Piya Albela 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Harish telling Pooja that he has promised her to punish the guilty. He tells that Rahul was hit on this place (stomach) and even went to Doctor and got x rays too. He gives the reports to the Doctor. Doctor checks report and says it is right. Neelima asks what is happening? Harish thanks Doctor for coming. Neelima asks how did Rahul’s report come to you and asks him to tell what happened? Harish says it is not important how these reports come to me, and what is important is the story behind these reports. Rahul panics and gets shocked. Harish asks Rahul to tell all story to everyone or shall I say? Neelima asks him to come to the point. Harish says coming to the point, on Mayank’s birthday when these three boys went to Haridhwar, Rahul tried to misbehave with Pooja and she

hit on his stomach with her elbow, and then Rahul went to doctor and these reports are proofs of this.

Neelima says this is ridiculous and says why will Rahul misbehave with this naukrani. Supriya gets shocked and stands with Pooja. Neelima asks Rahul to say something. Even Naren is shocked. Harish says what he will say? Can’t you understand that he did a mistake. He tells that he had planned this cricket match along with Pooja so that he can bring Rahul’s truth infront of everyone. A fb is shown, Harish tells Pooja that Rahul is coming and asks her to start the drama. Pooja tells that Naren didn’t do any mistake. Harish suspects Naren. Rahul gets happy. Fb ends.

Harish says shame on you Rahul. Hardik is ashamed of Rahul’s doings. Neelima says this might be this Naukrani’s conspiracy. Rahul gets up and tells that he didn’t misbehave with her, just applied cake on her face. He says he did masti with her and applied cake on her cake. Neelima says its okay. Naren gets angry and gets up. He slaps Rahul hard. Neelima asks what the hell was that? Naren says I was just joking. Everyone looks on shocked. Rahul says you would have talked to me before slapping me. He says you didn’t know that this girl tries to come closer to me and starts talking to me whenever she gets chance. Why she is making issue? Pooja says I wanted to reach home and that’s why asked his help. Neelima says it is not new to tease Servants. She says why they are making issue.

Pooja wipes her tears. Neelima asks Supriya why she is silent and calls them double standard people. Harish and pooja looks on. Neelima says he didn’t do anything and don’t need any slap. Naren says you said right and goes. Neelima asks Rahul to come. Supriya recalls promising Pooja and her mami. Pooja cries. Supriya tells pooja that she couldn’t identify her sad face and asks why did she hide truth from her. Pooja says I am very sad and didn’t know what to do. Supriya asks her never to hide things from her.

Mayank tells Rakesh and Harsha that he didn’t expect that Rahul can’t do anything like that. He tells Naren did right by slapping Rahul. Harsha says he is like your Nana. Mayank says it is not good to misbehave with a girl. Rakesh says he is concerned about Hardik. Neelima provokes Hardik and tells that she is not surprised and knows that Harish did this to sideline Rahul from MD position. Rahul tells that he did this as I am Hardik’s son and not Harish’s son. She asks him if he will be silent now itself. Rahul says he will not spare Pooja.

Pooja thinks Naren fought with his family for her. She thinks about Kusum’s words and thinks how to keep up with the promise. Naren comes home and brings the Police. Rakesh asks if this Police is with you. Naren says Police came to arrest Rahul as he did a mistake and needs to be punished. Neelima asks if he is out of the mind and asks Harish to send the Police. Hardik asks her to calm down and says I will bring Rahul. Neelima says it is a small thing. Naren asks if misbehaving with a servant is a small thing. Inspector says no. Naren asks him to arrest Rahul and punish him. Neelima asks do you have warrant with you. Inspector asks pooja to lodge Police complaint. Naren asks pooja to file complaint and not to be scared of anyone.

Neelima asks Supriya to stop Rahul’s arrest and says they care for Servant than family members. Harish says he has misbehaved with Pooja and wants to make this matter go like a joke. Inspector asks them to end their conversation and asks Pooja to file a complaint there itself. Rahul comes there. Neelima asks him to apologize to Pooja and everyone and end the matter. Rahul bends down infront of Pooja and apologizes to her. He says you never gave me any signal or tried to come closer to me, you just asked for genuine help and I have taken advantage and misbehaved with you. He apologizes to her. Pooja recalls Rahul touching and holding her waist and then rubbing cake on her face. She recalls Supriya’s care for her. Naren asks Inspector to arrest him. Hardik tells pooja that his son should be jailed for his mistake, but he can’t see his son in jail and asks her to forgive him. He apologizes to her. Naren looks on.

