Piya Albela 19th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Surbhi creates more misunderstandings between Naren-Pooja

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The Episode starts with Supriya shouting. Pooja and Harsha see Rahul asking her to shout. He tells Pooja that he is doing as she said and taking out anger from her. Supriya laughs aloud. Rahul says there was so much time passed when Tai ji laughed like this and asks Pooja to trust him. Pooja says thank god she is fine. She tells Harish that she will leave now. She comes there and thinks she is late again, if Naren went angrily. She calls him and sees him standing there. Naren smiles and comes to her. Music plaus..He holds her umbrella and says your habit to get late haven’t gone. Pooja says I will not repeat this mistakes and asks him to let her clarify. Naren keeps finger on her hand and says you don’t need to clarify. Pooja says I haven’t told anything now. Naren holds her waist and says I

have read. He throws umbrella. It turns out to be Pooja’s imagination. She comes to the place and sees Mr. Kapoor standing. She is shocked and asks you are here in Hrishikesh.

Mr. Kapoor says I have expressed infront of Naren that I am your husband and you are my wife and nobody can come inbetween us, not even Naren. Naren is driving the car and going. He gets down the car and recalls her words. Pooja is shocked. Mr. Kapoor tells that you have sent me a mail asking him to come here and tell Naren that they are really married. He shows the mail. Pooja reads it and says I haven’t sent this. A fb is shown. Mr. Kapoor tells Naren that Pooja is his wife.

Naren says Pooja. Mr. Kapoor says she is Pooja kapoor. Naren says ofcourse, how could I forget and asks him to be careful. Mr. Kapoor says I was tired when I took rounds with her. Fb ends. Pooja asks what did he say? Mr. kapoor says he sounds to be normal. Pooja says storm came out of him. Naren breaks his car’s windows and recalls Mr. Kapoor telling that they got marry in a hurry else they would have invited him. He tells Naren that Pooja overtook many companies and is NGO president. Pooja asks what else you told him. Naren asks Mr. Kapoor where they went for honeymoon. Mr. Kapoor says they went on cruise. Naren invites him to Vyas Mansion and leaves. Pooja is shocked and cries.

Mr. Kapoor says sorry to Pooja and says I have complicated the things. Pooja says I know who is guilty. Surbhi wears green bangles and says thank you Mr. Kapoor for reading my mail and coming here. Naren drinks wine and goes home. Mr. Kapoor asks Pooja to call Naren there. Pooja calls him, but he don’t attend her call. Surbhi thinks sorry Pooja Naren can’t be yours. Naren thinks about Mr. Kapoor’s words and burns his clothes.

Pooja runs and comes home. She gets worried about Naren. Surbhi asks what happened? If your face mask is removed. Pooja pushes her. Surbhi asks how she will convince Naren now and tells that you have returned my husband and now I have returned yours. Pooja says you wouldn’t have done this when you understand true love. She comes to his room and sees him sitting after burning his clothes. Naren tells her that she made fun of the 36 hours and tells that she has broken her trust again. Pooja says she has no relation with Mr. Kapoor and her all breathe is for him. Naren asks her to stop lying.

Surbhi tells Rakesh that Pooja is talking to Naren in room and says if she gets successful then.. Neelima comes there and says someone have found out about Pooja’s truth. Naren tries to hit Pooja. Pooja says I came to live here with you and you want to kill me. She says she has lived one year without him in pain. Naren says he will kill her.

Precap: Pooja tells Naren that Mr. Kapoor will come and clarify. Naren says don’t know if he could reach here. Someone does his accident and informs Pooja. Pooja is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wtf is happening here ????i guess the cv’s r nw planning a love triangle bw mr. Kapoor , Pooja n Naren
    Or bw pooja , Naren n surbhi
    ….hell nah , this can’t happen?????????

  2. Heartbreaking episode. Now it’s high time to disclose surbhi and Rakesh evil deeds

  3. Disclose evil deeds of surbhi and Rakesh and give us narja. We waited too long for Narja

  4. like I said always the same Shit with all the serials the love one can never be happy and allowed to live a normal married life. Writers i will really like to know the reason why you keep on doing this with all the serials and why the bad ones always win. I doubt it very much but i have to ask this question still. I s the the real life of the indians from india is this the way they carry on with the people whom they suppose to love and cherrish tell me because this is quite disturbing to accept. Now i know Mr. Kapoor suppose to be a good person helping out pooja so why set him up for a fall why kill him off it just does not make any sense at all; try focusing and getting rid of the bad ones for a change and you will see how your ratings will sky rocket. Subhi is an old evil witch like all the others in the serial please put her away with Rahul and allow Naren and Pooja to reunite as a couple they need to consumate their marriage which is long over due as with the other couples in the other serials and let them be happy a live a normal married life in the 21st century.

  5. I was just as angry as Naren was after he came home! This is not fun anymore… and Mr. kapoor apparently is very dumb, why all the lies? He should have known that Pooja is not the type to ask him to lie to that extent ?

  6. All I’m enjoying in this serial is the intensity of love and passion between Naren and Pooja.. Since Naren’s new avatar, I’m watching every single day, he looks soooooooo…male!!! I love it!!! I’m so mesmerized by his deep love for Pooja which he won’t admit to himself. In today’s episode, his tears and anger speak for themself…he’s damn jealous that Mr Kapoor called Pooja his wife more than that she made him wait to reveal her secret…. An angry man is a jealous man!! As for Surbhi…beauty to kill!! I hope Rahul finds her in the bedroom and keeps her there for as long as he wants… ???

  7. Very bad Naren and Pooja need to be united and kill Surbhi instead of Mr.kapoor.

  8. It’s really annoying….now directors are creating unnecessary fuss in this serial. Now both should be reunited.

  9. This is not good twist

  10. When they will be happy in real
    Not in dreams

  11. Destiny is playing with pooja
    I want see them happy

  12. Now it is becoming boring n to again make it interesting I want aksheen or narja

  13. TRP can be more without bring the twist. i think all the director and writer are becoming fan of Ekta, they like to drag the serial like her. The beginning was interesting.

  14. Someone who found out Pooja truth could be Rahul or Mayank .

  15. I want to seen 19th October episode plz give me link…plzzz

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