Piya Albela 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Piya Albela 22nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Supriya asking Pooja if she will thank her. Pooja thinks who changed the letter. Supriya sees Naren going and asks where is he going? Naren says he is going to math with Guru ji. Supriya asks him not to go and says she is feeling unwell. He says he can’t stop and goes out. Pooja thinks who changed her letter. Anuj comes and says I. He says you shall concentrate on your new job and asks her not to involve in their house affairs. Pooja nods. Naren comes out of house. Guru ji says his students are excited to hear his lecture. Naren sits in car. Pooja tries talking to Supriya. Anuj asks her to come.

Pooja recalls Guru ji’s evil plans and thinks of Supriya’s words. They leave in separate cars. Pooja thinks how to protect naren now. Anuj shows the prospects of her

new company. Guru ji asks Naren to stay in his math for few days and says you will not feel like returning from there. Pooja thinks about the past happenings and asks recalls Guru ji’s evil plan with Neelima. She recalls Rahul’s words etc. She is tensed and asks driver to stop the car.

She asks the driver to sit on back seat and says she will drive. She takes a U turn and asks Anuj to sit in front with her. Guru ji talks to Naren about Pooja and says you have a deep relation with her. Naren says I don’t want to talk about her. Anuj asks what you are doing? Pooja says I left something behind and if I don’t complete that, then I won’t be at peace. Pooja drives fast and stops care infront of Naren’s car.

Naren is surprised to see Pooja. He gets down the car and comes towards her. They look at each other. Guru ji also hears them. Pooja says you forget your talks soon, and asks if he will do shed work, farm work, child education without her, alone. She says you don’t need me now.

Anuj gets down from the car. Pooja says why didn’t you stop me, and says you didn’t look at me once. Pooja says if I was on your place, I would have stopped you. Naren says if I was on your place, then I wouldn’t have been stubborn to go. Pooja asks him to tell if the vacancy is still free at his place or if he has given to someone. Naren gets emotional and happy and hugs her. Pooja also reciprocates his hug and holds him. Anuj is surprised and shocked. Song plays Jogiya. Naren says you are not permitted to leave job this time. Guru ji is angry and gets down then car. Naren and Pooja smiles looking at each other.

Pooja goes towards Guru ji and tells that Naren can’t come to Math with you as he has much work in farm, and asks him to take car to go to Math. Guru ji says no problem and says work comes first. Anuj is angry and going. Pooja sees him going. Naren says I will talk to him. Pooja says he will understand me better. Anuj asks her to refuse Naren and come with him. He says you care for Naren and his family more than us. Pooja asks him to understand. Anuj says you will not care for us after staying with Naren and his family. He says we are not your close relative and asks her to call him if needed. Anuj leaves in taxi. Pooja and Naren are standing on road.

Supriya is happy to see Naren and pooja back home. Harsha also smiles. Harish and others looks on upset. Naren says Pooja will work as his assistant and says nobody shall have any objection. Neelima says they have objection and tells that when Harish kicked her out of house, there might be some reason. Supriya asks what is that reason and says when I have no problem with her. Harish is about to take Guru ji’s name, but him nods him no. Neelima asks Naren not to fall in Pooja’s innocence trap and says you will regret later. Naren says he takes his own decisions and responsibilities too. Neelima asks Harsha to explain to Supriya. Harsha says Pooja is a nice girl and tells that if Naren wants to keep Pooja as his helper then let it be. Hardik refuses to let Pooja stay here and says I am afraid that this might be Harish’s trick to make her return, and may be he named his shares on hers. Rakesh says what you are saying? Rahul takes his father’s side and taunts Harish. Naren says I came here to tell you and not to take your permission. He says Pooja will come here and that’s final.

Neelima says if you all have no objection then why shall I become bad and tells that she is worried for him. Supriya says everyone can forget, but not a mum and says Pooja have done so much for my son and says if we will return her favors this way. Fraud Guru ji calls maa to Supriya and says if Maa wants Pooja will stay here then you shall respect her decision. He says Pooja will not go anywhere. Neelima tells Supriya that Pooja made brothers’ fight and says I don’t want to see her face. She asks her to stay in servant’s quarters after doing the work. Naren says Pooja will not go to servant’s quarters. Rahul asks if servant will stay here. Mayank comes and says yes, he asks why you are making this small thing as ego issue. Rakesh asks Mayank why is he interfering. Naren says I don’t want to waste time of everyone and says Pooja will be treated as a family member and will stay in the house. Malanga Re plays…

“Chahe Sab Achha Hi Karna
Phir kyun sirf ache ban nahi paate
Ek ka mann rakhne ke liye
Kyun dusre ka mann dukhaate”

“Everyone wants to do good
then why couldn’t become good
to keep someone’s heart
hurt others sentiments”

Naren asks Servant to make guest room ready for Pooja. Neelima says she will not stay in guest room. Naren says okay, if guest room is prestige issue for you then Pooja will stay in my room. Pooja is shocked. Everyone is shocked too.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Trisha

    awesome epi…love the precap???

  2. Nareen Babu love the precap hahahahah

  3. Devga

    Wow great episode til now ….awesome…. The episode wich had ful of Malanga cute little fight nd omg Naren’s glares at Pooja are so intense …. Y does he do such acting…..

