Piya Albela 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Rachel reading in the newspaper that a man’s family got him admitted in the hospital proving him mad and he committed suicide due to frustration. Pooja thinks of Naren and gets shocked. She snatches newspaper and gets tensed. She tells Satish that she will do breakfast in her room and goes.

Naren is in his room after punishing himself. Supriya comes there. Naren thinks Pooja came. Seeing Supriya, he gets angry. Pooja thinks to call Naren. Anuj takes the phone and asks what is the matter? He asks her to forget the family and do a new job. Pooja says they are good people. Anuj asks her to become his old Pooja ji, else he will feel guilty. He asks her to promise and deletes their contact numbers for him. Pooja deletes their contact numbers and gets teary eyes. Naren is still

punishing himself.

Harish meets Guru ji and says I have sent that girl far away from Naren and asks if I have done wrong. Guru ji says whatever you have done is for your son, and says no person can be good at all times. He says whoever is perfect can’t be human. He says whatever you have done is for Naren’s betterment and you shall not have any doubts. Neelima hears him and smirks.

Mayank gives invite from mahila samithi to Naren and says you have tried to make the children’s life better and that’s why they want to give you award. He says this became possible as Pooja lied. Servant comes. Mayank asks him to go home as his son is unwell. Servant goes home. Mayank tells Naren that he lied to Manoj to stop him from falling down the table. He tells that Pooja lied for children’s betterment. Supriya says if Naren is getting award then it will be for his achievements. She tells him that Pooja didn’t leave the job, but was fired. Naren is shocked and asks whom? Papa. Supriya nods. Naren looks on angrily.

Pooja comes to give her interview. Interviewer checks her resume and says nice. Naren comes to meet Harish at Guru ji’s place. Neelima and Rahul are already sitting there. Harish says you both are here? He introduces them to Guru ji. Naren asks why did you kick Pooja out. Harish says she was not needed anymore. Naren says she was a helper and asks did you ask mom once. Harish reminds him of the contract clause. Naren says why did you do this, when you have brought her here. Harish says I kicked her out. Guru ji asks Naren to talk calmly. Supriya asks him not to interfere. Harish scolds her. Naren says I don’t want to argue and says I am bringing Pooja now, asks him not to tell about the contract. Pooja tells that she wants job outside Dehradun and Hrishikesh. He asks her to go to Delhi for the job. Neelima and Rahul ask Guru ji to take Naren to math and says if Pooja comes here, then she won’t let you Naren go with you to math (embracing sanyas). Guru ji asks them not to worry and says Pooja is going far from him and tells that he will take Naren from under their nose.

Pooja tells that she is leaving now as she has to join tomorrow. Rachel thinks she gets job easily and fast, have to learn her nuance. Pooja is in the bus. Naren is driving his bike and coming to Dehradun. Pooja bends down to pick her phone. Naren sees her and calls her name asking her to stop the bus. Pooja asks him to return. Naren stops his bike infront of bus. He gets inside the bus and asks her to come. Pooja asks him to return and says I can’t come with you, as I got a job in Delhi. Naren says you will not work there. Pooja asks driver to start the bus and says we can’t stay in one place. She asks him to drive. Malanga Re plays……Pooja is sad.

“Zid ki aadat hoti sabhi ko
Bas kaaran alag hai hota
Khud ki zid hamesha suhaye
Phir doosrun ka kyun khalta”

(everyone is habituated to be stubborn,
But reasons are always different
Likes own’s stubbornness
Then why dislikes others’ stubborness)

Naren says you can’t go like this and runs after the bus. Rahul sees Pooja’s resume and says what will happen to you.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hii friends… Ooshi, zone, moni, mama, sony, anne, trisha, liza, chandamaya, sonam, aanya and srishti.. Hope you all enjoyed today’s Amazing episode.. No dragging at all.. This is what I like the most about piya albela..
    Naren is in ziddi avatar…. Don’t know how many more shades he is having..
    Precap is too good except Rahul’s part..
    I think now the story will be interesting as finally Naren started to feel for Pooja..