(Insaf Ki Aas Hoti Sabhi ko
Par Nyay Nahi Kar Paate
Ek Paksh Ka Insaaf Bhi Toh
Kuch Ke Liye Anyaye Ban Jaate.”)

(Everyone is hopeful to get justice
But fails to justify
A justice for one person
Becomes injustice for others)

Malanga Re…plays…

Pooja tells Naren that shed roof is broken. Naren goes to shed and says when did this happen. Pooja smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Epi was nice. loved the way naren supported pooja and brought the police at Vyas house to arrest rahul.
    He didn’t even thought for a second that rahul is his brother and pooja is just a servant.
    I am thinking guys naren don’t know the truth that pooja is not a servant, but still he respects her.
    I really liked his behaviours.hope they soon became friends.

  2. Ayesh042

    No Pooja No
    You cant start feeling for him so early
    I really want and wish Naren fall for her first and for what she is in her real life not what she is infront of them.I wish Naren falls for the confident and full of life Pooja.

    This drama is adopted from a real story ri8.Can anyone tell who had fall in love first in that? The girl or the boy?

    1. Its the boy first

  3. wow.ye episode to super se v uper tha.
    awsome. thanks H hasan for fast update.


    Sooooooo good… finally vishamitra is coming into real world… and menka plzz do not fall in love soooo soon, till vishamitra is completly become naren..

  5. loving naren day by day..

  6. Devga

    Wow Naren stood for the right against his so called best friend…

    Roumya u asked about pooja’s surname not sure abt it … But her mama was called some Malik … So may b she is a Malik … But it won’t sound gud if we connect surnames as vyas members are more …. Evn Rahul has vyas name ….

  7. Hey ayesha042 its the boy who fell for the girl first and then they Marry and have a daughter

    1. Ayesh042

      Thankyou Girl ❤

  8. Hi Aisha042, jaanvi,shristi, deepika.can I join u all guys.

    1. Ayesh042

      I am a silent reader here bt I’ll try comment more often now

  9. Trisha

    Nice epi….Naren is so cute???

  10. hi everyone! Guys i am a silent reader. Loved the way naren support pooja n also respect her . Really naren is such a good persion.
    Dear zoya , r u that zoya from udaan page.

  11. hello friends! Vishwamitra fell for Menaka and unites with her physically and they have a love child. He realizes his goal is not marriage but becoming Brahmarshi and he leaves them. Menka too has come into his life with a goal to divert him and thus she too has to leave.

    I wonder what they are going to do with Naren and Pooja characters. Pooja’s surname is goyal i think. She is pooja goyal.

    1. Ayesh042

      Menka wont fall for him?
      Haww they wont end up together ?

  12. Yes mama I am that Zoya from udaan page and u are also that mama right.
    wt a coincidence.nice to meet u in piya albela fan page.

  13. dear zoya , u r right i am that mama from udan page. I am also happy to c u here.
    U know everyone in udan page is eagerly waiting for u n your shayari.
    Come back soon dear.

  14. Dear zoya,u r right i am that mama. I am also happy to c u here. i like this serial n i think u also like it. U know everyone from udan page is missing u n your shayari. Come back soon dear.
    U r comenting here n there not, Why?

  15. Dear mama I am commenting here bcoz I am not getting any shyari in my mind to write but nw I am back check my comments in udaan page.and thx for ur lovely comment.

  16. dear zoya, why r u thinking that without shayari u can’t coment there.
    Everyone loves u n it is becoz of u dear, not for your shayari.

  17. of course zoya.you don’t need any permission to comment here.
    you are welcome. and i also have read your shayari ,its really nice.

  18. guys u rocked although u don’t know me and i don’t know many of u but the same thing is i know this serial from the begining almost and used to comment here too but my net pkg was finished from 5 days so i was absent i always wished to watch little much comments on this serial’s page but u all came to this page when my pkg. was near to finish by the way
    feeling happy to have u all here
    As Salam o Alaikum to muslim commenters

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