Piya Albela 17th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Rahul feeling apologetic as Doctor Anand died, and gets happy thinking Guru maa shall tell Bandu to take retirement and thinks Surbhi is just mine. He leaves Dr. Anand’s body there itself and goes. Naren and Surbhi are seated for marriage. Pooja is worried and asks her mum to be with her. Just as Surbhi and Naren are about to exchange garlands, electricity is gone. Rahul comes to Naren and asks him to come to side. Naren asks what happened? Rahul tells that Pooja’s marriage is stopped as Anand didn’t reach mandap and his mum is doing drama. He says why I am telling you, you will not leave your marriage to help Pooja. He asks what to do. Naren is shocked, throws the turban etc. He runs out while Supriya and Harish asks him where is he going? Dr. Anand’s mum is worried.

Kusum says he must be stuck in the hospital. Pooja tells Anuj that Dr. Anand was not in Hrishikesh when we left from there. Naren runs, sits in the car and goes. Yash asks harish if this is a joke. He says the guy who ran away from his own wedding, what he will do with my daughter, if he will keep my daughter happy. Harish asks him to give time so that he can talk to Naren.

Pandit ji asks where is the groom. Satish asks them to wait for sometime. Dr. Anand’s mum scolds Pooja and asks Satish to call Pooja. She asks him to call Police. Pooja recalls Dr. Anand asking her to meet Naren. Rahul thinks it is time to marry Surbhi now. Yash asks Harish, why did he run away from his own marriage, what was more important than his marriage. Rahul tells Harish that Naren got Pooja’s call. He talked to her, threw the varmala and went to her. Surbhi, Shilpa and others are angry. Dr. Anand’s mum curses the day when Rahul decided to marry Pooja. Satish says he must be coming. Naren comes to Pooja’s marriage venue. Pooja sees him and is shocked, she takes him to side and asks what is he doing here? She asks him to go and marry Surbhi.

Police comes there and asks if they are waiting for Dr. Anand Kumar. His mum asks if he knows where is her son. They bring the dead body. Everyone is shocked. His parents are shell shocked. Naren is also shocked. Dr. Anand’s mum lifts the white cloth from his face and is shocked to see his dead body. Pooja is shattered and sits in shock. Inspector says we got his body near the highway and says they will find the culprit soon. Naren gets Harish’s call. Harish says this guy will take my life one day. Pooja tries to come near Dr. Anand’s body. Dr. Anand’s mum tells that this girl have swallowed my son, he was mad about her. She slaps her and says she killed him. Guest presents there blames Pooja and her Kundli. Dr. Anand’s mum curses Pooja and says you will never be happy in your life and where ever you goes, you will ruin the house. Satish says you can’t curse her.

Dr. Anand’s mum removes her dupatta and says such girls shall be beaten infront of everyone. She is about to take her out. Naren asks her to leave Pooja and frees her. He warns her not to misbehave with Pooja. Dr. Anand’s mum asks what he is doing here, and says you came here to do tamasha. Naren says you are doing tamasha of your son’s marriage and asks her to complain to God for doing injustice to her and Pooja. He says Pooja is also feeling same pain as you. Dr. Anand’s mum calls her eclipse, and asks her guests to remove all auspicious things from the mandap and says this girl shall not marry all life, she shall sit all life at her Mama’s house and if her Mama’s thinks she is a burden then make her sit in brothel. Pooja is shocked to hear that. Naren is much angry. Satish and others are also angry.

Rahul comes to Guru ji and pushes him. Guru ji asks what you are doing? Rahul says you are kacche khiladi and tells him that Mayank have fixed his seat in jail and have taken Pooja’s to be husband life. He says bad thing will happen with you and Bandu. He asks him to correct his mistakes and make him marry Surbhi else he will send all to jail. Guru ji is shocked.

Dr. Anand’s mum tells that who knows what she has done with her lover. Naren picks a rod. Pooja asks him not to interfere and says you have no right to say anything. Naren cuts his finger with the stretcher and goes towards Pooja. Everyone looks on tensedly.

Naren fills Pooja’s maang with his blood. Pooja is shocked. Naren looks at her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. The things that Anand’s mum was saying were so disrespectful and surreal. Soaps should not promote these type of disrespect towards women, as this plays a role in society up until this day. Note that these type of lines are Always said to women and not to men. After all have you ever heard a woman cursing a man that he will never get married and might end up working in a brothel?! It is ridiculous that soaps still promote visible double standards in society. I did not expect this to happen to this extent in piya albela, a soap that was more built on spirituality and morally goodness. Sad to see that yet another soap went to this level and where the bad is omnipresent. Mayank’s character was actually the only one that made me laugh, because of his funny love expressions to Pooja. He was Always sided with the good characters, the fact that they have made him this bad is actually not even credible because of the way that he was presented. They completely destroyed his character because he went from a funny/loving guy to a murderer… Hope that they now will soon reveal half of the bad people and put them in jail. That’s what the viewers need to see in order to still believe in piya albela, the soap.

