Piya Albela 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Rakesh telling Hardik and Neelima that he needs to talk to them about something important. Neelima asks what is important that you brought lawyer with you. He shows the confidential file and tells that he didn’t tell anything to Harish till now, and tells that 100 crores bahu will make rasoi in the kitchen. Neelima says ofcourse Surbhi will do all rasams. Rakesh tells them that Surbhi is not 100 crores bahu, but she is Pooja. Neelima and Hardik are shocked and looks on surprised. Pooja takes bath and wipes her hairs with the towel. Naren comes near her and the water on her hairs falls on his face. He smiles and asks shall I make tea. Pooja asks him to wait and says she will make tea. Naren makes tea and serves her. Pooja tastes it and says I never drank such tasty tea before

and asks him to make another tea for him. Naren tastes her tea and says it is so sugary. He says you have diverted my mind, it is not my mistake. Pooja smiles.

Neelima says how is this possible? Pooja is having 100 crores. Rakesh asks Lawyer to give the envelope. Lawyer says Papa asked me to open this envelope only after Naren’s marriage before his death, he gave me this envelope. Rakesh says Bau ji made trust for Naren’s wife and today that bonds and shares value is 100 crores Rs, and if Naren’s wife tries to sell the shares and bonds, then all money will go to charity. Neelima is shocked and says Pooja is really 100 crores bahu, this envelope has made her our malkin.

Naren and Pooja comes in the hall with Supriya. Neelima apologizes to Supriya and Pooja and tells that Rakesh scolded us just now and made us realize our mistake. She asks Hardik to apologize to Supriya. Hardik touches her feet and apologizes. Supriya says our family is uniting again after Pooja entered here. Neelima asks her to make first rasoi and says kitchen is waiting for you. Pooja touches her feet and hugs her. Neelima takes her to kitchen. Supriya thanks Rakesh for handling the matter and says Bau ji’s home is lucky to have such jamai. Rakesh smirks.

Pooka is working in the kitchen. Naren is with her. Pooja asks don’t you have any work. Naren says he is making sure that smile don’t go away from her face. He ties her hairs and moves her hairs. Yeh Ishq Hai ya…plays….Her saree pallu opens. He keeps it back. Pooja smiles. Neelima thinks don’t know where is Rahul since night and thinks we have to deal Surbhi with love. Rahul comes back home drunk. Neelima scolds him for getting drunk and returning home in the morning. Rahul says it is my wish. Surbhi cries, turns and sees Naren and Pooja making each other taste something. She is teary eyes and upset.

Supriya tells Pooja that everyone will like the food made by her and will give her food. Harsha and Harish refuse to have food made by pooja. Pooja tells them that Surbhi made all the food. Neelima thinks Pooja is hitting axe on her leg. Yash gets happy and asks Hardik to sit. He makes Hardik sit on Harish’s chair. Harish feels insulted and goes. Neelima asks Surbhi to sit and says Pooja will serve food. Pooja goes to kitchen. Naren follows her and asks her why did you lie. Pooja says what matters is that everyone have food. Naren says but Surbhi will get credit and nek. Pooja asks since when he is thinking like this and asks him to go and have food with everyone.

Kusum asks Satish why he is going today to take Pooja back and tells pagphera rasam can happen 2-3 days back. She says Anuj can go and bring her. Satish says no, he will only go and goes worried. Everyone gives nek to Surbhi. Supriya looks at Pooja. Pooja smiles. Satish comes to Harish’s house. Supriya greets him. Satish greets Harish. He ignores him and goes. Supriya asks Pooja to take care of Satish. Naren comes and asks when did you come, I will make tea. Satish says Pooja will make.

Naren says when pooja can cook food for my family, then why can’t I make tea for you. He goes to make tea. Pooja goes after him. Satish tells Supriya that he came to take Pooja for pagphera rasam. Supriya tells that everything happened so fast that they couldn’t spend night together, and today she wants to decorate the bed for their wedding night. Neelima comes and says they will decorate their room for their golden night. Pooja is surprised to see Naren making tea. Satish thinks whenever Pooja and Naren come closer, there will be some problem. Naren is coming towards the pressure cooker, it bursts and the gravy falls on his hand. Satish and Supriya are shocked. Pooja shouts naren babu. She asks him to show his hand. Satish asks if he is much hurt. Naren says he is fine and says I have my personal vaid with me. He asks them to go and says Pooja is with him. Satish thinks he has to take Pooja far from Naren.

