Piya Albela 1st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Vyas Family celebrate Surbhi’s baby shower

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Naren and Pooja that few things will not change, just like their love story. Pooja says our new love story. Pooja tells Anuj that she has won. Satish says cruise trip was good. Anuj says we will take naren along with us else she will check for network. Satish asks them not to argue else Mami will get angry. Kusum comes there in hawa hawai look. Pooja compliments on her looks. Anuj says Naren’s call is coming. Pooja says if I don’t go to Vyas Mansion then your Jiju will come here flying. Naren thinks about Pooja. Pooja is in the car and sings sawarlun. Naren dances with Supriya. Supriya says she will decorate carnation. Naren says she likes something else. Pooja asks they are talking about whom. Supriya asks how was your trip. Pooja says it was good and says next time we will go altogether. Pooja asks

what they were talking about. Naren says we will let you know in the evening. He says you was away from your husband for many days. Pooja says then you would have also come with me. Naren says some burning smell is coming. He tells meghna is coming and he has to go to airport. Pooja asks Supriya. Supriya says you will know.

Harish asks Supriya to give nek to Surbhi. Supriya says you have done your duty towards her and says our Meghna will also come today, will you not wait for her. Harish says our Meghna. Supriya says she couldn’t make you hers even after so many years. Harish says she is not ours. Harsha comes and says Bhaiyya is right. She tells Supriya that you are good and that’s why love Meghna. Neelima is upset and shows her anger towards her. harsha takes her.

Harish says everyone is upset because of her. Pooja thinks who is she? Hardik tells harish that Naren and Meghna will dance today. Harish excuses him. Naren collides with Pooja and signs at Bindi. She asks if something is stuck. Naren tries to get closer to her. She says we are outside. Naren says you are my wife outside room also. He says once Meghna’s comes, you will yearn to get attention from me. Manoj asks Naren why he is troubling Pooja. Naren teases him. Supriya tells harish that Meghna’s phone is unreachable. Harish and harsha get upset. Dada ji sings song and tells Naren that he is climbing golden stairs as his great grand son is coming. Pooja covers him with shawl. Dada ji says you are like my Maa. Naren says if your emotional drama is over, then lets go, as Surbhi would be coming. Naren and Pooja dance on dikh tana song and thanks Surbhi. Everyone dance and rejoice with them.

Rahul is in the room and thinks he will welcome his son. He gets a call and gets shocked. Harsha tells Neelima that why Rahul is late today. Pooja says girls are blamed to take time to get ready and then they themselves come late. Naren talks in favour of husbands. Supriya says we shall do Surbhi’s nek first. Naren and Surbhi him red chadar on Surbhi’s head. Then Pooja hugs Surbhi and sings song. Naren takes video. Neelima comes to Rahul and says everyone is waiting for would be father and you are drunk here. Rahul says he is mourning and says I will not leave Surbhi and her baby. Neelima asks what is wrong with you and asks why he has gone mad? Rahul tells her something. Pooja thinks why did Rahul haven’t come for his baby’s function.

Pooja dances on Dil Leja leja song. Just then suddenly everyone gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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