Piya Albela 16th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Pooja Becomes MD of Vyas Group

Piya Albela 16th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chandrika asking Pooja to either agree to her condition or forget her forever. Pooja says she can’t put her feet cuffed. Chandrika says she will think that she has no son or daughter in law. Naren and other watches interview of union leaders. He says I will make many companies. Harish says that company was started in Amma’s name. Rahul says he has an idea and says he is ready to get slapped by them and sit in MD”s chair. Dada ji says this is not the solution and tells that Naren has to solve this issue by himself. Neelima tells Harish that this is the best way to fight with the crisis and says once things gets fine, Rahul will return the company and chair back to Naren.. Chandrika breaks ties with pooja and goes. Pooja cries. Harish tells that he is making Rahul as MD

of the company till everything gets fine. Dadea ji asks Pooja to tell what is her opinion. Pooja says just as elders think and goes inside. Dada ji is shocked. Rahul touches elders’ feet. Pooja thinks what to do.

Union leaders and workers come to Vyas mansion. Naren talks to them. Union leader tells that they came to welcome their new owner of the company. Rahul thinks they are talking about him and bends his head to wear garland, but they go to Pooja and make her wear garland. Harish and others are shocked. Dada ji is happy. Anuj looks on. Pooja talks about the rights from Naren’s behalf. They say we will listen to you. Naren asks Pooja whom she cheated to get this. Dada ji says he has named all Vyas Property on her name. Pooja says whatever was of Mayank, was given to Naina, and same way, I got Naren’s property. Harish tells that Pooja don’t listen to her own mother and regrets to trust her before.

Pooja tells Naren that she needs his signature on the transfer papers. Naren tells her that he will reply to her once elections are over, signs on papers and throws on Pooja. Pooja thanks him and says she wants to go to in his bullet proof car with his assistants. Naren gets angry and goes to his room. She asks Dada ji if she is doing right. Dada ji says you are biwi no’ 1 of Naren and also our bahu no. 1. Harish calls chandrika and blames her for pooja’s moves. She comes to office. Workers cheer for her. Pooja asks Union leader to meet in her cabin. Rahul tries to instigates Naren against Pooja. Naren is angry. Dada ji comes there.

Pooja tells that the chair belongs to Naren. Workers come there. Pooja asks Peon to bring tea for them. Union leader tells that the company is like their home and says Naren wouldn’t have slapped me. Pooja apologizes to him and says Naren will apologize to you before 11 am. Dada ji asks Naren to apologize to Workers and asks him not to be hurdle in pooja’s way.

Pooja asks Naren to practice saying sorry and gives speech. Naren tears the papers and gets angry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Where can we see previous episodes of piya albela? In new website of zeetv no option is there

    Msg from Team: Try later. Might be temporary issue over there.

    1. Helo
      U can dwnld ozee app from Play store/applestore and can watch All the previous episodes

    2. Hey, I use Desitvflix site, just Google it, not hard to find and it comes with English subtitles too, if you don’t understand the Hindi….click on the link APA.. English and you’ll be on… hope it helps you..all episodes are there, for every single episode of every single serial, you just need to navigate through because there are several takes of the same episode per day, it’s just that you will be one day behind actual episodes but I’m sure you can live with that…lol… enjoy!

  2. Naren is becoming too arrogant disgusting and stubborn; this will cause his downfall. Dadaji and Pooja have foiled Neelima, Rahul, Naina and Naren’s fake parents plans. She as the MD of Vyas Empire will bring Naren down to earth. Chandrika is so ashamed of her own son and is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea because she cannot claim him as her flesh and blood. Harish is such a jerk and emotional fool that he is falling into Neelima’s trap. We have to wait and watch when Supriya, Neelima, Rahul and Naina are exposed. Naren will be ashamed of himself when he finds out his true identity and that he has been duped and pitted against Pooja by his relatives. It will be a sad day for Dadaji when the truth comes out and he will be hated on all fronts.

    1. Susan, a can’t wait to see Supriya exposed for her lies and I hope writers don’t screw up my wait and most importantly…I’m salivating thinking what,how, when and why…when Naren learns the truth of his birth and himself on the whole… just for ridiculing, insulting snd abusing Pooja about her presumed lowly status.. when he’s the one who should die within… that would be worth my wait for all this crap I have to put up with on this serial for as long as I can remember…

      1. Naz i hope something epic will happen with the realization and scope of the lies and deceit that will be exposed, but i’ll be honest i doubt it will be enough to satisfy me, Naren will simply say sorry and pooja will instantly forgive..their won’t be any punishment or consequence…i’ve started watching seriously “Laado” on colours, although the subject matter is disturbing their is vengence retribution and one pissed off female lead…I LOVE IT. lol, PLUS they are showing full episodes on youtube with english subs…so i’m catching up on older episodes i’ve missed.

  3. Cathy.. I don’t have colors TV on my cable package.. I did enjoy a past serial called Begusarai but I didn’t see to the end.. Seriously, I’m being patient and I hope writers don’t screw up both of the revelations…let’s wait and see..

    1. I watch colors on Desiflix i don’t have it on my regular tv…what i like about this show is it has follow through, it starts out with her losing her younger sister to gang rape and murder, and she’s tricked into marriage with the offenders family, but she isn’t like Devi or Pooja in their stupid attempts to fix everything and having these bad men love them, AnuJ wiped the sindoor of her forhead and takes off the marriage chain saying wearing it show love and respect to her husband when there is no love and respect, then she goes after the family…LOVE it. I have a link to Begusurai for old episodes but no english subs but it watch anyway..Desibox has all the written updates so i do it that way. this is the youtube link to laddo with subs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LKKf5Jw0cU

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