Piya Albela 23rd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Naren plans to kill Pooja during rally

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The Episode starts with Pooja asking Anuj to accept her as his sister. She asks when did he grow moustaches. Anuj says when Naren can have many faces, why can ‘t I have moustache. Naren says next time, we will grow moustaches together. He gets a call and tells Pooja that they have to go and will return after the rally. Anuj hears them and thinks to follow, but Rachel stops him. Naren brings Pooja to some decorated place, and says he has kept gift for her at back seat. Pooja says even I can surprise you. Naren asks what did you think where we went. Pooja tells him that she trusts him and asks him to change driver’s name on mobile. She says I am yours. Saiyya plays. Anuj gets worried for Pooja. He comes to know that Naren has hired a person and thinks something is wrong. Pooja comes to Naren.

Naren looks at her and asks if she never got angry on him when he insulted her. He asks aren’t you get scared then I will change again. Pooja says where there is love, there is no fear. They are about to get close. Hardik calls her and asks where is she? Pooja says Naren wanted to spend sometime with her and brought her to farmhouse near Dehradun. He says ok and asks her not to go to Rally.

Pooja says she has to go and will keep him updated. Anuj couldn’t find about the man and thinks what he will do. Pooja tells Naren that Hardik was worried for her and asks her not to go to your rally. Naren asks why did you reply and tells her that he don’t want her to come tomorrow citing danger. He tells romantic lines and is about to kiss her. He says can’t we start afresh. Pooja says my heart trusts you and I know you will never break my trust. Nirjana song plays…He is about to get closer. His phone rings. Pooja gives his phone. Naren says today you are giving my phone without spying. Pooja says when we are starting afresh, why to have old habits. She says she trusts him fully. Naren looks at the caller in his phone. Pooja says you are my belief and trust, and hugs him. Naren recalls telling the man to kill Pooja and says she will come after tonight. He gets touched with her words and moves back. Piya albela plays…..

No Precap.
Naren and Pooja promotes Maha Episode of New Show.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Can anyone tell me the song played

  2. UGH he should have placed the last stone the other time then she would have died already if that is what he wants… Naren does not deserve Pooja at all. What a cheap man he is, still wants to play the good husband and use her the day before he plans to kill her. She should not forgive him ever! Find a new man Pooja. Your marriage is based on lies anyways.

    1. I fully agree to what u said.

  3. Dumas001

    I agree with you and still she loves him and will never leave him.

  4. both naren and pooja are bad in their own way; the are both pathological liers and do not accept marriage as a sacred thing which should be taken seriously where as partnes for life/lovers you vow to tell the truth and protect each other from any harm or danger; naren deserves a scheming b*t*h like naina and pooja she is way too niaive and dotish at the same time; what these writers should have done instead of killing off that sicko old man who was obsessed with pooja; the story should have been turned around and pooja and the old man should have gotten married and lived for a while with each other then kill him off leaving all his wealth to pooja; for me naren and pooja should not end up together because they have both endured way too much pain lies hatred and torture from each other and that is not how a married couple should begin their married life. what i have noticed too is that in all the serial the couples who get married never get to experience marital bliss so whats the use of getting married and all this fall into each others arms and minutes of staring into each others face for long periods just aint cutting it; what i feel is that the staring for long periods into each others face is their way of getting it off with each other who knows thats the new way of love making for them lol

  5. Sapphire AMEN to that!! this couple should never be together, i said it from the beginning when they ruined this show that Pooja should have walked away with dignity after Naren made her pose nude..that was humiliating and no woman with self respect would have stayed a minute longer..i have stopped liking Pooja for her masochistic tendencies and just shrug my shoulders at Naren, seriously have these actors have no input to how their characters are portrayed on TV? instead of showing young women that this is not how you should be and showing Pooja making her own way into the world without an abusive husband we get this crap telling them if they only try harder if they sacrifice their own self worth only then will they find happiness…..THAT’S BULLCRAP.

  6. Why does Naren wants to kill Pooja?

  7. Will mayank return? Cos I keep getting videos from reporters showing his return. If someone can comment on this . Thanks.

  8. Both people lie to each other. That is not what marriage is about. They should go back to basics. The show was nice in the beginning when Naren was spiritual now it is just rubbish.

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