Piya Albela 20th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Surbhi decks Pooja as bride for Angraj

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The Episode starts with Angraj asking Pooja if she came out of her drowsiness. Pooja says you would have played some new music and says it was also Naren’s jhoota. Angraj lifts Pooja and takes her angrily to room. Rahul and Surbhi think how did Angraj play the violin. Neelima tells that she made Angraj do the crash course in music etc. Rahul says no one is clever than you. Danish hears them. They tell that they will know Pooja’s secret with time, why she wants to kill Naren. Neelima says Naren has to die either with Pooja’s hand or Angraj’s hand. Danish thinks Pooja is not alone, and he is with her and will reach Naren.

Angraj takes Pooja to bed and asks why did she ask him to play violin. Pooja asks what did he mix in her drink and says she will not drink anything from his hand. Angraj

asks her to tell what he shall do and says he can give his life for her. Pooja asks if his life is cheap. She asks him to do situps and says Naren would have done 500 situps. Angraj does situps. Pooja says you are Naren’s duplicate and have copied his face, voice and even his hobbies. She says she was shocked thinking if he is Naren when he was playing violin. She says you became duplicate for my love. Angraj says nothing original will stay in this house and breaks Naren’s guitar. Anuj’s soul comes to Satish and asks him not to be upset with Pooja and support her, and tells that everyone will understand when the truth comes out. Satish looks on.

Angraj tells pooja that he will make her his today and will make her compensate for 8 years. Surbhi comes there with Servants, and says Naren loves you a lot. Angrak asks Surbhi to make Pooja ready as a bride. Surbhi gets her ready. Pooja promises to Naren in her heart that only he has the right to touch her and not Angraj. Tribal head is about to beat Naren, but Dr. Kiran tells that the mould is broken because of her and not because of Naren. Tribal head scolds her and tells that don’t know until when they have to keep Naren alive now. Surbhi makes her ready. Angraj says he can’t wait for her anymore. Surbhi takes Pooja’s pic and sends him. Angraj smiles. Dada ji asks Supriya, where song is played. Supriya says don’t know and says bahus never misbehaved in the house like Pooja. Dada ji tells that he wants Naren to feed him medicine. Supriya comes to Naren and asks him why did he play loud music. Angraj says he is doing this to praise Pooja so that she returns their passport. Supriya gets irked with Pooja and says she is making my son does so much. She asks Naren to make Dada ji take medicine. Angraj refuses and shouts.

Dr. Kiran calls Rahul and informs him about finger prints mould breaking. Rahul gets angry and says it was brought from Delhi and says it will take 2 days to bring it again. Her father scolds her. Naren asks for water. Dr. Kiran tries to give him water, but he refuses to drink water and takes Pooja’s name. He asks can’t we make a new start forgetting everything. Dr. Kiran thinks he loves Pooja a lot even after hearing fake story. Dadaji tells that Naren will come running to me. Supriya comes to Dadaji and tells that Naren is sleeping, and Pooja is playing music loudly. Dada ji says ok. Supriya thinks what happened to Naren. Angraj asks if anyone can beautify beauty. Surbhi brings Pooja in ghunghat and says she is ready. Pooja thinks you can’t touch Naren’s Pooja.

Pooja sees burning coal. Angraj says either you will unite with me today or become an ash while crossing this coal. Pooja is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Please clear all misunderstandings between narja. Why do you have to repeat same story. Can’t we see strong bond and understanding between them till last episode. Show is going off air but show us strong relationships between them and don’t reserve it for last episode

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