Piya Albela 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Rahul gives divorce papers to Surbhi

Piya Albela 13th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rahul telling Mr. Kapoor that Pooja will do all possible things to make him speak the truth and asks him not to agree to her and gives him gun for his safety. He says if everything goes right then Pooja will be yours. Naren imagines Pooja in her old avatar and saying that she came here to betray him. He imagines her in bridal attire and telling that even their marriage was fake. She then imagines her as Mrs. Kapoor and giving him divorce papers. He drinks wine and breaks the bottle. He says those eyes who haven’t seen you betrayal, what those eyes are meant for and is about to destroy his eyes, when Supriya comes and holds his hand asking him to leave the bottle. She asks him to have water. Naren cries keeping his head on her lap. Supriya asks why you are marrying Surbhi

and asks him to marry Pooja, says she is a very good girl. Pooja thinks even today she will cross her limits for Naren and feels apologetic to Satish. Naren gets angry at Supriya and tells that he is marrying Surbhi. Surbhi hears him. Naren tells him that Surbhi used to scare me, but Pooja is a nice girl. Naren asks her to go and pushes her. Supriya gets scared and goes telling him the same thing.

Mr. Kapoor comes to Pooja and keeps gun in his pocket. She smiles and comes to him asking how is she looking, and says this is the saree which you had given me. Mr. Kapoor praises her. Rahul looks at them and thinks Kapoor went under the water. He knocks on the door and asks did I disturb love birds. He reminds Mr. Kapoor that he promised to play chess with him. Mr. Kapoor says lets go. Rahul tells Pooja that tonight she will have to spend alone and tells that if she acts smart then his man who is standing outside of police station will take video inside. Pooja gets angry and asks him to get lost. Rahul asks her to practice to dance in Naren’s baraat and tells that there Surbhi will be practicing to make Naren hers. Surbhi hugs Naren and says it is ok that he don’t love her, but Pooja and her love is enough to make him hers. She hugs him again as Naren says he don’t love Pooja.

Pooja shares her plan with Harish and Mayank and tells that her plan is good and asks them to let Rahul and co. enjoy the dreams. She says she has faith on her love. She seeks Harish’s permission. She asks Mayank to make sure nobody comes when Mr. Kapoor comes to meet her in that room. Mayank says why he will come to meet you. Pooja says because of jealously. Naren gets ready for the marriage. He calls Pooja. Pooja comes and says she will dance if he permits her.

Rahul comes to Surbhi and gives her divorce papers as gift. Surbhi says once she gets married to Naren, he will get Vyas Empire. Naren asks Pooja if she ran away. Pooja comes and says if your marriage is possible without me, and says if you calls me so much right then I might fall in love with you again. Naren looks on angry.

Pooja dances in the baraat while Naren plays dhol. Mr. Kapoor gets furious.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Well, now starts the week long wedding, why don’t i get invited to parties like that!! LOL


    Tooo much to bear.. team and writers are spoiling show.. no truth is coming out and all tym devils win and good bears… ????????????
    I thought when i got busy something interesting must have happened but show is heading towards worse..????
    Zee writers have lost or hide their brains while writing scripts

    1. ya u r right all the series in zee will be started and the other parts will make the viewrs to get irritated the series kaala teeka ek tha raja and ek thi rani season 2 the began it will but at the middle the just made it like something nowadsy i hate watching zee tv

  3. man… this is the best serial on tv right now… amazing!

  4. We don’t have patient but this serial is better than Kumkum bhagya atleast not so much dragging. Just wondering when the truth comes out Pooja and Naren will be together but this show will be stopped or played more further??

  5. seruiously the show is becoming ,we r loosing the intrest ,what ever u make the twist but make nren and pooja together ,don’t lag the show ,we are so disappointed on this ,i seruiosly stopped watching this show ,waste of watching it

  6. I’m so tired of Pooja trying to prove that her love is real so I hope that something positive comes out of her plans this time. One positive thing happened, Supriya has said to Naren that Surbhi is evil and Pooja is the right one for him, that means she is remembering but I’m wondering if she remembers more than what she’s hinting at us… For sure, this wedding is going to take a whole week to culminate as Cathy says, so I better get some popcorn out, it’s going to be long BUT it better not because I’m impatient to see Surbhi, Rahul, Neelima and Mr Kapoor eat dust!!!

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