    Love the precap a lot ….. Ha poor Naren he is soooo innocent tht he doesn’t know the society takes his decision in a wrong mentality …..

    Hey y only few comments…..wer r u roumya mama zoya Catharine ooshi aanya and others …….

    Come here and keep commenting guys

    1. Hi devga…

    2. Roumya

      Hi durga.. I am actually bit busy… Eniki episode thul kelapudu…. Semma… Pooja inum naren oda hug semma intense aa irundhurichi…. Naan comment on and off mood pannuvean…

  4. Lovely Episode . But too scary of guruji.

  5. Hi shristi. U r right dr. We get this lovely lovely sweet sweet friends only for this show.

  6. Roumya dr , try to coment whenever u get time . Miss u dr.

    1. Roumya

      Sure mama… Guys I would b on and off but I am noticing all the comments… I will here when ever free

  7. Devga

    Shristi even ur comments are not seen here …… Have all lost interest …. Have u all left watching the show ?

    Plz comment here atleast once guys

  8. Kajol

    This so nice something different i.e. why i watch this shoe

  9. Gosh…
    Had anyone noticed that pooja is no more wearing that nose ring?

    1. no but happy u notice and share

  10. Oh my my what a hug!!! <3 loved it….

    Please throw guruji out of the house… … The spoiler is scary wherein Naren gets nude because of Guruji's brainwashing… please save him.. Oh Harish… open your eyes man.. you dumb dad.
    Of late even Hardik began talking hahahaha…

  11. Epi was just awesm…narja hug…the way they always supported each other… showed that they can’t bear each other in pain…nd in today’s epi…naren even goes against his family….only for pooja….precap was suprb…
    okk gys…so coming 2 my game…let’s start gys…
    I’m starting….
    (My song name is tum hi ho)
    Hum tere bin ab reh nhi skte…tere bina kya wazud mera…tujhse juda kv ho jayege toh…khud se hi ho jayenge juda…Q ki tm hi ho…ab tm hi ho…zindagi ab tm hi ho..chain v…mera dard v…meri aashiqui ab tm hi ho…
    gys reply 3 me fast…

  12. Lizaa

    wow awesome epi….
    precap is more interesting

    guys anyone see the new promo??
    i saw the promo.. I’m so shocked … pata nhi pooja kese naren ko wapas layegi…

    1. yeah we had read it it’s so terifing
      someone updated it in the comments may be geeta

  13. Wow amazing serial i love naren n pooja as a couple ??

  14. Hi!! to all dr frnds.
    ya devga ,i read the update only now a days.
    thanks mama.
    how are u all?

  15. The episode is good. bt precap is awsome yar.
    How innocent !Naren. he even doesn’t know what he is saying have other meaning in the sense of Duniyadaari.
    waiting next…eagerly.

    1. left a reply for u beneath/under must check it

  16. Wowww love u naren and puja . Naren u r doing very well keep it up.?

  17. epi was awesome love the pair
    precap awesome eagerly waiting for today’s epi
    i want them both to leave the house but they can’t for supriya

  18. hey guys how r u all

  19. Srishti mujhe mere lie koi dua nhi chahiye bs dua kro k jo log mere lie imp hain aur jo log aaj tk meri life main aae bs wo sb hamesha khush rahain bs ye dua krna

  20. happy u all commented sorry for not replying seprately

  21. commenting first time on this. but what an episode.
    totally wonderful. & precap is also awesome.
    love naren & puja’s chemistry.
    new concept & very different one.

  22. Shristi dr , again thank u . U hv to remember that sorry n thanks r not allowed here, Ok dr.

    Durga dr i am here.
    Shristi n ooshi , i am fine drs.

    Tenu itna me pyar kara ,ek pal ech sabar kara
    tu jwe je menu chhod ke,maut ka hi intzar kara

    tereliye duniya chhod di hai, tujhpe hi sanse aake ruke
    me tujhko itna chahta hu ,ke tu kavi soch na sake.
    It’s my ans zoya dr.

  23. hello everyone why is it when someone is so good [naren]persons are trying to hurt him/her?naren is so simple so honest and yet his aunt guruji etc are trying to harm him for what? his wealth which he is not even interested in i am glad pooja knows the truth about the guruji so she can look out for naren she should at least tell his parents about the guruji intention so that they can strike while the iron is still hot and mama and others in my country we speak english our motto is ‘one people one nation one destiny’ our president name is DAVID GRANGER we consists of six races which includes indians africans, europeans ,chinese,ameriandians and mixed races our special dishes are pepperpot and cook up rice but i love dhal rice coconut chutney and chowmein i do not eat anything sweet period and my intake of salt is next to nada feel free to ask me anything we also celebrate diwali holi easter eid -ul -ada etc i thinki have said too much sorry oops!! i did it again i forgot no sorry lol

  24. Thnx mama….really glad that u replied…but I think that others don’t liked my game…

  25. @zoya n @mama
    Dil mera hai nasamajh katana
    Besabar hai bewkoof bada
    Chahta hai kitna tujhe
    Khud magar nahi jaan sakaa……

  26. Hi sonam…thnx dr…fr replying 2 my question…

    1. o zoya dr remember no sori n no thank u…….

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