Piya Albela 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Pooja asking Harish to give love to Naren and says your love can change him and asks if you are ready to promise me. Harish promise her. Pooja says I will go home and pack my stuff. Harish says your stuff is already packed and kept in the car decky. He offers to drop her home. Pooja says I didn’t know why you have taken this decision, but I am sure that this decision is taken for Naren’s betterment. Harish folds his hand and feels bad. Naren is upset and recalls Rahul saying how can Pooja lie that she is Naren’s wife, Pandit ji’s words etc. He looks at the dress which he bought for her. Mayank comes. Naren says I wanted to thank her and that’s why bought dress for her. He says may be she helped me for gifts. He asks him to give this dress to Pooja and asks her not to

come in his space again. Mayank says I will not do this and says I have learnt this from you. Pooja is walking towards Satish’s house and reminisces Naren. Song plays.

Anuj gets happy seeing Pooja. Satish asks Pooja why did she come suddenly. Kusum asks with her stuff. Anuj says she cares and must be worried for Papa. Satish says I am not much unwell that you have to come here leaving your job. Pooja says I was missing you all. Satish says you did right to come back. Satish says Vyas family is good and says I will not stop you again from working. Kusum feels that Pooja is lying.

Harish tells Supriya that as Pooja wanted to return, he left her. Harsha says she didn’t tell us. Neelima says she would have informed us and calls her selfish. Harish asks her to stop it and says Pooja will never return. Kusum asks Pooja what did you do that you are fired from the job. Pooja says nothing. Kusum says I know everything that their concern was fake. She says I will ask Supriya. Anuj says I agree with mum and argues with her.

Supriya asks Harish to tell what is the real reason of pooja leaving the house. Harish says I have fired her from the job so that Naren’s life get better. Supriya asks how this thought came in your mind. Harish tells him that Neelima made him meet a sant baba who asked him to keep her away from Naren. He says when you meet him, you will realize his healing touch. Supriya says I don’t believe him. Supriya says no Guru ji can change him. Harish asks her not to tell anything to Naren and not to contact Pooja in any way.

Mayank calls Pooja and asks her to reach rang gali, says Naren is angry as he came to know that you lied to Pandit ji. Pooja gets tensed. Naren comes home and asks Servant to ask Pooja to meet him. Neelima hears him and says how will Naren react when he comes to know that Pooja left. Naren says Pooja have to answer and calls her. Pooja sees his call, thinks of Harish’s words and don’t pick the call. Naren thinks why she is not picking the call. Pooja thinks how I will lie to him and cries. Oh Piya plays…..

Naren is restless in his room and imagines Pooja standing on the stairs. Malanga re plays……He gets up and runs to her. He holds her hand and asks where were you? When I called you, you didn’t pick the call and asks why did you lie to Pandit ji. He asks her to accept the mistake and says I am asking you something. Pooja asks him to calm down and says who will take care of you if you get angry. He asks why did you do this with me. Pooja asks can I do something bad with you and asks him to ask his heart. She says I will leave now and asks her to take care of himself. She leaves. He wakes up and it was his dream. He shouts Pooja. Pooja wakes up calling Naren. Naren comes to Pooja’s room. Rahul asks why did he come here at this time. Naren says I came for Rahul. Rahul provokes him against her and says she left the job. She asks why you are burning your heart. Naren gets furious.

Pooja wakes up and checks her phone. She thinks of Naren’s words. Naren lights the fire wood and thinks of the recent happenings. He picks the hot ashes and applies on his body. Kahan Jaye Tu Malanga Re. plays.

“Karte Prabhu Par Yakeen hum phir bhi
Chahe Bharosa na ho pura
Phir insaanon se karte kyun sakhti
Gar bharosa usne toda”

(We do trust God eventually
Irrespective even if the trust is not fully
Then why do we get strict towards human
If they break the trust)

Supriya says if world is praising Naren then there may be some truth. Later she tells Naren that Pooja is fired. Naren is shocked. Pooja gets a job in Delhi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Finally now Naren will know the truth.. Now he will bring Pooja back as he cant don’t anything without Her now.. Getting interesting..

  2. Looking forward to the precap…hope naren gets to know full truth dat his dad is d reason for pooja leaving d job..all thanks to supriya mom….m glad dat maren is developing feelings for pooja n now after learning d truth i want him to go to pooja n bring him back..hope my dis wish comes true n we get to c more poorenmromantic moments

    1. Moni we all are wishing the same and it will definitely get fuffilled.. Naren is so much upset without Pooja.. He become dependent on Her…

  3. Nice episode.

  4. Trisha

    This show is toooo awesome! Story is going to get even better now!???

  5. Hii ,
    Malang’s, where are you zoya ,mama,ananya…
    Last episode is fabulous… Specially that dream part when naren run on stair’s to bring Pooja and asked where are you the cuteness in his voice stole anyone heart.. Too good.. Precape is also good mini your wish come true.naren and mayank both brings Pooja back.. But know love triangle is formed between these three.hope all is well…..love you Malang’s and one more thing I like name o Jana( pooja- oja,naren-na) its just a thought if you guys like……….

    1. Hi Anne dear….I am here…u r right naren’s voice nd also his acting…stole my heart away…he is just an awesome actor…by the way…anne ur thought is gd…but I don’t think this would suite their character…narja is better… its just an advice…. sry if I hurt u…

  6. Hi malangas…
    Epi was awesome..
    Naren ab pooja ko wapas layega
    @mama I’m new in PA page nt TU
    I think ur in IB Page also


  7. ChandaMaya

    Interesting . . Thought the precap scene with Naren smearing hot ash was interesting with the huge picture of Swami Vivekananda! Oh my! If Naren wants to be like a great intellect as Vivekanandaansa then he would not be so funny like, never speaking when he should and being controlled with ndeceptipn. Wake up or become a renunciate and become a sanyasin.

