Piya Albela 18th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Angraj plans cheap to trap Pooja

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The episode starts with Pooja asking Angraj to give her a chance to kill Naren. Angraj says I will give you a chance and asks what I will get. Pooja says I will return everyone’s passports so that you can send them to heaven via London. Angraj is shocked. Pooja says she knows his plans. Angraj is shocked. Pooja tells that it is not difficult for me to expose you and tells that she can get DNA test done. Angraj threatens to kill Naren that day itself. Pooja says you will lose your chance to make me wear garland. Angraj says I will fall in love with him more and tells that he didn’t know that she is so cunning behind an innocent face. She kisses on her handkerchief and gives that to him. He feels the handkerchief. She turns and cries silently. Dr. Kiran tells her father that they are doing wrong with

the innocent guy and says Amma will get upset with us. Tribal head and her father tells that her Amma is murdered by him for letting her become a doctor hiding from him.

Dr.Angraj asks her to promise that she will sport sindoor of his name and not of Naren. She promises him. Angraj says he will wait to unite with her and says he will make the arrangements for night. Pooja thinks Angraj can’t touch her and thinks she has to hide her tears for her family and Naren. Naren is beaten up by the tribals badly. Pooja recalls their marriage etc. Dr. Kiran feels bad seeing Naren’s condition. Pooja tells Danish that Angraj is in the house indisguise of Naren and asks for his help. Danish tells that he will help her. Pooja asks him to keep an eye on Rahul and Surbhi and says they are with Angraj. Danish says ok. Tribals beat Naren and say a wife is getting her husband beaten badly and his love is not getting less. Dr. Kiran comes there. Naren says Pooja.

Surbhi sees the window open and calls Pooja. She thinks she has eloped from window. Naren shouts Pooja. Pooja comes there. Surbhi tells her that Naren sent clothes etc for her, for their new beginning. Pooja recalls Angraj’s words asking her to get ready for night. She says it was not needed. Surbhi asks her to accept Naren’s love and not to question him. She asks her to drink the special sherbet made by Naren. Pooja says she will finish it later. Surbhi forces her. Pooja drinks it. Surbhi thinks this drink will make Angraj’s night beautiful. She asks her to get ready and thinks this night is very special for you. Naren is again badly beaten by the tribals. Dr. Kiran says if they beat him then he will die and then Angraj’s work will not be done. She gives him injection to make him numb. She tells that she will make arrangements to take his finger prints. Rahul tells Angraj that Pooja will get drowsy in sometime and then he can spend night with her. Angraj says she made her wait long. Rahul says now they know that she wants to kill Naren.

Pooja asks Angraj to play musical instrument and calls him fake Naren infront of everyone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Since the 13th of July there has been no comments wonder why we have a fake Naren when it’s not reincarnation or memory loss there are duplicates this shit is too much for me to swallow.

    1. lol i know right….I was thinking of asking for the doctors cotact so that maybe he can change my face and replace it with Madhuri, kareena or bispasha…Bas phir toh life sorted hi hai meri 🙂 😛

  2. 100000000 test for love….
    Rahul believed Angraj in one day but not naren who knows him from years….naren will be live them though he knows Pooja….good for naren….then only Pooja can become Mohan as always…n they are taking Angraj name infront of naren but still he will not listen to it…stupid hero stupid series…

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