Piya Albela 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Pooja frees Rahul from Jail to answer Surbhi

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The Episode starts with Harsha checking in the room. Surbhi takes Pooja to side and asks what is her secret. She says what you will tell to Naren. She says you might be lighting diyas and I might fly with Naren under your nose to US. She says she will not take care of three saas. Pooja says if seems smoke went inside you, and asks her to break her fast and says she will send her Rahul’s pic, says happy karwachauth sweet heart. Rachel is in kitchen and making sweets. Satish comes there. Rachel says Pooja asked her to make sweets. Satish asks her to add extra sweets to win Kusum. Pooja comes to Naren’s room and slips as the surface is watery. Naren comes after bathing and slips too. They fall on the bed together. He pushes her and says you finds the way to get closer to me and asks what is the reason

to come here. Pooja says outsiders needs excuses and says you made me yours after breaking my fast. Naren gets angry. Pooja asks him to get ready as some people are waiting for him. Naren says he will come wearing his clothes and honesty and thinks 24 hours more, then I will kick you out from here. Women come to Vyas house. Naren returns their properties to them. They thank Pooja for returning their property.

Pooja tells Naren that you have worn the clothes and honesty. Surbhi comes there crying and asks him to do justice with her. She says she came to India to marry him, and says soon she will get divorce from Rahul and will leave from here. Naren asks what do you want from me. She gives him till night’s time. Naren asks her to message him the time and place. Surbhi asks Pooja to thinks what she is going to ask from Naren tonight. Pooja is shocked. Surbhi throws her tears and walks off. She talks to someone about the decoration. Neelima taunts Surbhi for using her son’s name and getting divorce from him. Surbhi says everything will changed tonight. Neelima says Naren can change the game at any time and he himself don’t know.

Satish tells Kusum that bahu is working in the kitchen since morning. Rachel shows the pastries and says it is pure veg. Satish likes it. Kusum says she will have poison than this. Satish eats it and says delicious, I will have one more.

Surbhi comes to Naren and says I don’t want to put you in a condition and tries to emotionally blackmail him. Naren says I know you very well, so don’t waste your tears. I let you stay here, but don’t try to take advantage of my guilt. Surbhi says I will not betray you, you can trust me and goes. Later Naren is going out. Harish says when I went out of home a year back, I thought I have lost my Naren, but by giving me place in home, you made me hopeful again. Naren says you are clarifying your mistakes. Harish says I can’t. at one point, I want to change you, but now I feels I wish I would have agreed to Supriya’s sayings and asks Naren if it is difficult to agree to past. Naren says it is impossible and asks him to put his hope to rest.

Pooja sees decoration things taken to Naren’s room and wonders why? She comes to room and sees Surbhi asking the Servants to decorate the room so well that groom don’t get diverted. She asks Pooja to tell about Naren’s taste. Pooja is in shock. Surbhi asks for suggestion. Pooja says both these lehengas are dull and asks her to wear her lehenga which she had worn in her marriage, and says you likes my stuff. Surbhi says your talk will end and asks do you know what I am going to ask from Naren, marriage gift for tomorrow’s marriage at tonight. Pooja is shocked.

Naren comes home. Servant gives him Surbhi’s message. Pooja looks on. Surbhi sees a man standing and thinks Naren is standing. She thinks she will ask Naren. She tells that she will get divorce from Rahul tomorrow and asks him to give tonight as a gift. She hugs him thinking Naren is standing, but he turns out to be Rahul. Surbhi’s smile vanishes.. Rahul slaps her hard. Pooja looks on.

Pooja tells Naren that Rahul Vyas is her guest and according to court orders, he is in house arrest. Naren is shocked. Pooja asks why you are surprised and says I brought him to keep your words and asks Surbhi, if she was asking him about Rahul’s freedom. Surbhi says yes Naren and asks him not to send him far. Naren looks on upset.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Omg…things are bad when you have to take the help of Ravan to save yourself from Shoorpanakha….
    If I was Naren seeing a married (to someone else) woman come close to him and keep fast for him, would make me respect her less!

  2. Pooja you have to be careful with Rahul and Nilima. Why Naren was sad?

  3. Pooja is in totally down image in front of naren. At least Naren should that Pooja is the saved him.

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