Piya Albela 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Piya Albela 20th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Naren bringing milk and rose petals bowl for the rasam and says Maa sent it. He holds her hand and says we couldn’t feel how you might be feeling right now. He says whenever I think about Dr. Anand, I think to fight with God and asks why did he do this with my best friend, and then I realize if we get any answers from God ever. Pooja cries. Naren tells her that he had promised Anand that he will not leave her alone in life a day before marriage and wasn’t aware that the day will come today itself. He says Dr. Anand will always be alive in your eyes and smile and asks her to be happy. He asks her to smile for him. Pooja smiles crying and hugs him. Naren takes her for the rasam.

Harsha asks Surbhi to search the ring. Rahul asks Neelima till when he has to act. Neelima

says for 2-4 days. Rahul takes out the ring. Neelima tells that her son will rule on her daughter in law. Shilpa says my daughter knows how to control her husband. Satish thinks about Dr. Anand’s mum cursing Pooja and tells Kusum and Anuj that he is sure that Naren will keep her happy, but don’t know if Vyas Family will accept her. Anuj asks shall I go and check. Kusum says just few hours have passed, it doesn’t look nice if you go, don’t know when they kick you out. Rahul asks Surbhi to come. Shilpa signs her to go. Naren puts the ring in the bowl…and sings muskurane ki wajah tum ho….He puts her hand in the bowl. He finds the ring, but keeps it back. Pooja gets the ring.

Rahul and Surbhi see Naren singing song. Rahul says Bhai have gone mad for her and singing song. Naren takes out pooja’s jewellery and signs her to sleep. Pooja holds his hand just as he is about to go. He sits down on the bed. Pooja rests her head on his lap and cries.

Rahul takes Surbhi to room and sees the decorated bed. He asks her to change and thinks suhaag raat time came. Surbhi thinks how Naren ran from the mandap, and then came with Pooja, confessing his love for her. Naren makes Pooja sleep and kisses on her cheeks. Jogiya song plays….Surbhi comes back after changing her clothes. Rahul tries to touch her hand. Surbhi asks him to stop it and says I am not ready yet. She opens the door and asks him to go. Rahul says this is my room, how can you ask me to go. Neelima comes and tells Surbhi that Rahul will sleep in guest room. Surbhi throws the flowers from the bed.

Mayank tells Rakesh that Rahul provoked him and he had beaten up Dr. Anand, don’t know how he died. He cries. Rakesh asks him not to tell anyone and stay far from Vyas Mansion. Rakesh thinks he will bring kalesh in the house. Kusum tells Satish that Pooja is inauspicious and that’s why her parents died. Satish asks her not to say all this. He recalls Dr. Anand’s mum curse and gets tensed. He takes out something (may be pooja’s kundli) and starts reading it. His hand starts to shake. He is shocked and thinks Pooja will lose Naren.

Satish calls Naren and asks if everything is fine. Naren says everything is fine, why you are sounding tensed. He says he will not leave Pooja. Chandelier is about to fall on Naren. He moves just then and the chandelier falls down. Naren is shocked. Satish is shocked to see the sound. Pooja wakes up and shouts Naren Babu. Satish asks what is this sound? Naren says chandelier fell down due to wind and asks him not to worry. Naren asks why did you get up and asks her to sleep. Satish is worried. Neelima comes to Harsha and scares her. Harsha says she is worried about Mayank. Neelima says I will talk to Rakesh and will ask him to bring him. She promotes fear files, new show on Zee.

Next morning, Pooja wakes up and finds herself sleeping on Naren’s chest. She covers blanket on him. Naren holds her hand. Pooja takes her hand and gets up. She is picking the broken chandelier pieces, just then Supriya comes there and says sorry for not knocking on the door. She asks her to get ready and says my bahu will make first rasoi with her hand. Pooja says ok aunty. Supriya asks her to call her Maa. Pooja hugs her.

“Jo Shuru Hua Hai… Woh Kabhi Toh Thame ga…
Jiska Saath Mila Hai…Woh Kabhi Toh Chutega…
Raaste Bhale Badal Jaye Kitne..
Abhaar Is Dil Me Sada Rahega..”

(Whatever have started, will stop someday
Whoever support is gotten, that will leave some day
No matter how the ways will be changed
Thankfulness will always be there in the heart)

Rakesh asks if 100 crores bahu will make rasoi in kitchen. Neelima says Surbhi will do all rituals. Rakesh says 100 crores bahu is not Surbhi, but Pooja. Neelima is shocked. Naren romances with Pooja in the kitchen.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. epi was unbelieveable specially about Naren he start singing just after marriage
    Pooja’s kundli/curse/luck is creating some bad feelings
    i just watch episode and didn’t read and also forward evil scenes like rahul,neelima,rakesh scenes so didn’t say anything about it
    how r my malangas

    1. Fine yar…. Confused abt promo.hw Pooja vil bcm 100 crore bahu?

      1. Hiiiiiii Catharin. Happy to see you here.
        Keep commenting, regularly, han

    2. Hi Ooshi how are u dear, after long time that am seeing ur comments, keep commenting.

  2. guys y so less comments i know i can’t be here much but u r here too

    1. Why you can’t, Ooshi????

      1. i use net just for 2 hours and in these hours i had to watch episodes of all serials i like so can’t get much time

    2. O can understand your problem, Ooshi dear.But whenever u get mobile except that 2 hours, comment here,ok my dear friend.

  3. Loved the episode,,??

    But the last poetic lines suggest separation and so does pooja’s kundi….

    Please give more romantic scenes and expose the villains than separating pooja and naren….

