Piya Albela 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Piya Albela 25th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sorry for missing points and short update..

Episode start with surbhi blowing all diyas and saying that diyas will light only of naren and mine.
Neelima give party dresses to pooja and naren. And take naren with herself.
Mr. Kapoor think about pooja and rahul words and say that I know pooja love naren deeply but i can’t let naren hurt you. He wishes, he can help her. (Like jab krni chiye thi tab to or jayda galtfamiya bada di???).

Pooja get ready and see herself in mirror and she hear sound, she goes and check but see nothing. She is about to go but surbhi hold her neck using either duptta or saree. On the other side naren feel something and goes to save pooja.

Rahul take surbhi along and scold her for trying to ruin his plan. She says that they are getting engeged again and she trust herself only. He say they are about not engeged.

Harish and satish talk about pooja and naren becoming one again and give all credit to supriya. {But either harish or satish think about mind game naren is playing}(sorry forgot who was thinking).

Pooja see her scar on neck and naren come and they have romantic conversation even naren lift pooja to bed (stupid pooja, did not realise its trap set up by naren, Now a days i hate naren character, he was better as jogiya????). Mayank fear about something bad going to happen in party.

Naren and pooja get ready, he kisses her hand and ore piya song play in background.

Party start and harish looks worried, just than some painting type thing arrive covered with black cloth, and he is about to open but mayak stop him saying its should be opened later. Pooja and naren arrives and pooja’s whole family too gathered. Naren waits for someone and rahul show entering Mr. Kapoor.

No precap online..

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  1. with an obsessed witch like surbhi and her evil husband father in law and mother in law anything can happen before that engagement or wedding takes place. I guess we will just have to wait and watch and another thing where does Mr, Kapoor devotion lie imagine after Pooja saved him from taking his life he should be more truthful to her than crazy ass rahul; in the first place if his priorities lie with pooja why the hell he listening to ugly ass crazy rahul with his twisted mouth and evil looking smile. My gosh all these indian serials just disappointing all of us viewers; look what they did with the serial Zindali Mehek and Shauyra himself so dotish instead of pulling the damn veil off meheks face he studying to go married that evil witch who threw mehek in the river in the first place; my gosh when will these dumb dumb writers do something meaningful for us to enjoy.

    1. So right you are Sapphire. I hate Rahul…I think he looks like the late Joey Ramiah….and I absolutely cannot stomach Naren’s behavior these days,he very unappealing. As for what’s happening in mehak…this veil is irritating but I LMAO when I see mehak…this veil thing is hilarious…

  2. Getting bore to worse day by day. U are getting naren engaged to surbhi again, same as earlier story. Nothing new. At least change the girl. She is his Bhabhi now. From the very beginning u make pooja suffer. When will she gets her happiness. At least make supriya fine and bring some positivity. She is an epitome of positive wibes. Don’t make naren bad to worse.

  3. I don’t understand where does the mayank love has gone for pooja. Now she is nothing for him, not even a friend. At least he should warn her and save about naren intentions. As a friend at least.


      Not as frnd but as human being he would have done

  4. Mr. Kapoor is also not that dumb. He should turn the tables on Rahul. And clear all misunderstandings.

  5. Pooja should leave naren and marry Mr. kapoor

    1. So right you are. Why stay with a man who treats you the way Naren does.. Even after knowing the truth from his father and father in law, he’s still being nasty to Pooja. I think Naren should go to hell, Pooja deserves a good man like Mr Kapoor. I don’t like how Rahul was able to manipulate him so easy, that’s too petty for an intelligent man like Mr Kapoor to believe but then it’s up to the writers how they mould their characters and i expected better from them. Mr Kapoor is still alive because of Pooja and he knows she’s married to Naren so I don’t like this angle the writers are introducing, if that at all. Even though I’d like to say stay away from Pooja, Mr Kapoor, he’d be a better husband than Naren who’s coming across as too unforgiving, unrepentant and downright callous and ungrateful to his wife…but love has a funny way of sticking it’s nose in the wrong places with the unluckiest of lovers, they can never find quality time to love, consummate their marriages or be happy, they are always running around solving family problems, evil in-laws and lecherous lovers…


      100% agreenwith you..

  6. Serial should again introduce Dr Anand. He was really very good and he is the one who could prove her innocence and take care of her.At any cost she should not get ready to take support from that blo*dy Mr Kapoor. And Naren should feel pain, Pooja should teach him bitter lesson.

  7. SS if ur line(line in hindi with ur name) is just a joke then it’s ok but to be honest i don’t like such jokes too


      Its just a joke..

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