Piya Albela 17th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Pooja brings all family members together

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The Episode starts with Rahul slapping Surbhi and saying your feathers came out when I was in jail. She says you could have married someone else and have suhaag raat, he damm don’t care, but why with his enemy. Surbhi says they will get divorced tomorrow. Rahul says what court can do when he refuses to sign and says if he goes to jail again then he will take her along with him for the attempt to murder on Supriya and killing Guru ji. Surbhi is shocked. Rahul asks her to come to room and love him. Pooja smiles and calls Surbhi. She tells that you might be very happy today, I can see, you have welcomed your husband well seeing the decoration.

Naren shouts seeing Rahul. Rahul says I was yearning to meet you. Naren gets angry. Pooja says Rahul Vyas is my guest and he is under house arrest. She

asks Surbhi you wanted to ask Naren about his freedom. Surbhi says yes and asks Naren not to send Rahul far. Rahul says he is waiting for her in room. Surbhi tells Pooja that her conspiracy will make her pay big. Rahul rests on his bed and enjoys it. Pooja comes and asks him to remember what she asked him to go. Rahul says bhabhi ji. Pooja says when she can free him, she can get him arrested too. Rahul thinks when I start game, your sword will give up.

Naren comes to Pooja while she is getting ready. She says she has been waiting for him. Naren asks what is her motive behind freeing Rahul. Pooja says still 15 hours are left now. She says when you have come here, help me some. She asks him to pin her pallu. Naren goes from there angrily. Pooja asks him to close the door.

Harsha asks Manoj and Charan, who asked them to remove the furniture. Pooja says she asked them to keep dining table so that they all sit together and have food. She says she has taken the initiative and calls Hardik and Neelima home. Harish gets emotional and hugs Hardik. Neelima hugs Harsha. Pooja says Hardik and Neelima Vyas will stay here from today. Neelima says she is happy to be back, but missing Rahul. Pooja tells that her lawyer got Rahul freed and he will be here in house arrest. Rahul touches Harish’s feet and tells that he missed his brothers and their road trips. He tells Mayanki that they will go on a road trip. Pooja says lets live the old days. Harsha says she will make food for everyone. Surbhi says Supriya needs food according to her health. Pooja asks Harsha to make same food for Supriya. Rakesh gets an idea. Pooja looks at Naren. Rakesh comes and put poison in the kesar which Harsha is going to add in kheer. Harsha gets tensed.

Pooja tells Harish that his chair is waiting for him. Hardik says he is happy being his younger brother and asks Harish to sit. Naren comes to Pooja and takes her with him. Harish asks everyone to have food. Rakesh asks where is Supriya? Naren tells Pooja that he can’t give her answer. Pooja says she will not back off from her promise. She tells that nobody can snatch your win from you and says she will ask for the last thing and says she will be standing infront of him as his victory. Naren holds her hairs. Pooja gives him watch and says she will pull the curtains from the truth and hopes he fulfills his promise.

Harish tells Supriya that this is her family. Before Surbhi can sit, Pooja sits on the chair and tells Surbhi that her place is with Rahul. Surbhi sits down. Neelima asks what is in the bowl. Pooja asks Harsha to serve Supriya first.

Naren comes to meet Pooja. Pooja asks him to give her a chance to clarify. He says she don’t need to clarify and holds her waist.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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