Piya Albela 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Guru ji telling that Naren is innocent, but a girl is around him which is of his age. Harish is shocked. Naren tells Pooja that since he started teaching Gudiya, he didn’t know that it will go so far. He gives her credit for admitting kids in school. Pooja says it is not needed. Naren tells her words that sometimes we have to take credit for our work and says he wants to gift her something. He goes to bring it. Guru ji says that girl is taking Naren off from the worldliness and asks him to keep her away from his home, may be tomorrow itself. Neelima smirks and goes. Naren asks Pooja, if he shall buy umbrella for her. Pooja says you will gift me this? Naren says you don’t like it. He takes it to electronics shop and asks her to take table fan or iron. Naren says she don’t

it. Naren says you don’t like anything. She thinks I have to teach him what to gift to a girl and thinks Supriya gave unique son. Naren is taking boxing thing. Pooja refuses. She looks at the clothes and says she wants something colorful. Naren says you have already many clothes. Harish thinks about Guru ji’s words and the recent happenings. Everyone words echoes in his ears. He takes a decision. Naren asks Pooja if this cloth quality is good. Pooja says I never got such a nice gift. She sees Chandani speaking to a guy. Chandani asks the man how they will earn money if men don’t come to their rang gali. Man says you should have thought before putting Raja babu in jail and asks her to make Naren solve her problem. Pooja hears her.

Neelima informs Rahul and tells that Harish is shattered. She says I will make sure that the naukrani will be gone. Rahul says this time naren will be happy to leave Pooja. Neelima asks how? Chandani asks Naren and Pooja not to worry. Naren says everyone will get a job and tells if all women join their farm. Naren tells that they are thinking to expand the farm and asks if she would like to work. Chandani agrees. Pooja thinks Harish will be happy to know that he is expanding farm business. Harish calls pooja and asks her to meet him in 1 hour without telling Naren. Pooja comes to Naren and tells that she will take the papers from school. She goes to meet Harish. Naren thinks she went without taking gift. She tells Harish that Naren is doing good for the children. Harish asks her to accompany him while he is going to Dehradun. Pooja says okay and sits in his car. Naren meets sponsors and they tell that they will get the fees deposited by tomorrow and asks what he would like to do with his shed. Naren says nothing. Sponsor asks where our company board will be placed. Naren says Pooja will talk to you about this. Pooja is in Harish’s car tells him about Naren. She gets Naren’s call. Harish asks her not to pick his call. Naren thinks she must have went to school to complete the formalities. Harish looks at Pooja. Pooja thinks why is he behaving strangely. Rahul comes to temple, thinks Naren must be calling Pooja, poor bhai. He talks to Pandit ji and asks if Pooja told you that she is Naren’s wife. Pandit ji tells that he can see looking at her gesture. Naren thinks about Pandit ji saying that they are husband and wife. He is angry.

Harish tells Pooja that he came to drop her to Dehradun and tells you don’t need to return, says you are fired. Pooja is shocked. She asks did I do any mistake? Harish says you have done many things for Naren, and I don’t agree with few things. He says sometimes our decisions are easy and says you are a nice girl and can call me anytime for help, but I can’t permit you to work again. Pooja says I will not question your decision, but let me inform naren once. Harish refuses and asks her not to talk to him. He says I will inform him. Naren tells Pandit ji that he is not married to Pooja. Pandit ji says she has broken the temple rules. Mayank says you were happy when media was covering your temple news because of her. Naren says lie is a lie.

Harish says I know that I promised to give you compensation, and will not back off. He asks her to write any amount in it. Pooja refuses to take the money and tells that Mama always gave her Swabhimaan teaching and she can’t take this money. She says Supriya have paid money for Satish’s treatment and it is a big favour on her. Harish asks her to promise not to have any contact with Naren, not even on phone.

“Insaaf ki aas hoti sabhi ko
Par nyay nahi karpaate
Ek paksh ka insaaf bhi toh
Kuch ke liye annyay ban jaate”

(Justice is wished by all
But can’t do justice
Justice to one person
Becomes injustice to others)

Naren asks Servant to inform Pooja to meet him. He says she is not in the house. Naren thinks why she is not coming infront of me and says she needs to answer me. Harish drops Pooja. Pooja comes to her Mama’s house. Naren calls her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. hii gyes….?….as always today episode was nice…I love the way how pooja handle naren….i hope in upcoming episodes…naren was out of control of his family….and then harish realise his mistake to leave pooja….and he goes and request pooja to cone wid him…..
    please…. naren forget husband wife matter …and remember pooja…otherwise makers will make mayank and pooja’s pair….bt all n all fab and epic episode….