    I think I see some of you at ZKM . . . Given up on it, have you? Or is ZKM getting boring?

    This is a good serial so far.

    1. ChandaMaya

      Vivekananda sorry for second typo. I am an avid reader of Swami Vivekananda’s writing, and his great guru Sri Ramakrishna.

  8. too interesting. I hate pooja’s mami… always enquiring whether “mooh kala karke aayi hai”.. how shameless and insensitive woman she is… chi..chi…chi please kill the character.
    Now what is going to happen? I cant wait….

  9. Hi malangas.m here anne n dear my name is aanya.gys epi.was amazing.puja is soooo sweet.promo is toooo good.thnk god supria ji NV ko sb khuch bta dengi.kyounki vo puja ko apni bhu bnana chahti hai.bt wt about harish.

  10. Hi anne,shrividya,durga,shristi,zoya ,tapa,aanya di,ooshi,geeta,moni,sonya ,trisha,chandamaya,dr-pragz,pari,liza n others(sory if i left any name)
    epi. was good. It’s intresting to see wht will naren do next. Really ,wht a fantabulous character naren n pooja have!!
    Waiting for the next epi.. eagerly.

  11. Hi anne,shrividya,durga,shristi,zoya ,tapa,aanya di,ooshi,geeta,moni,sonya ,trisha,chandamaya,dr-pragz,pari,liza n others(sory if i left any name)
    @i am really soooo much happy that u (durga,shrividya) r back,so wlcm back dears.
    @most wlcm to all new comers to our malanga family. Really i am very very happy to see our new malanga family members.
    @N anne dr i am here.
    @hlw liza , wht is IB page dr?

    epi. was good. It’s intresting to see wht will naren do next. Really ,wht a fantabulous character naren n pooja have!!
    Waiting for the next epi.. eagerly.

  12. Hi gys…new spoiler is that….naren was misunderstanding pooja but supriya that is naren’s mother…couldn’t see this…nd tell the truth to naren…However naren is sad finding that…his father harish has fired pooja and goes to meet her….naren begs in front of pooja…to return to his life….while pooja had given her commitment to someone else but narens love melts her….

    1. thanks Dear

  13. @Ooshi, calm down dr.
    I will never say sory or thanks, ok ab khush?
    N dr why r u not cmnt regularly ??

  14. Thanks zoya dr for the new spoilers.

  15. Shristi dr i am agree with u . Etne achhe serial ho kar v PA has less trp. So sad

    1. Yeah…Mama
      Piya albela’s….story….characters….nd all the things r too gd….I just can tell u…but its trp is so less….don’t know y…audience should watch this serial….right gys….plzZzzzz all of u try to watch piya albela everyday…nd raise its trp…

  16. Good evening .How are you all…
    About episode-it was good.waiting next …eagerly.
    Mama it’s really astonishing.
    Bakwas serial ko top pr dekhna.

  17. Avi2 maine kl wale comments dekhe.
    Ha ..ha..Ooshi dr aajkl aapke comments km ho gae h.How are u?
    and zoya-im from bgp(bihar)&studying pg 2nd year.if
    further any questions ask fankly.

    1. fine Dear

    2. No srishti….that’s enough for me….nice 2 meet u dr….

  18. hi guys….i m sonam from Bhutan….plz can I join u all????

    1. welcome to the family no need to ask just say i am new and come no formality of asking is allowed here ok Dear

      1. @ooshi…
        so sweet of u????? ?? … ?

    2. Hi sonam….wlcm to our family of PA…nd as Ooshi told u….no need to asked us….by the way…sonam tell me something about urself dr…I am glad that our cmnt page is filling with new fans….all new comers r wlcm….

  19. Hi malangas i agree with u zoya,mama,shrishti.nd sory gys mai yeh serial regular dekh rhi hu bt morning ya evning mai.kyun k iska time slot mere scdule se nhi milta.bt u don’t wri gys ese shows starting mai hi slow hote hai dhere dhere sb shi ho jayega.nd i also don’t like nagin.zeetv ka maine sirf ek show dekha hai’qubool’hai vo bhi asd-zoya ki death tk.nd this story is diffrent nd i like this.iska to promo bhi diffrnt tha.maine 1st epi.se dekha hai yeh show bt beech mai khuch epi.chode bhi hai.nd yaha cment maine zoya or mama ki bjha se start kiya hai.bs aap yeh maan lo mai yahan cment usi din nhi krungi jis din mene nhi dekha hoga vrna mai hr roj cment krungi ok.bt mai 8:30 pm k slot mai yeh nhi dekh skti.

  20. Ary ooshi where r u.nd mama m hapy to see ur cment r u busy dear?nd zoya aap bhi mujse baat nhi krna chahtin kya?



    1. Hi Ooshi u r right dr…I also feel the same…nd desperately waiting for next epi…

  23. @Hi sonam. Most wlcm to our family dr n no need to ask to join us dr n keep cmnting.
    @U r ri8 shristi dr.
    @My pyari Aanya di, i am not busy bt aap puchh q rahi ho?
    @Zoya dr yaha koi game start kare to kaisa hoga?

    Good night malangas n sweat dreams.

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