Piya Albela 20th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Naren brings Pooja and Chandrika home

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The Episode starts with Harish telling Naren that until Pooja stays here, some drama will happen. Naren gets Chandrika’s call and she asks him to come and meet her. Anuj thinks he tried to kill him for Pooja and she is saving Naren. Satish calls Anuj and asks how is he? She asks him to give call to boss. Anuj asks if I a m a kid. Kusum asks him to tell address. Rachel says he had said that boss went out. Anuj ends the call.

Pooja and Chandrika comes out and sees Naren dancing with band. Naren tells them that today he came to take them back home with band and song. Pooja looks for media. Naren says today there is no media. Pooja asks him not to do any drama. Naren says I have hurt you, and says today he is not lying. Pooja says lets go inside and talk. Naren says

only if your mum do my aarti. Pooja says she will do. Chandrika tells Pooja that she will tell him truth. Pooja says no and says Naren came here with a motive and we have to know. Chandrika stands to do aarti. Naren asks her to do his aarti with Pooja. After aarti, Chandrika offers sweets. Naren makes Pooja have it first, he have it and makes Chandrika eats it. He says I know there are many questions in your heart, I got answers for you. Pooja asks why you are playing game and asks what he is thinking. Naren tells her that he has realized and tells that he loves her. He tells her that Krishnapuri people saved them.

A fb is shown, Danish informs Naren that there was food in the poison which was thrown in dustbin, and says rat died after eating it. Dada ji tells Naren that Pooja have saved them and bears his torture silently. He tells him that Pooja loves you a lot and asks him to worth her. fb ends. Naren tells Pooja that he has sent the food for testing. He asks them to come with him and says if you come with me then I will think you have forgiven me. Chandrika refuses to come.

Harish asks Supriya to make Naren understand to throw Pooja out of his life and blames her. They hear band and baja. Naren asks Dada ji if he can gets a chance and says I hope you all will support me. Pooja and Chandrika come in Palanquins. Naren says I have accepted Pooja as my wife. He says I have hurt my sasumom also, so I brought her back home. Chandrika gets down from Palanquin. Harish asks are you out of your mind Naren. Rahul says only they have added the poison. Naren asks until when we will doubt on them. Harish says you have done a big mistake by bringing them here, they will ruin them.

Dada ji tells Naren that today he has made him proud and made family name on high. He says we shall thank God. He tells that he will fulfill his mannat. Pooja thinks to test Naren.

Naren tells Pooja that they are going out and it is a surprise. Hardik gets a message that Pooja’s life is in danger.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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