    Please makers a request to keep the same pace with same uniqueness..

    1. agreed

  2. Catharin

    ☺️?☺️☺️?☺️good episode

  3. One more thing.. I know Harish is wrong but feeling bad for him.. Just trapped by evil neelima and rahul.. He is a very helpless father..

    1. don’t he had common sense for him use mind if u(harish) had

  4. Now even guruji is going to be a villain….Oh no…..
    Why is puja wearing a wig these days? Has she undergone some lip surgery? Her lips look swollen these days and hair looks artificial!! What do you all think?

    1. don’t observe

  5. Rahul is a creep

    1. agreed

  6. Hi geeta nd all malangas.nice epi.pooja ko vo pics delete ni krne chahiye the.thmk god supriya ji ne NV ko sb bta dia.pata nhi ab vo unhe kese rokenge.nd i agree with u geeta sometimes i also feel very bad for harish.or ye baba ji nv ko mthh kese leja skte hai?neelu ji such a bad aunt.

    1. ab naren ko koi b kahin nhi le ja skta

  7. Hi geeta, aanya, Ooshi,sonam, mama, nd all others….gys latest spoiler is that…
    Naren gets to Rishikesh after pooja….nd tries 2 stop her from leaving fr Delhi…pooja refuses 2 return… as she had made promise 2 harish…naren isn’t going 2 loose so easily…nd reaches Delhi…nd shows his lover boy side…in front of pooja….is this the beginning of love amid naren nd pooja…will naren who doesn’t like wordly thing fall in love with pooja

    1. happy u shared it with us it made us soo.. much happy
      just loved it

  8. Hi aanya ghulam sight. Am I right? Ikrs updated hasan I think so
    Well. Last 4sentences r very correct.
    Then what will,Raghul do with pooja’s resume…..guruji is indirect villan..neelima is cheating her sis family fo r. money and power….

    1. happy u commented keep it up

  9. Nice epi??
    Akshay and sheens acting was awesome…

    1. agreed one word is missing which is expressions

  10. Hi guys.
    Yeah geeta dr he is in ziddi avtar.
    That jogi baba is also vilian. He is nt jogi coz jogi don’t do anything wrong with others n also don’t help bad men.
    That rahul n neelima is fooling harish. Poor harish.
    Loved the way naren need puja in every work.
    Ye naren v na bahot vola hai ,har kisi ke bat me ajata hai. Jaise rahul ke bat me akar puja ko galat samaj raha tha.
    Such a innocent face naren has!
    Catharin ,sia,roshni n others who r not cmnting regularly plz cmnt regularly dears.

    1. @mama tum ne kisi aur page pe cmt kiya tha mujhe aesa laga I’m nt sure I think DBO/IB
      Sry agar main galat hu toh

    2. if u r talking abot me then check the comment i drop on previous update page in capital alphabets

      1. Lizaa

        Main ne @mama ko pucha h
        Mama and ooshi same person

  11. Helo zoya nd br mam.how r u.after a long time hunn.yes m the same aanya.r u watching piya albela also.

    1. Aanya don’t think that i am ignoring any of u because it’s not my nature and i will not allow it to be

  12. Hi aanya….sry dr…as i didn’t talk 2 u from 2/3 days u….but u know what…hmne aapko ignored krne ki koshish ki aur kiya bhi…but now I can’t…jo kch v hua kya aap use bhula kr…would u like 2 talk with me…

    1. once i said to my vishkanya family that i will not comment again but after 1 or 2 days i was there u know y heart relations can’t broke

  13. Its ok zoya.lov u dear.aapke liye dusre page pe cmnt choda hai chk it ples.

  14. Devga u said that u will come but where r u?

  15. Nice episode. How cute.uska cuteness mera dil jit leta h.love u naren…

  16. guys did any one of u watches tu suraj main sanjh piya g

    1. Lizaa


      1. i replied u there yesterday if i am not wrong

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