Piya Albela 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Satish coming inside the brothel. Pooja comes inside. Chandani tells Satish that her daughter have started studying now. Satish tries to see who is teaching Gudiya and sees Naren’s face. He says Naren baba…you. Naren gets up and greets him. Satish tells that Chandani told me that you took responsibility to teach this street kids. Naren says someone have to take initiative. Satish says you are doing good work, and says someday I will talk to you, and will learn something from you. Naren looks on. Satish says I am happy that Pooja is working under your shelter. Chandani brings mango juice for Satish and Naren. They drink it. Satish tells that he will leave now. Pooja hides seeing Satish leaving. She thinks Naren said right that there is nothing wrong in place, but problem is in

our thinking and perspective to look at the place. She thinks if Mama can come here, and respects Naren so much then why I am rethinking. She thinks Naren deserves respect in every way.

Chandani comes to her and gives her juice asking her to drink. She says even Naren tasted it, so it is like we have kept bhog for God. Pooja smiles and takes the glass. She drinks and returns glass to Chandani. She smiles thinking about Naren. Jogi tera mann song plays….She recalls Naren saving her. Naren is teaching Gudiya and tells that her friends might come back and study again. Gudiya says my friends will not return. Pooja brings her friends. Kids ask Naren to teach him. Pooja recalls telling kids that Gudiya will become a great woman and will become clever by studying, and have new toys, clothes and gifts also. Kids tell Pooja that they want to give gift to their mums. Fb ends. Pooja smiles.

Naren looks at her. She tells that she is leaving. Naren says one kid is less among them. Pooja looks at him. He asks her to study with the kids and asks her to live her life fully with independence and says you will feel light. Pooja smiles. She takes off dupatta from her head… Song Jogiya plays…..Naren smiles. Chandani smiles. Naren gives slate to Pooja. Pooja sits with the kids.

Harish tells Rakesh that they have to crack this deal. Rakesh tells that office is same as well. Harsha says Supriya is still keeping mum’s made systems at home. Neelima checks the food and asks who likes arbi at home. Harsha tells that Hardik likes it. Harsha tells that she will take care of kitchen work and says don’t know when I will get chance again to pamper my brothers. She says kitchen dept is mine now. Neelima and Supriya looks at each other. Harsha asks if they are not talking. Neelima goes. Harsha tells that she will make everything fine and asks them to have food. Harish gets a phone call and gets tensed. He tells Rakesh that he will come in 5 mins and goes inside. His hands are shaken up while picking the call and says Ram Ram Bhola Babu and tells that Kapoor brought gift for Naren again yesterday and asks them to plan to come to India. He is shocked, but promises to take care of Amma. He ends the call and is very much shocked.

Supriya gives medicine to Harish. He tells her that Bhola Babu’s mum is coming to India for Gangotri yatra and will stay here for a day. She wants to meet Naren and asks what we will say. He says we had taken 3 months from Bhola Babu and tells that we called Pooja for this reason. He says it is necessary for him to become fine.

Naren is teaching kids. Some goons come there and asks Chandani that a big sait is coming here to watch dance and asks her to get ready. Chandani says there is still time for mehfil. Naren tells that we can’t stop kids from getting education. Goon asks him to stop giving lecture and makes the kids get up. Naren stops them. Goon tells that mehfil is needed, else asks Naren to earn for them. Pooja tries to stop him. Chandani promises Raja Babu, the goon that mehfil will be ready in sometime and asks Naren to go. Gudiya looks on sad.

“Udhna Chahte Hai Sabhi
Par Zameen Chodne Ki Himmat Nahi Hoti
Sukoon Chahe Hai Sabhi
Par Mann Ko Har Tasalli Kam Hai Padhti
Rehayi Maange Hai Sabhi Par bandishon Ki Sabko Aadat Kyun Hai Hoti”

(Everyone wants to fly, but doesn’t have the courage to leave the land, peace is wanted by all, but every consolation seems incompetent to heart, independence wanted by all but why do everyone is habituated to follow restrictions)

Naren asks Pooja to bring the kids and says he will make the kids study.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Atlast pooja understood naren’s gud motive…is chandini a good hearted girl? By reading written update I can’t get crt picture of her.is she good r helping Rahul.pls some one tell me….

    1. She’s trapping Naren working with Rahul.

      1. She was going to trap him by drugging him….but then she saw how good-hearted he was.

    2. So seeing his goodness she changed…tnq ?

  2. Hii
    Amazing yaar.
    We learn so many things from this show n especially more from naren.
    Thank u director sir for this great show,thank u so much.
    Thank God u came back ooshi dr. We missed u a lot n plz don’t vanish from here.
    Zoya , shristi,aanya di ,sam ,trisha, amandas n others (sory i don’t remember all names) how r u?

  3. Hi !! I’m fine.how are you frnds?
    you are right mama this show is uniqe especially naren charecter .
    nice episode.

  4. Catharin

    Fine….frnds…. Awesme episode vth good social message….

  5. I want to no which film the song s played when he asked remove duppta from her head plz any1 tell me

  6. guys y so little comments
    epi was superb

  7. how r u all how’s the weather in ur areas it’s awesome here windy and cloudy 28 april at night here rained and i enjoyed it very much from u all do anyone had enjoying rain i hope u know what’s my mean by enjoying rain

  8. Catharin

    Wow may 2 episode is so funny pooja …enjoyed and laughed a lotttttty????

  9. Shailendra kumar

    Great show
    Grand salute to piya albela team
    No words to explain my happiness… Heart touching

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