Piya Albela 24th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Naren taking revenge from Pooja

Piya Albela 24th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pooja and Naren going to Mr. Kapoor’s ward. Pooja thanks Mr. Kapoor and says your truth made my life fine again. She hugs him again. Mr. Kapoor reciprocates her hug and says you forgot that thank you and sorry can’t come inbetween our friendship. Pooja says I took back my thank you and asks him to rest. Mr. Kapoor says whatever I did was for your betterment and whatever I will do in future was for your safety. Pooja says our friendship don’t need clarification and goes.

Harish asks Hardik why did Naren call them. He asks Supriya to handle Naren. Rakesh tells Surbhi that Rahul couldn’t do anything. Neelima says you had done just Naren’s flattery. Satish and Kusum comes there and gives something to Harish. Pooja meets him. Satish asks why did Naren call us suddenly.

Naren comes and says all misunderstandings are cleared now. When Pooja returned to my life after staying away from me for a year, I couldn’t read her eyes or see her truth, when everything is clear now, I want to rectify my mistake. Jogiya plays….He bends down on his knees and propose her to become his life partner again and give him a chance. Rahul smiles while others are happy. Surbhi, Neelima and Rakesh are shocked.

Pooja gets happy seeing the flowers falling on them. Tere Sang Yaara plays…Hardik says but Pooja is….Naren says just answer will come in between us and asks her if she will become Mrs. Vyas again and completes his life. Pooja thanks him for giving place in his life. Karam Khudaya plays…Pooja cries emotionally. Naren is emotional too. Naren says I want Pooja and my marriage to happen with all rituals and we shall get engaged tomorrow. Pooja nods happily. Naren holds her hand. Surbhi cries. Neelima and Rahul laughs.

Pooja tells her assistant that she wants to do something for street children. She says I have an idea. She comes to Naren’s room. Naren holds her waist and says life is unpredictable. Pooja asks him not to say that. He asks her to come and acts angry. Mayank sees Naren holding Pooja’s passport. Naren sees Pooja having Mr. kapoor’s surname. Mayank asks what is his intention. Naren burns her passport and says my intentions are not good. Rahul asks Neelima why everyone is upset. Neelima says Naren has propose Pooja bending down on his knees. Rahul says everything is going as planned.

Surbhi says if she don’t get Naren then your dream to become MD will remain a dream. Rahul smiles and says my brother is albela and nobody knows what he does. Pooja comes to Naren. Naren looks at her. Pooja asks why he is looking at her as if he saw her for first time. Song plays Sun mere humsafar….Naren holds her hand and says I have seen you in this light and there is something else. Pooja asks are you teasing me. Naren says he is trying to read her eyes. Pooja says there is nothing which is hidden from him and says even today you are drunk. Naren says it seems you are searching for old Naren, but it is not possible. He asks her to go if she wants to, as Mr. Kapoor is still in city. Pooja says if I had to elope then why would I come here. She says I am yours only. Naren hugs her. He gets romantic and kiss her with curtain inbetween them. Pooja feels shy and hugs him. She says this Diwali gift will be with me all life. Naren says you will not forget it all life.

Precap: Surbhi tries to suffocate Pooja’s neck and kill her. Naren runs towards there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I hate it, I hate this serial now. It’s too much.

  2. Something is smelling fishy and I don’t trust Naren… something big is going to happen and if Naren turns against Pooja, then I’m done watching this crap. For too long and it’s seems that keeping couples separated is a rule with all Indian serials, it’s as if they must be enemies with each other before they can unite. All serials are filled with negativity but I damn well hate it when they think husband and wife should be enemies too…so backward in thinking these Indian serials are… what s waste….and I know that Naren is going to turn into a devil again…where in the world do people live like this?? No logic…none none none…

    1. I agree!

    2. I totally agrees with you

  3. could someone tell me what neelima her husband and rahul is up to, man i refuse to put their names in Capital Letters and what the heck is wrong with crazy ass surbhi my gosh you cannot buy love or force someone to love you why on earth she dont keep her fat ass quiet and go and join her father wherever the hell he is and leave Naren and Pooja alone so they can consumate their marriage in peace without any disturbances from her; as a matter of fact why the police dont arrest her for trying to kill Supriya Narens mother whom she claims to love. Anyway i hope that they are not plotting any evil against Pooja and Naren.

  4. I have no sympathy for Naren. He does not deserve Pooja. True that Pooja hurt Naren,but there was a reason behind that. What Naren is doing now is pure evil. How can he trust some stranger whom he has never met over his wife, father, father-in-law is beyond me.
    It is obvious. He is going to build up a huge wedding, and ditch her at the last moment. Me Kapoor Will rescue Pooja and take her to America. Finally Naren will realize the truth but it will be too late.

  5. I like but get angry sometimes

  6. How long can u drag this hate story. Day by day it’s getting bore. When will supriya be fine and stand for pooja and for giving a tight slap to naren. It’s high time to expose surbhi, Rakesh evilness before family. Narja should stand for each other and against evil now. Mr. Kapoor should unite them as pooja has him him a new life. He can’t hers. Hers life is naren.

  7. How can narens character be so dumb. He can go either way….. Love or hate not in between. He does not have even sixth sense even though spiritual people have strong one. How can’t he sense evil people around him. How can’t he understand pooja unconditional love who brings his family together and surbhi evilness who scattered every thing and create misunderstanding. Now naren should stand up against evil and for his family and wife. Make the title worth… PA

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