid guruji is so disgusting.. I hate guruji. All gogi r good n they don’t harm any. But this is which type of guru ,yaar .

  18. Where r zoya ,roumya ,shristi ,devga ,aanya di n others?

  19. Hi mama n other malangas.gys yeh epi.bhut acha tha bt guruji is so bad.now i think he’ll try to use mayunk to handle pooja nd to keep away her from NV right gys his thinking is so cheep.vo guruji to kbhi nhi ho skte.right [email protected] cmplaints r u tapa or smbdy else?

  20. Really I like yastrday episode infact every episode’s are awsome..

  21. Waht an idea of pooja that naren turn to her and family, awsome thought, nice going of the show.

  22. Trisha

    Loved this epi… show is really progressing nicely


    Srishti,Devga,Anne and many

  24. Happy Ramzan

  25. Hi aanya di. R u fine now? I missed u a lot.
    N missing complaints is not tapa.

  26. Anne dr where r u ? Come here na.

  27. Hi mama m super fine now.bt ples tell naa where is tapa if she is fine?i mised u too swety n tapa.ples tell her that m waiting for her pleeees.

  28. Di I told tapa n She said , she is missing u too. She is fine n wil come after some days.

  29. Fine dear.


    i am the one who comments daily and we know each other we r even frank

  31. so how was all’s day mine was ok

  32. Sarah missing u

  33. Hiii Malang’s,

    Mama so glad u remember me & miss you too..zoya u r absolutely right naren eyes innocence doesn’t required any word .. Intense hug between our fav pair was too good.. Waiting for Monday… Miss u guys

    1. Hi Anne…glad that u noticed…nd appreciated my cmnts…narja hug was awesm…

  34. Hi !!! frnds.(Ooshi,mama,zoya,missing comlints,roumya and all presented here)
    about episode-
    this is awsome.& the eye expression of naren was awesome. his eyes tell everything without speaking. i like his innocent expressions.
    How are u all?frnds.
    my day today was ok ooshi dr.
    HAPPY RAMZAN to u & all.
    now by-2 & Good night dr frnds.

    1. Hi srishti…I’m gd…hw r u dr?
      U r absolutely right… naren innocence just stole my heart away…

    2. good night Dear take care

  35. Mising cmplaints i know u or [email protected] where r u n r u fine?hi ooshi.

    1. i am Ooshi and name it MISSING COMPLAINTS as it about missing people
      how r u Dear about me fit and fine

  36. Missing complaints, r u ooshi or someone else. Plz stop this suspence n say na what’s your name, dr . Please

    1. yeah u r right

  37. @aanya….I’m super fine dr…I didn’t cmnted…as I was keeping fast..today… nd from tmrw onwards…gys my cmnts would decrease… bcoz of fasting…nd I would also not be able 2 watch piya albela…as I would not watch TV…till1 Month…but…i would try 2 read this telly page daily…

    1. ok Dear but don’t comment because of fasting don’t understand it

  38. May ur day be glad…peace nd joy 2 add…Its a long month journey… but filled with felicity…Wishing a happy Ramadan…2 All Muslims…

    1. to u too Dear

  39. Ok fine zoya bt i’ll mis u very badly hapy ramadan lov u all.

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