    1. When the story revolves around Naren and Pooja, I’m sure they won’t take Mayank and Pooja…but Mayank will be heart broken…

      1. don’t want that feel bad for him

    2. happy u commented
      keep it up

  2. Gift part was only good thing in today’s episode.. As expected separation for Naren and Pooja.. Hope now Naren will realize his feelings for Pooja nd its high time that he should know about pooja’s back ground.. Hoping that Naren will get back Pooja after clearing all misunderstandings.. I m liking Pooja’s character a lot.. Her Self respect nd all.. Hats off to the writers for such beautiful characters of Pooja and Naren.. Hope they will not convert into cheap serial.. Now I will wait for Monday..

    1. agreed and wish the same happy u commented keep it up

  3. Hi guys today’s episode is good. Gift part is best in today’s episode. And pooja is the only person who knows everything about Naren so pooja is the best life partner for Naren

    1. yeah she is
      happy u commented keep it up

  4. Hiii Malang’s,
    How’s you all….
    Pooja and naren too good,gift part was awesome..and I hope you all notice when Pooja leaving naren in ranggali and went to meet harish naren is watching her like his heart is going far from him.. Too good

    1. yeah agreed
      keep it up(commenting)

  5. Hi malanga family wts going on gys.ye neelu ji un baba ji ko kahan se pkd lai.nd gys i don’t know about NV bt i thinj mayank already faln lov with her right gys.intresting show waithng for next.

    1. i don’t want mayank to fell in love with her
      by the way how r u and what’s going on

  6. Hi everyone.
    How r u all?
    Anne ,where were u? I missed u. N also mis durga,shrividya,ooshi,zoya, aanya di ,geeta n others.
    Hi sia, roshni n pari , r u new here my dears?
    N where r others? Ooshi dr thanks for remembering me. I could not coment dr bcz my brother don’t let me to touch mobile as he is in it much time.
    Bt i wil try to cmnt . Love u guys.

    1. precaution precaution precaution
      no one is allowed to say thanks or sorry to me always remember

  7. Episode is good…bt How can harish believe in this baba..he always know about neelimas bad plans but this time harish act like a fool
    Narja scenes r awesome???

  8. Hi malanga fans…
    Episode is good…bt How can harish believe in this baba..he always know about neelimas bad plans but this time harish act like a fool
    Narja scenes r awesome???

    1. i agreed
      happy u commented keep it up

  9. Hi mama,aanya,liza,anne,roshni,geeta,sia and all others……
    Epi was really nce….nd narja scenes was suprb….naren can’t handle anything without pooja..
    …he has got the habit of her….I am just excited to see naren’s expression when he get to know that pooja is no more in Vyas house…nd what he will do to meet her….

    1. me too

  10. Hey piya albela fans I just come across a news piece about our favourite couple.. I hope it will become true.. Nd the news is….
    Sooraj Barjatya’s romantic tale Piyaa Albela (Zee TV) is getting intriguing with each passing episodes.
    As we know, the story is a modern day adaptation of Vishwamitra and Meneka, relived by Naren and Pooja (Akshay Mhatre and Sheen Das).
    As per the ongoing track, Naren and Pooja are helping orphan kids seek education by applying for admission in schools.
    However, Naren’s dad Harish (Avinash Wadhawan) will be worried about his son not concentrating on his family business, and spending time behind orphan kids. He would in fact blame Pooja for Naren’s changed behaviour.
    Soon, Harish will confront Pooja and ask her to leave the Vyas house. He will also ask her to leave the job. When Naren would learn about this, he will visit Pooja’s house to convince her in coming back home.
    On the other hand, Mayank (Tushar Khanna), who has soft corner for Pooja, will visit her house along with all the kids.
    So will Pooja agree to come back?
    Well, the answer is yes!
    How will Harish react after seeing Pooja back in Vyas house?

    So all excited for coming track na..