  4. Ab ye kaunsi kundali waali twist hai? Please don’t make anything to happen to Naren!

  5. What game is Rakesh playing now? Pooja is bad luck…seriously writers? Couldn’t come up with anything better?

  6. Hi guys …. today the man of the match is naren. …director selects akshay as naren is 100% perfect.. innocent face and soft voice…..today the way of consoleing pooja is so good ….u shouldn’t leave u r friend alone I didn’t think that …that day will come today it self . .
    Very good line
    On that itself. I thought why did he use this word…
    Surbhi condition is really pity .

  7. Surbhi loves naren from her child hood onwards …she is easily forget all…raghul and neelima is playing game…writer plz no pooja kundali vagaira ….surbhi will feel when. She. sees closeness of naren and pooja that is real…..
    What is raksh going to do? …

  8. Candiva007

    Thank you for updates and translating everything to English. 🙂

  9. That 4th line is true .excuse…..thanx ….2words. r important. In our life….then there u use thanks
    Hassan. Thx for elaborate translation …
    To day I told sis daughter who is an EEE. engineer to watch piya alabla ….if u can’t understand read telly update and again watc the serial.telly update very helpful those who don’t know hindi….

  10. Piya albela ka yeh epi mera ab tak ka sabse fav epi h…….way too amazing….very beautiful scenes

  11. How come Pooja is R100Cr bahu? I hope she’s rich, it’s annoying hearing people say she’s bad luck.

  12. Oh my God, what’s this stupid track of abshagun, please for God sake don’t show these regressive things where the fault is entirely on girls, in other religion and other countries ppl happily marry without seeing kundali and they don’t put blame on girl for every bad thing happens. And then let go the killer because it was Pooja fault.
    I started watching this show for Pooja being a no nonsense girl and supriya the caring person but knows what is wrong and right. Please don’t spoil these beautiful characters by bringing this abshagun nonsense.

  13. I’m sure it is part of Rakesh/Bandhu’s plan to take revenge on Rahul and Neelima….
    Or he might say they gave up 100 Crores to get pooja as bahu

  14. I also think they are making both Naren and Poojas characters slightly unbelievable
    Naren who bought temple flowers for Surbhi…is suddenly singing songs (not that I mind)
    Pooja who was so strong and confident became so helpless whenever she interacted with Anands mom (before Anands death of course)

  15. Gear up for an exciting twist in Zee TV’s Piyaa Albela (Rajshri Productions).

    The newly married couple Naren (Akshay Mhatre) and Pooja (Sheen Dass) will soon face new hurdle in their lives.

    In a shocking devlopment, Pooja will be considered a threat to Naren.

    Yes, you read it right!

    In the yet to be aired episodes, Pooja’s Mamaji will learn about Pooja having dosh in her kundali (Fault in her stars).

    This revelation would imply that Naren’s life in danger because of her presence in his life. Thus, Mamaji will ask Pooja to leave the house to get rid of any contingency.

    Finally, when Pooja will decide to leave the Vyas villa but Naren’s mom will stop her.

    Will Pooja stay back

    Please stop Pooja

  16. What is this precap? how pooja will be a 100 crores bahu!

  17. Hiiiiiii Malagas.

    Loved the episode. Naren and Pooja conversation is absolutely superb.
    But what is the default of kundli???

  18. writers ko aur kuchh ni mila????
    hamesa ulti -sidhi chijen dikhate hai.
    i can’t tolerate it .puja ki kundli me dos.!!!!???sach me!!!!!???????????
    wow writers! !!!!!!!! kya track hai!!!!!!!!???

    sabse ghatiya!!!!!!!!!!!
    aanand ko maar kr v santusti nahi mila!!!!???????ab faltu chijenn dikhane lage…….
    naren ki wajah se ye show dekhti hu.
    so plz writers – wake up!!!!!! kuchh naya sochen!!!!!plz ….

  19. Hi frnds…. how are u???
    I’m fine.

    kya PA makers hamare comments read krte hai??????

  20. ya good episode! !!!!!!
    raahul achchhi acting karte hai..
    NAREN-PUJA to rock hai hi.!!!!!!!

  21. Please, May anyone say What is the meaning of “100 crores bahu”???????????

    What is the recent trp of Piya albela????
    And in which position it is In????????????

  22. Sorry to write but us (Indian) we belive in kundali and everything. Even if Pooja would have married Anand, still Naren had problem in his life due to Rakesh. Good thing for Naren is that Pooja is with him. 100 crore was mention may be because Rakesh must have seen her CV. As an accountant he know her value. I think they will live in farm house. If you guys have seen the photo of serial. Someone wrote how come Naren is singing song in this stiuatuion? we should not forget its Indian serial always have songs and all kinds of songs(happy and sad)

    Its hard for Surbhi to forget everything because Harish was writing the letters on behalf of Naren so she was always dreaming about him. I just donÈt get one thing that if Surbhi and Naren would have got married than they suppose to goUS right a way then why they all are still here. i think they will be in serial for one more month and create problem for Pooja.

    1. agreed to ur point go us and so on

    VERY HAPPY TO WATCH Ammu,Catherine and specially Mama

    1. and 1 more name Srishti

      1. and 1 more name Dr-pragz
        i will not be able to comment on today’s epi quickly as my 2 hours will finish after 30 minutes and new epi is not updated till now so i will comment tomorrow on today’s page
        i didn’t say anything much about new ones like Br and many as i am not frank with them specially for now
        Devga,Sarah,Trisha,Geeta Anne and many come back Dears waiting for u
        feeling bad as i didn’t write all names

      2. I also want the same thing. All members please come to this page. We n Piya Albela page miss u all soooooooooo much.

  24. i came here comment but moderating speed just killing
    hope u all will check my comments and replies

    1. We will wait for your comment, Ooshi.

  25. Why are there no updates yesterday and today? Please enter updates, thank you

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