Piya Albela 12th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Naren makes plan to expose Naina

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The Episode starts with Supriya telling Harsha that Naren will marry Naina. Naren and Pooja are shocked. Naren asks how can you say this, Pooja is my wife, how can I marry someone else. Supriya says she is your namesake wife and it is better to end the marriage, and free her. you shall move on in life. Satish says you are insulting my niece. Supriya says she is trying to make Naren and Naina’s life better. Harsha asks Naren to give name to Mayank’s baby for her sake. She emotionally blackmails her. Naren looks at Pooja, recalls marrying Pooja, their happy moments and tells Harsha that he is ready to gives his name to Mayank’s baby and marry Naina. Everyone is shocked. Naina smiles. Harsha hugs him and says you gave life to Mayank today. Harish says I just hope your decision is right. Pooja is

in shock and looks at Naren. Supriya asks Pooja to come near her and says I know this is not easy for you, but now I am asking you to free my son. She asks her not to return in his life again. Pooja says but…Supriya asks her not to spoil the beautiful moments while going. She asks Pooja to return ancestral bangles which she gave to her.

Pooja goes to Surbhi’s room and asks her to tell about Naina’s truth. She says only your statement can save Naren and my life. Surbhi says I can’t give any statement without proofs and asks her to go. Pooja is shocked and goes. Surbhi recalls Naina coming to her room and threatening to kill her baby, before pooja came there. She cries and thinks I don’t have strength like you. Chandrika comes to Pooja and says she got sweets distributed in Krishnapuri as she is getting freed from this hell. She asks her not to cry for these selfish people and says whatever you do, but will be bahu always. Pooja goes to pack her bags. Rahul tells Neelima that today incident made them get rid of Pooja. Pooja packs her bags.

Naren comes there and asks her to listen to him first. Pooja asks if anything is left. Naren asks her to let him clarify. Pooja says she don’t want any clarification. Naren asks her to punish him if not forgive him. Pooja says how many times and for what? She asks him to go and make arrangements for second marriage. Naren says I want to make you understand. Pooja asks if there is my mistake even now. Naren makes her sit and says you have right to get angry on me. He says I have taken this decision to marry Naina for you. Pooja is shocked. Naren says so that you don’t have to prove your truth infront of my family and to save your mum. Pooja asks why he has changed of opinion. Naren says I am sure that you can’t be wrong. Pooja asks then why this marriage. Naren says it is a game plan to reach Naina’s game plan and he wants to fight this war with his wife, and asks her to trust him. Mora Piya Song plays….

Chandrika is waiting for Pooja. Pooja walks down the stairs holding her suitcase. Naina comes to her and asks why did you make me wear ancestral bangles and says now you will have tears, and says cleverness is not good. Pooja says evil will end one day. Naina says who will make me lose, you? Lets see. Chandrika asks did you pack your stuff and asks her to think that she has nothing to do with this house. Satish says we have seen their heart and now they will yearn for bahu like Pooja. He is about to curse them. Pooja stops him and says it was her family. Satish asks her not to leave anything behind. Pooja turns and looks at Naren. Naren signs her towards mobile and messages her. Pooja checks her phone. Naren messages her that he will wait for her after half an hour after making all arrangements. Pooja replies him that she will come 10 mins late as he troubled her a lot. Naren smiles. Pooja wipes her tears.

Pooja comes to Vyas Mansion indisguise and says she will keep Naina under her supervision for 24 hours. Later she tells Naren if he had fulfilled his duty well then this day wouldn’t have come.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. why you writers introducing another pack of shit just to prolong this storyline we have had it up to our throats with this nonsense as soon as there is a chance for pooja and naren to reunite you just jump in with those lame storylines and destroy it.

  2. Pooja got paid in full by Harsha, Supriya, Neelima, Surbhi and Rahul for her goodness. Let’s see Naren exposing Naina for the snake in the grass she is. Hope that Naren stays true to his word and not betray Pooja. Surbhi should be ashamed of herself for saving Rahul and Naina. Surbhi is still the selfish evil snake after all and will never change.

  3. Hey Sapphire god girl where were you as usual your comment is like a breath of fresh air I think this time Naren and Pooja will beat the evil Naina at her own game she is too over confident,we have to understand Surbhi was threatened by Naina and someone needs to give Supriya a hard kick out of that wheelchair and let her land on that numskull head of hers we just have to keep watching yawn!!

  4. Waiting for the big “Pooja is Pregnant” announcement, should be any time now, cause they’ve just had s*x last week.

  5. Hmmm…at least Pooja and Naren on the same page, at least for now till writers think otherwise. What I don’t understand is how hard is it for Surbhi to tell all that Naina threatened to kill her baby, how hard is that to do? It’s either Naina push her down the staircase, or shoot her womb open with a gun while wearing an invisible cloak so no one will see her in the act or maybe Surbhi has realized that the whole freaking Vyas family is plain stupid and won’t understand her cries so it best to stab Pooja in her back till the case of corrupt Naina get exposed.. Or maybe the months Surbhi was away, didn’t change her one bit…so, now we see Naren going to play detective now and if he marries Naina, I hope she romps in bed with Naren, at least we’ll see some action, after all she loves all that belongs to Pooja…her house, her family, her status in the family, the wealth and of course… Pooja’s husband…

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