Piya Albela 1st November 2017 Written Episode Update: Pooja fails Mr. Kapoor’s wicked plan

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The Episode starts with Mayank giving white rose to Pooja and says because of Rakesh, he used to curse her and says today he wants to say that there can’t be a better bhabhi than her for his bhai. Pooja smiles. Mayank says he will try to become best dewar for her. Pooja smiles and asks him to promise and asks never to call yourself maskara. Pooja comes to Naren holding chocolates and says she knows he will not have chocolate with her hand. Naren says he can give her happiness and eats chocolate with her hand, but bites her finger. Pooja shouts. He asks if she felt pain. Pooja says it is pyaar meeta meeta pyaara pyaara. He says today is your off. Pooja says she will celebrate birthday with him and asks Surbhi to taste the chocolate. She goes. Naren says Mrs. Kapoor don’t need any test and asks

her to hook her sight at right place. Rahul says Bhai is kamala/superb.

Surbhi tells that if Rakesh opens his mouth in lock up then her plans will be ruined. Rahul asks her to come in his side. He asks if she is hungry. Surbhi asks him to stop irritating her. Rahul says Phupha ji can’t tell anything against you even in sleep. Surbhi looks on.

Pooja is sleeping in her room peacefully. Mr. Kapoor enters her room through the window and opens birthday cake box. Strangely Pooja smiles in sleep. He lights the candle and sees her face through in candle light. He holds candle and knife near her face and says he can’t insult his love if lets someone else wish her before him. He wishes her happy birthday Pooja. Pooja is still sleeping and doesn’t wake up even after hearing his voice. Mr. Kapoor says happy birthday Pooja. Pooja imagines Naren wishing her happy birthday and says thank you Naren. Mr. Kapoor gets angry and picks a pillow.

Naren is coming to Pooja’s room and thinks about Mr. Kapoor and Pooja’s words. He is about to gi inside when Surbhi comes and stops him. Naren says when someone fails, then we have to do something on our own. Surbhi says I didn’t ask you anything. Mr. kapoor tries to suffocate Pooja with pillow, but then stops himself. He kisses Pooja on her cheeks. Mr. Kapoor keeps rose near her cheeks and says happy birthday once again. Pooja imagines Naren. Mr. kapoor says we will meet again tomorrow. Something falls down. Naren and Surbhi go to room. They see Mr. Kapoor escaping through window and Pooja sleeping. Naren reads the card left by Mr. Kapoor. Surbhi smiles. Naren puts the card back and leaves from there. Surbhi comes out. Rahul helps Mr. Kapoor getting down the stairs. Rahul says I helped you. Surbhi comes and says we shall be thankful to Mr. Kapoor.

Pooja wakes up and reads Naren’s note that today is off for her on her birthday. She sees Mr. Kapoor’s card in which it is written see you at 2 in the restaurant. She smiles and thinks Naren is albela and expresses love uniquely.

Pooja comes to the restaurant and sees the place dark. She says your way of expression is different, you didn’t wish me, but call me here. Her pics are shown on the projector screen. She gets happy. Mr. Kapoor comes and holds her from back. She is shocked and asks how come you are here. Mr. Kapoor says we shall sit and talk. Pooja is upset. Mr. kapoor says he is going back and that’s why he thought to do lunch with her. Pooja says I am sorry but, we shall not meet for lunch etc. Mr. kapoor threatens to kill himself and keeps knife on his hand. Rahul smiles as he is looking at them from far. Pooja asks Mr. kapoor to keep knife far.

Rahul thinks Pooja do magic on me. Pooja agrees to have lunch with him and asks him to come and sit. Mr. Kapoor asks if she will go. She says no. Mr. Kapoor calls manager to order something. Naren turns and comes near Pooja. He asks what she would like to have…and calls her Mrs. Kapoor. He says test with husband and birthday celebration with lover. He says what to feed you betrayal. He says he came here to freed her from all tests and asks Mr. Kapoor to take Pooja to America, says she is all yours. Pooja is shocked and says so much jealousy. She says nobody will become manager for fancy dress competition and tells it was her and Mr. Kapoor’s plan to call him there. Naren says 1 gift will be waiting for him after 2 hours in Vyas Mansion. He goes.