  2. hey guys what’s up
    epi was good except rahul initial scene and rahul guru g scene
    eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s epi
    mama i will surely try to be here regularly by the way where r others devga,catherine,trisha,sarah,zoya and many many more
    take care guys
    good night sweet dreams

    1. They are not commenting now a days.
      I have told them many times to come here. But they are not commenting.
      Please U tell them na to come here . I want to see all members here and also want to read all comments of their.

  3. Heartiest Request

    guys if any of u found these people any where say them to come to this page
    plz guys it will be ur great favor to me plz.

  4. Hi guys …..marriage is over one side kushi .But another Anand death .sorrow….. then. Nextmayank Will go to jail.with planner guru ….ragul and neelima
    But ragulhand prints also then there In anand body….what about ragul don’t know….
    Supriya is happy ..but now guru and rakesh real face come out .
    Yash ceased all the property.vyas family become zero. ..
    Sur will return to uk.bcz she is acting in fire file serial in zee on 22July onwards ..vyas maa surbhi mayank anand ….guru….chapter over pooja and naren how to survive only story
    …nare is feeling but he couldn’t recognize what is that
    But one he asked heraa about chintoor so now he put blood red coloourchintoor on pooja,’s mang……Now he has ful l rights to support to her..
    Amirit aanya amu akbar sishti..and othersoinion plz ….I think it wil l. end soon

    1. Y they r ending very soon

  5. Devishika I agree with u there is a proverb in tamilPONDATI. SETHA PURUSAN PUTHU MAPPILAI … if wife died next day that man is ready for second marriage .but ladies if she is having child a small baby. She should sacrifice her life for that child but gents whether he having children or not don’t bother . Still it is going on ….in real life …..they shouldn’t attend any auspicious function s also only for ladies.and so on

  6. Gud episode waiting 4 2morrow

  7. Wow- I can’t wait to see this tonight- I am so so sad about dr. Anand – hope he comes to another show- I thought his sweet smile was beautiful- and I concur with all of you – what a horrible thing for a women to say to another woman- horrible cultural bias and poor teaching- I hope the writers realize how hard the tone is for women and men watching this show- we need better role models!!

  8. Hi everyone!
    Today’s epi was really emotional.
    I could understand that Anand’s mother was grieving for her son but the words she spoke went wayyy beyond grief into actual hatred…(shame on you writers!)
    Poor Pooja was just silently taking all the insults thrown at her and our sweet, innocent hero couldn’t bear it anymore…???
    Finally they will be married…wished it was under better circumstances though…

  9. Sorry last line type mistake u r opinion plz

  10. kya kahu samajh ni aata!!!!!!!!!
    aanand ka accident!! mere samajh se pare hai.shayad PA maker ne audience ko huked rakhne k liye ye sab kiya…

    makes ko aisa q lgta h ki kisi ka maut show ko interesting bna skta h?????

    unhe kisi k (audience ) imotions ki pawah hi nahi h. bs trp high hona chahiye…
    mai to ye show hi chhorne wali hu.jb sb thik ho jaaega to wapas aaungi.

    will miss u all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    . always be happy and take care……by….

    1. Please, please yahan se mat jao. Already most are not here.

      Me v bahot Dukhi hu anand ke death keliye. Itne achha insaan Ko q yahan se hata diya. Aanand Ko dost bana kar v to rakh sakte the na.

    2. yar kya museebat hai tum makers ko kehti ho k unhain doosron k emotions ki fikr nhi tum khud kya kr rhi ho kya tumhain hmare emotions ki fikr hai agr hai to tum q ja rhi ho?
      aur jahan tk rahi writers ki baat to wo jb tk aesi ulti hrkatain na kr lain un k gle/neck se khana kaise itre

  11. i will miss NAREN the most…

    1. Aap Sab comments nahi padhte ho kya.

      Aapne mujhe previous comments ke answer v nahi diya na.

  12. never expected as anand deads, so cruel of rahul and nilima, every one has to be punished in soon who ever involed in this death , but exciting of precap so good to see naren marries pooja with his blood that was a very nice scene.

    1. hey Dear how r u happy u r here

  13. Naren to marry pooja
    wow wow I just can’t wait for today’s epi

    1. happy u commented keep commenting

  14. Hlo br mam aanya mama srishti and all episode was vry nyc and @mama i have given replies for previous cmnts check kr lena ok busy thi toh late kiya and am happy to see sb wapis aa rahe hai missing u all and finally naren and puja ki shadi ho hi gayi that what we want eagerly waiting for next episode……

  15. I’m happy to see Naren and Pooja marriage

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