Supriya tells Satish that she will send Pooja. Satish says ok and goes. Neelima thinks why Satish is so excited to take Pooja back, if he came to know that his niece is owns 100 crores. Supriya gives clothes to Pooja and asks her to wear it. She says you are not only Naren’s friend now, but also his wife. Pooja gets shy. Supriya says you loves him and asks don’t you want to give life to your love, tonight will be very special night and asks her to dressed beautifully.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice episode.

    But I am afraid of this kundli dosh.

    1. what ever happens but i think Naren will not let her go

      1. Yes, thinking the same thing, dear

    2. i wonder if Supriya gets to know Pooja is bad luck and her son might be in danger…will she still be that caring toward Pooja or will she try to keep Pooja away from Naren?

  2. Lovely episode…..Too many enemies as it is…And now kundli is also an enemy.

    I can’t bear narja separation.

    1. You are right…too many villains and this kundli track is really unnecessary. Hope the writers know what they are doing…

    2. agreed

  3. Hi guys …to day epi is so cunning…pooja is 100crores bahu . So possession comes position also come now pooja is bade. 100crore bahu so she can do any rasam
    Yst I told if pooja and naren colse then automatically supriya becomes jealous..actually not jealous that mind compare both raghul and naren..
    It takes a lot of time to c
    accept real …..supriya loves naren too much..
    If gundali dosha starts anand deathbecomes correct bcz her dosha..
    That anand maa words becomes correct .now naren is wrong ….
    Pls don’t tell dosha . In love marriage where is kundali ?in arranged marriage they prefer kundali all the marriage become success no sir.
    U have already shoot..pls show less

    1. 100 crore means 1 billion

      1. That means Pooja is worth 1 billion dollars

  4. Writers se zyaada hamaari dimaag me acchim acchi ideas aati hai! Kuch nahi mila toh kundali pakadliya! 🙁 Don’t separate Naren and Pooja.

    1. wish the same

    2. Hi, Genie.
      Sweet argument

  5. Or mujhe laga tha ye serial spirituality par based hai.

    1. Yeah, even i thought so…Naren seems to have forgotten about his spirituality and is engrossed instead in worldly affairs….

      1. it has to happen Dear

      2. Sneharnav

        i don’t think he has left spirituality. You see naren is trying to keep his promise to always keep her happy. Which is turning into a feeling of romance.

    2. it started with spirituality but the major thing is to keep religion and world side by side be away from world and just be spiritual becomes injustice to our relations

      1. Hope the writers dont go too much into the worldly side and dwell too much on Rahul Neelima Rakesh Harish etc. that they forget about Naren’s spiritual side…cuz then it might turn into a regular saas-bahu serial.

  6. Nice episode, what a twist, but i don’t understand one thing, why papaji made trust for name of naren’s wife.

    1. I don’t know if Papaji really made trust for Naren’s wife as it seems like Rakesh was lying to Neelima and Hardik to take revenge for Rahul marrying Surbhi. It would be great for Naren and Pooja if he did though.

      1. yes dear am also thinking that, thank you very much for reponse.

      2. i was feeling the same

    2. Even I think Rakesh might be lying…but atleast with his lie neelima and others will treat Pooja better.

      1. agreed and Supria will also be happy

    3. may be he had understood Naren’s nature and thought that a girl who will merry Naren can do this responsibility better and will be sincere to him

  7. Dont saperate naren and pooja. It is very nice serial.

    1. I also want this.

      1. Yes mama me also agreed

    2. we all want this by the way keep commenting and welcome here

  8. Hi all it is a nyc episode i hope puja ko ab sacrifice na krna padhe….

    1. welcome here keep commenting Dear Pooja will surely not sacrifice as i am feeling Naren will not let her go

  9. Im confused about one thing though….if satish and kusum knew Pooja was cursed/inauspicious why did they want/force her to get married? Didnt they know that when the guy came with a marriage proposal….or when she was getting ready to marry Anand?
    And now that she is married to Naren, satish wants to separate them…because apparently he n kusum now remember Pooja is bad luck. Come on, writers…you can do better than this!