Naren asks Pooja to prove that even Supriya Vyas was with her and knows about her kundali dosh. He asks her to make Supriya say the same thing.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Naz I am a bit confused because it was said that mr kapoors wife was unfaithful and left him for another man it was never mentioned that she was dead. when pooja got the call on the hot line that is when she went to mr kapoors house and saw him just in time when he was about to cut his wrist and she jumped in and save his life and so he was ever grateful and decide to help her with her marriage in uniting with naren so i dont know what the grave scene is anyway mr kapoor is sure looking like a lunatic that just escaped from the mental asylum lol; it was his eyes that looked so scary he looked like one of the living dead from a halloween movie lol.

    1. Lol….I just had to laugh at your comment, always enjoyable to read. So…if Kapoor ji wife was unfaithful, what the heck he doing at her gravesite with a birthday cake,? He ,Rahul and Surbhi could have had a party there!!! No one misses an unfaithful spouse much less visit their graves. Sapphire dear, maybe because it’s Halloween,they added this scene but it seems like they forgot the story between my Kapoor and his wife…so now it’s in India she’s buried but Hindus cremate so how come she’s buried?? Sapphire,one of these days, the writers are probably going to cuss you and I for pointing out their inconsistencies….you and I have been showing them this for too long…and you are so right,he sure looks like a character from some Halloween movie…lol????

  2. Rahul is rogue element and bad to the bone but Pooja’s heart is so soft, she released him from jail just so he can plot and torment her… what a joke!! On top of that,he’s under house arrest so how come he roaming all over the city hatching conspiracies with Mr Kapoor and according to Sapphire,fat ass Surbhi??? Mr Kapoor is so stupid for a mature man, how come he can’t figure things out by now and he’s getting more juvenile now, he wants to slash his wrist… seems like he doesn’t have another life but to run after Pooja’s skirt…… crap and more crap…

  3. True Sapphire,I remember he was about to cut his wrist when Pooja saved him. Only if a person get horn, they would want to take such drastic actions …??…I’m not being insensitive here ehh but just logical…..

  4. Naz girl you had me laughing when you said that the writers will cuss the both of us up for pointing out their inconsistencies; i tell you what these writers need is some gingo man they are forgetting and mixing up all the storylines imagine one time a character is good and helpful and the next he is like the devil incarnate what the heck is going on girl, do you watch zindagi mahek will this story is the worse my gosh they bound to give someone a heart attack mehek taking so much abuse from this drunking man who is not even her husband and as for his mother she is an old evil witch that is why she dont have a daughter but that wretched son who is making her life miserable too dont know if you were keeping up with this storyline but that crazy girl is the same who killed her boy friend and mahek so damn fast she went and approach her and so she pelt her ass into the river and dotish ass shauyra stood there bawling mahek instead of jumping in to save her anyway apparently this man who beating up mahek like she is a football killed his wife with severe blows and same time mahek was in the same hospital after she was rescued from the river and of course suffered loss of memory so those crooked people paid off the wardsman to switch bodies so mahek is alive and that crazy ass woman who threw mahek in the river is throwing herself on shaurya for marriage although he made it clear he still loves mahek and will never love her my gosh why these writers only introducing loonies in the serials anyway all mahek doing is covering her face with this veil come on shauyra dont you find it strange tear the veil to ass away from her face instead of standing up like a bebeh bebeh man and reveal her true identity and so it heightens sending everyone blood pressure up, another messed up serial again.

    1. Yep, I’m watching mehek and I know what’s going on with the madness there but thanks for still telling me, much appreciated. I endorse your comment wholeheartedly, this blasted veil thing riling my brains up, what century these people living in? Listen, some villages in India still live with this kinds customs you know…I’m a Muslim and even I dislike how the women in this country wearing nikaab as if they in the middle east. If they want to dress like that, then they should go live there. This is a topic that could take me much space to argue my point but suffice it to say, I’m a Muslim so I can talk…who don’t like it, hard luck.

  5. Plzzzzz… Writers now it is done we are fade up with this storyline which we are seeing from last 2 months…
    Now plzzz unite pooja and naren
    This tyrant site of naren was to bad we like soft and loving naren who was so nice towards all and loves pooja

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