Piya Albela 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Harish accepts Meghna as his daughter, Naren plans a surprise

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The Episode starts with Rachel telling Satish that in her religion, they choose Godparents on learning about the pregnancy, and says if something happens to Anuj or me, then I want Naren and Pooja to become my child’s Godparents. Satish says it is a good custom. Kusum asks why is she thinking bad? Pooja says you will only be Dadi and tells Anuj that Kusum’s concentration will be on baby now. Kusum smiles. Harish comes to Meghna. Meghna asks if he wants to tell anything. Supriya says he brought gift for you. Harish keeps hand on her head and apologizes to her for his behavior. He says I was unlucky to lose your lose till now. Meghna says you have always cared for me, else I wouldn’t have get place here. Harish says Dada ji is right, and feels affectionate towards her. Harsha comes and says even she

will love her. Meghna gets happy.

Surbhi tells Rahul that she will send divorce papers and will not make him visit court. Rahul asks her what she wants to prove that she is great and asks her to unpack the staff and make arrangements of Meghna’s marriage. Surbhi asks if there is a reason for stay. Rahul asks her to stop her drama and do the arrangements. Surbhi smiles. Harsha gives family album to Meghna and says it has your place also. Dada ji asks Harish to take selfie. Harish clicks selfie. Pooja comes to Meghna and makes her have food. Meghna says she is getting worried for home and says she is feeling same worry when she went to US, and gives her bracelet to Pooja. Pooja hugs her. Neelima gets jealous and thinks Surbhi will not get any position.

Detective gives proofs to Naren and says my work is over. Naren says not yet. At home, Naren, Pooja and others are playing truth or dare. Naren teases pooja, while Rahul teases Surbhi. Meghna says she don’t want to play as today is last day for her and they are fighting. Naren and Rahul sing and dance with Meghna along with their wives. Ek dusre ke waste…..plays. Neelima gets angry. Meghna asks Pooja if she is wearing lucky charm. Pooja says yes and says she will wear it. Neelima comes there and claps.

Kusum shows Anuj’s kundali to Pandit who tells that Anuj’s life is going to end. She gets angry and shows the door to Pandit. Neelima tells Surbhi that she has become more useless now, for not seeing that Pooja is getting all the love and adulation. She says Meghna gave lucky charm bracelet just to pooja. Rahul says you are over reacting? Neelima says you will be called as rapist’s children. Naren and Pooja ask Neelima how to make her believe. Pooja gives her lucky charm to Neelima. Neelima breaks it and thinks she has spoiled her life.

Rachel comes to kitchen to eat deserts. Anuj asks did you get it? Rachel says no. He gives her deserts and says you have to take care of everyone alone. Rachel gets upset and hugs him asking him never to tell this. Anuj promises not to leave her.

Harish tells Rahul that they have many differences before and tells that he never differentiated between Naren and him. Rahul says leave that thing. Harish asks him to call him whenever he needs to talk to him. Rahul thinks Tai ji was right about family’s strength. Supriya is worried for Meghna’s wedding. Harsha says we all will make the arrangements happy. Naren comes and says my Maa have to look special and selects saree for Supriya. Supriya says I can’t wear this. Naren says there is something special tomorrow and asks Harsha to get her ready. He thinks something will surprise him.

Harish tells Rahul that they will get Meghna married happily. Satish comes and says surely and asks Rahul to ignore people’s talks, and trust family specially brother Naren. Pooja comes to her room and calls Naren, says I know you are hiding here. Naren comes and scares her. She is about to slip, but he holds her hand. Music plays..Pooja says if you have burger-pizza then will get unwell. She says I have to wake up early tomorrow. Naren asks him to get sometime for badnaseeb like him. Pooja asks him not to say that. Naren tells her that his younger brother, Harish and Supriya’s biological son is going to come. She asks him to show the pic. He gives her envelope and asks her to see. Just then window gets opened with his hand and his pic gets burnt. Naren tries to set off the flame. He says it seems younger brother will show his face tomorrow. Pooja gets worried and thinks if something inauspicious thing will happen tomorrow.

Naren, Pooja and others dance on the song Mahi Ve…

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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