Piya Albela 17th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Pooja’s demand shocks Angraj

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The Episode starts with Pooja pretends to fall, Angraj holds her. Supriya tells Harish that she will leave the house and can’t stay in the house. She tells that she is humiliated in the house and will not bear it anymore. Pooja asks Angraj who is he? She says you can’t be my Naren. Angraj says you have identified me with one touch that I am not your Naren, and says who am I?

Harish tries to stop Supriya. Rahul tells Surbhi that everything is happening as Angraj wanted. Surbhi says Pooja and Angraj will unite. She tells that she won’t let Supriya stay and tells her that she will also come with her. Neelima says she will also go with Supriya. Surbhi and Neelima want to go so that Angraj gets time to spend with Pooja. Harsha says she will also go. Dada ji asks them to stop.

Pooja asks

him who is he and picks a candle stand. Angraj keeps hand on his face and says I am your Angraj. Pooja is shocked. Dada ji tells them that he wants to spend a night in the house and asks Rahul to take him to his room for last time. Supriya stops Dada ji.

Pooja is shocked. Angraj asks if she is not happy to meet him. He tells that she is same even after many years. He says I love you like you hate me with same intensity.

Supriya decides to stay back in the house and says we shall not go for outsiders. She says I will see how this Pooja stop us. Angraj tells Pooja that he got same face, voice etc like Naren. Pooja asks from where you will get his heart. Angraj gets angry. Surbhi asks Rahul if Pooja identified him. Rahul says Pooja knows about Naren’s breathe and must have identified Angraj by now. He must have thought of a plan. Tribals beat Naren badly. Naren is heavy injured. Tribal head asks his men to take his pictures and says the more he is injured, the more money we will get.

Pooja tells Angraj that she will not let anything happen to her Naren. Angraj says don’t know where is your Naren and if he is there or not in this world. Pooja looks at him. Angraj says Naren hates you so much, but don’t go away from your heart. He says I love you so much, but I am not getting inside your heart. Pooja says love can’t be forced. Angraj asks what you want to make me yours. Pooja says Naren Vyas. Rahul and Surbhi see Naren beaten up by the tribals in his mobile and says you wanted to kill rapist family. Surbhi feels pity on Naren and says he doesn’t know that his wife is romancing with someone else in his bedroom. Rahul says when he comes to know about Pooja doing all this with him, he will lose trust on all relations. Naren asks Tribal head on whose orders he is beating him. Tribal head tells that their new CM pooja Devi asked him to beat him and tells that he is sending pics to her. Shailaja comes to give security to Satish and his family, but he refuses to have security at home. He tells that Pooja has proved that she is just CM and not his daughter anymore.

Pooja asks Angraj what he thinks she will do? If he thought she will cry begging him. She tells that she knows that he will kill Naren one day and tells that she wants to kill him with her hand. She says you went in trauma as I asked for a gift from you. Angraj says he can give his life if she asks, but he can’t believe on her innocent face, as he still gets Naren’s smell from her. He holds her pallu and smells it. He is about to kiss her hand. Pooja thinks she can’t let him take her advantage.

Angraj tells Pooja that he will marry her. Pooja asks him to take out mahurat. She thinks she has to hide her tears to get Naren back.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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