    1. agreed

    2. Sneharnav

      see. they never try to heck her kundli, but yes after so many mishaps they had to go to the root of the problem. In this case the kundli.

  10. epi was good don’t spoil the story writers
    NarJa rocks

  11. all malangas how r u

    1. im good…how r u doing Ooshi?

      1. I’m fully fine Ooshi dear

      2. fit and fine
        by the way happy to see u Dear
        try to be here regular plz

      3. will try to comment as often as i can dear

  12. good night sleep tight
    talk to u tomorrow

    1. good night…sweet dreams

  13. So, if they go ahead with this kundali track, then the mami taunts and curses of saying her abshagun will all become true. And also the way Anand mom insulted and cursed Pooja will also become true.
    so in a jist, it’s not Mayank fault of killing Anand, it’s not Rahul fault of insulting pooja and touching her inappropriately because that is also pooja’s fate problem. Wow they just ruined the show with this track. Hats of for coming up with this unique cheap track of putting entire blame on Pooja

    1. cool down viewers of indian serials should be habitual to such illogical tracks

  14. I wonder who’s going to tell Mayank that his bhai Naren married Pooja???

    1. let’s see and what he feel when he will see pooja as wife of Naren

      1. Mayank might hate his brother for sure…

    2. It’s interesting to see how Mayank react, when he came to know the fact.

  15. hadd hai yaar, aaj kal ke zamane mein kaun ye kundali dosh and all maanta hai????kuch bhi…….. heights of showing such kind of irritating tracks…….shayad writers ke paas koi aur idea nahi hai dikhane ko…… earlier used to like mama’s track but now a days,boring………. only characters whom we like pooja,naren and supriya…….that’s it………other characters are so irritating………

    1. nonsense ki koi had nhi hoti

  16. Nice episode lvly. Egrly waiting to know what hapen next.

    1. Keep commenting, di.

  17. Mama dekha

    1. Me kuch samji nahi Ooshi. May u please, tell in clearly, what u r trying to say.

  18. I love, (not only I but also we love) all your comments, dear Malagas.

    Keep commenting, regularly.

  19. Pls put today’s episode its feeling like cryinggggg pls pls pls

  20. Please post today’s update 7-24-17,thank you.

  21. hi frnds !!!!!!!
    how are u all?????????
    I’M FINE !!


  22. feeling pity on guru ji yaar…
    raahul ne unki pagri ko niche gira diya..
    khair!!!!! unke is halat k liye wo khud jimmedaar h!!!!

  23. Hi guys…..good morning…no 24July update..hassan r. U okay?…
    Guru what u sow u will reap …this punishment for guru is correct ….cunning fellow ….Ragul did the correct job…..
    Eagerly waiting for the update. …..

  24. Hi br mam aanya mama srishti how r u all? And episode was nyc sbse nyc moment tb tha jb naren mamaji ko kehta hai ki aap agaye mai apke liye chai bna ke lata hu lolz…… bahu ki tarah it wast cute nd why is here not the update of 24 july? Am surprised eagerly waiting for the episode

  25. Where is 24th July 2017 written update?

  26. Hi gys hi amrit di

  27. hi Hasan i missed to watch the 24th episode plz update the same thank you.

  28. Where the update of 24

  29. Stop showing tension in love life be postive let the things remain cool only

  30. Ooshi i have checked your previous comments.same here…..dear………
    I too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sabon k comments ka intejaar rahta h!!!!! (specially -Ooshi,mama,aanya, Br, amrit, ammu, debbie, trisha ,dr-pragz and all )
    roumya ko v ……….

  31. Aaj mostly H HASAN KO MISS KR RAHI HU.
    I HOPE EVERYTHING IS ALLRIGHT..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    May be ,wo kisi kaam se busy ho!!!!!!


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