Piya Albela 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Pooja hearing Guru ji’s evil plans to trap Naren. Neelima and Rahul smiles. He hears footsteps and gets alert. Harish comes there and asks can I come inside. Guru ji says I know you are worried. Harish tells that as you said, I asked Pooja not to come, but Naren brought her here. Guru ji asks him to sit and asks Harish to sit. He says Naren’s heart is innocent and asks him to give him a chance to let Naren stay in his shelter. Harish nods. Neelima and Rahul smirks. Pooja gets shocked and recalls hearing his words. She thinks what does he mean? Why they want to trap Naren. Anuj comes there and asks Pooja to come, and says Cab came and tells that in the morning, you have to join. Naren asks them to stay and says they will drop him in the morning. Supriya comes asking Pooja to

stay in the night, and asks Anuj to agree. Anuj says he will book 5 am cab. Naren goes to make her room ready. Neelima comes to Pooja and talks sweetly, says she is so proud of her. Rahul gives her experience and character certificate and says it will help you. Pooja thinks they don’t know that I know their truth.

Supriya asks pooja and Anuj to have food. Anuj says we will manage? Naren asks them to come. Pooja nods and says I will serve food. She serves food to Harish, Guru ji, Naren, and others. Guru ji says I have visited the world, but haven’t seen man like Naren. He invites him to his math and says I will learn so much from you and even my shishya will be happy. Naren says sure. Pooja gets worried. Later Pooja sees Guru ji. Guru ji calls her. Pooja smiles and says do you want to tell something. Guru ji says you loves your mama and mami well and took job in Delhi. He says you are getting a good salary of 40000 Rs and a place to stay. Pooja thinks how did he know? Guru ji says life don’t works on imagination etc. Pooja thinks Guru ji says opposite things on dining table for Naren. She says you are right and taunts him for seeing the dream of building his Ashram in many acres of land. Guru ji gets angry and says you have to go far.

Naren knocks on Pooja’s door and asks her to come out. He gives her gift which he had brought for her. Pooja gets the letter with the dress and starts reading it. Naren says I was angry and that’s why written this. She reads the letter which he wrote angrily and says you was so angry. Naren says yes and asks her to return the letter. Pooja says it is mine and I will keep it with me. Naren says it is waste to argue with you. Pooja says I will go. Naren says so you have taken a decision and asks her to take care. Pooja asks shall I go? Naren nods. She takes the gift and is about to go. Sad music plays. Naren asks if it is necessary to go and asks her to work there. He says I know Papa has fired you, but you can work with me and help me in kids studies, farm expansion etc. He says I can’t give you much money, but I will do the best and Maa will be happy. Pooja recalls Kusum’s words and cries. Naren says fine, it is good that you have taken a decision, I am going to Guru ji’s Math in the morning to meet his shisyas. Pooja is shocked and turns to look at him. Naren leaves from there.

Neelima asks Guru ji if he is sure that Naren will go with him and asks what will happen if he goes with you. Guru ji says he will captive him and asks them to rest, as tomorrow will be new morning for them. Rahul gives him cheque and says it is first installment for your math. Pooja gets tensed and thinks about Guruji’s dangerous plan. Naren searches for the book in his study room and thinks I told her many times to stop, but she didn’t stop. He gets restless. Pooja writes letter for Supriya and thinks to warn her. Naren angrily paints the wall with different colors.

Next morning, Pooja hugs Supriya as she is leaving and gives letter in her hand, saying she didn’t get chance to talk so that’s why wrote letter. Supriya asks what is in it and opens the letter. Pooja is tensed. Supriya reads the letter and says you thanked me. Pooja is shocked and thinks who changed this letter.

“Zindagi Ki Yehi Hai Kashmakash
Haath Nahi Kisi Ke Aati
Jitni Koshish Karo Bandne Ki
Utni Hi Fisalti Jaati”

This is life’s dilemma
couldn’t be found
the more you try to tie
the more it slips.

Pooja asks Naren why didn’t you stop me, and says if I was on your place, I would not let you go. Naren says if I am on your place, then I will never be stubborn with my decision. Pooja asks if he has vacancy now also. Naren hugs her. Guru ji is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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