    1. so exciting yaar thank u very much for this

  11. Hi liza dear. R u new here?

    1. just welcome yaar what’s the reason to ask always follow ur heart

  12. Thanks geeta dear for the upcoming information.

    1. You Welcome dear.. Seriously no need to thank me.. Nd sorry for late reply..

  13. Why r u not answering me guys? I think u don’t want to talk with me.

    1. the reason is that
      when u were here we were not as now i am here but u r not it’s all about luck it also happens with me don’t say that ever

  14. Hi Mama….its nce…that u r back.
    ….nd its nothing like that dr…what u want to ask ….u can frankly ask me….

    1. Assalam o Alaikum what’s going on Dear

      1. Walekum assalam….hw r u dr….nd wts going on….

  15. samajh nahi aata ki aakhir kumkum bhagya jaise ghise-pite story wale serial kaise top trp k ho jaate h?
    aage mai nahi likhungi q ki bahuton ko bura lg skta h.lekin achchhe thought waale serial ka trp low dekh kr ajeeb lagta h.
    samjh nahi aata ki aakhir audience ko chaiye kya?
    waise -piya albela is the best.i watch DBO also.

    1. main b dbo dekhti hon
      main btaon trp zyada q hota hai q k logon ko us drame ki aadt lg jati hai iss lie story se zyada aadt ki wjha se dekhte hain iss lie

      1. Yeah u r right….Ooshi….trp’s zyda hone ki wajah logo ki aadat hi hai….jo nasha ban jati hai….aur unhe vo dekhna hi hota hai….

    2. Catharin

      Same feelngs…….

      1. Catharin

        I hate naagin bla bla … Upto date PA s best ever… Regular trp rate is 1.4.due to ipl match. trp is 1.3 or 1.2.but ths show deserve more trp…feelng bad ….

  16. sorry i forgot to gteet you all.
    Good evening .
    and waiting for next episode eagerly.

    1. ME TOO happy to see u Daer how r u and good night if i am not wrong

  17. Hi malangas y so less cments gys.where is devga,oosi nd [email protected] y r u thinking like this.blki aap hi khuch dino se cment nhi kr rahe.


  18. yar aaj kl abu sirf 2 ghante k lie evo dete hain phr wapis le lete hain in 2 ghanto main drame b pore krne hote hain aur comment b krne hote hai iss lie zyada comment nhi kr pati abi dekhna

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      Aanya,Mama,Zoya and other who were missing Ooshi check the timing of all replies by me after reading the comment whose reply is this
      it’s the Ooshi u were waiting for but as i told u my prob so u can’t meet THIS Ooshi regularly

  19. Ya…you are right ooshi.it’s all because of addiction.
    I’m fine .happy to see your comment.
    good night to you & all frnds.

  20. Roumya

    hi ooshi, zoya, durga,mama,shristi,anne,jyoti,aanya and others…
    after a long break and exam pressure i am back….
    i did everything well…
    and abt todays episode, it was good… nice to see naren desp to meet pooja to get his answers… not able to predict the further story… and i think supriya would bring pooja back on narens insistence…

    1. Roumya

      and i got my board result…. so was not able to comment

    2. Hi roumya….nce to see u ….after a long time….

  21. Hi!!zoya nice to meet u.I’m happy u commenting.

    1. Hi srishti, nce to meet u too…hw r u…nd can I ask u something….from where u belong to…nd u study in which stream…

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  23. after this only 1 less than 50 so let’s do the half century By

  24. WEATHER how’s it in ur area here it’s good from 3 to 4 days in day time the weather is hot and in evening clouds and wind comes so a good combination in a same day now tell me about ur’s area weather

  25. 50 completed it’s 51st so will meet on next page till then apna kyal rakhiye ga aur hmain apni duaon main yaad rakhiye ga i heard these lines many time ago on tv shows when they were finishing these just came to my mind so write beautiful na i mean it too

  26. Devga

    Badly missing many episodes ….

    Hi mama aanya roumya i am here …. How r u al …. Missed u guys and piya albela ….. So wil see al the missed episodes and reach u guys tomorrow’s page….

    Btw were is today’s (15may) episode …

    Hi to other new malanga family members …. Welcome and enjoy commenting…

    Hi shristi Catherine zoya and all sory I don’t remember all now since I wil b regular I wil surly remember al …

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