Piya Albela 1st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Pooja makes plan to expose Naina

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The Episode starts with Pooja telling Dada ji and Chandrika that it is not coincidence that the couple is Naina’s chacha and chachi. Dada ji recalls that the couple blackmailing to take Naren with them and asks him to tell the truth to Naren, and tells about the mole in his body. Pooja says Naina is smart and must have enquired with the servants. Fake Chacha and Chachi of Naina asks Naren about Pooja. Naren says he don’t want to have any bitter thing and goes. Naina thinks she and her fake chacha and chachi will loot Vyas Empire. They come to Naren and pretends to be good. Naren asks what do you wants to say. Chandrika asks Dada ji to take Pooja. Pooja says she has a plan. Dada ji calls the Chacha Ghansham and asks him to take Naren with him, and says I have just one request with folded hands,

don’t tell him anything. He says just give me some time, then I will give your Naren to you. Ghanshyam says ok. Pooja says I was sure that they have nothing to do with Naren. She says we are coming to Vyas Empire wearing cap.

Ghansham makes excuse and asks his wife Malti to come. They come to Dada ji. Dada ji with a heavy heart asks Ghansham and his wife Malti to take Naren with them. Dada ji asks Ghansham when they will go back. Naina messages him something. Pooja says what will Naina do now. Dada ji asks them to take Naren. Malti says we can’t separate Naren with you all, and says if we could get land nearby then we will glad and stay there, else we will stay in the outhouse. Naina pretends and says how can you demand from my sasural. Dada ji asks them to give sometime. Naina also goes.

Dada ji tells Pooja that the plan is working. Pooja says twist is still waiting. Dada ji tells everyone that he has called all bahus to do justice. Naina thinks old man has gone mad. Dada ji calls lawyers there and says justice with bahus can’t happen with daughter. Harsha comes. Harish asks how is she? Pooja gets down the car wearing cap. Dada ji asks Naren to sit and says this house is yours too, I need son of the house and not politician. Chandrika and Pooja give hi five to each other. She says we will stay here. Dada ji tells that he thought even Bahus shall get their share when Mayank died and Naina got lonely and teary eyes. Naren gets up and says he will not sit in women talk. Pooja enters there and says she came to get her share, and says if Naren is not present there then she can get cheated. She says she heard about the share and that’s why came to get hers. Naren is angry. Everyone is shocked.

Naren asks her to stop surprising him and says Krishnapuri’s shaan is good there and asks Danish to throw them out. He is shocked to see Servants bringing their stuff. Pooja says they were idle so she asked them to bring their luggage and says she understands her husband’s hard earned money. She touches the floor. Naren throws something on them. Pooja and Chandrika bend down to get saved. Everyone is shocked.

Naren tells that media is not here. Pooja tells that she brought lawyer with her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I’m tired of Pooja’s plans, they always flunk. If this one works, maybe the current track will close but that’s not going to happen anytime soon so this plan may not work either. I don’t understand how much more low Naren can hit, with his ill treatment of his biological mother and his wife, don’t know how he’s going to handle the truth about his birth status. I hate his cocky attitude ?? can’t wait see him grovel and snivel when the truth comes out…

  2. You Know Naz, he’s calling Pooja a whore all the time, this show can dress up the meaning of whore with the word “courtesan” But a courtesan is highly trained in languages music, dance and s*x and usually were companions to princes and kings and the nobility you didn’t find them in Brothels. can’t stand Naren now and i certainly have no respect for Pooja, there is a moment in every womans life when she comes to the crossroad and has to decide in which direction she goes, clearly she has chosen. Pooja certainly has Masochistic tendencies to put up with the verbal and physical abuse of Naren and Naren certainly has a Sadists mindset, Is this show trying to pattern itself after with the Fifty shades of Grey books? cause i’m starting to wonder.

    1. Lol….so true Cathy, Pooja loves the abuse. Which woman today really put up with this stuff, your husband calling you a whore isn’t a compliment. Naren has lost all the class he feels he possesses, I’m waiting na, to see him come down his high fallutin horse… Really, Pooja accepting all these insults doesn’t make her great, it shows that she has no backbone. In the name of religion which is man made and marriage rituals,a woman had to stick with a man and bend backwards umpteenth times just to please, placate his humongous ego and pretend that all is right??? On top of that,she takes verbal, mental, emotional, psycological and oftentimes, physical abuse just to show him that she loves him? That’s not how a man should show a woman he loves her, Naren definitely needs counseling and Pooja needs a psychologist to see of she’s alright in her upstairs.

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