Piya Albela 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Harish reading the conditions and says he will not have any relation with Naren, and that he will not leave his mum and home. Naren tells that he will not expect or take any help from home. Harish tells that he will talk to Naren if he wants to talk. Naren says I will be here on your birthday and festivals to wish you and says we shall sign on the contract rather than troubling everyone with our clauses. He says I can trust you this much. Naren signs on the contract. Harish recalls talking to lawyer and adding a clause that Naren have to marry without any questions whenever he wants him to marry and whoever she may be. Supriya cries and goes. Harsha tells Rakesh that Naren will change if he gets married.

Mayank comes to Naren and shows him new game which he downloaded.

Naren is busy planting the plant. Harsha comes and asks Naren to taste something. Naren tastes it and says it is okay. Harsha asks him to meet her friend’s daughter Tina. Naren says he is not interested to marry anyone. Harsha tells him that Tina is interested in animals and insisted to meet him. She asks him to meet her for her sake. Naren agrees. Harsha thinks she will send Pooja with them so that they talk. She talks to Pooja and requests her to go with Naren when he meets Tina. She tells about Tina. Pooja says I will go if he takes me. Harsha says once Naren marries, then everything will be fine. She says Bhabhi is grinded between Harish and Naren.

Pooja thinks about Harsha’s words and comes to Naren. She knocks on the door and keeps food for him. Naren is bandaging his wound. Pooja takes the bandage and bandages his foot. Naren says I hope everything is fine as he scolded her. Pooja says boss can scold me. Naren says employee can tell also. Pooja tells that she don’t go anywhere and that’s why don’t know what to say or do. She thinks stop me Naren…I can’t walk more slow than this. Naren tells her that he is going to farm at 9 am and asks her to come with him if she wants and tells that Gauri is ill since 2-3 days and will feel better seeing you. Pooja agrees to go with him.

Next day, they come to the farm. Pooja tells Naren that his farm is beautiful. She sees Naren taking care of goat and talks to Gauri. Naren smiles. Pooja asks Naren to set his hairs and tells him that his clothes are getting dirty. Naren looks on. Pooja says she was talking to Bholu.

Anuj follows Rachel. Rachel asks him if he is mad to follow her and asks what is the salary. Anuj says 5000. Rachel agrees to teach dance to students. Anuj wonders from where I will get the money.

Tina comes to the farm. Pooja greets her and tells that Naren is sitting there. Tina hugs Naren and asks about Pooja. Naren says she is my mum’s helper. He asks if she wants to take Bholu. Tina says no, after sometime. Pooja asks Naren to give Bholu to her and takes in her lap. Just then Tina’s friends come there and asks Tina why did she call them there for the party. They play high volume and start dancing. Naren sees horse getting scared and asks her to keep the volume low. Tina ignores him. Naren switches off the music system. He tells that he is going to give bath to Jaggi and asks her to come if she wants.

He then comes to Pooja and asks her to help him if she is free. Naren goes to give bath to horse. Tina comes there and asks what’s up. Naren says if you want, you can clean it. Tina says her manicure will be spoiled. Harish says then you shall not love animals. Pooja tells him that Harsha will feel bad if he speaks rudely to her.

Tina asks her friend to take pooja with her and says he is strange. She asks Naren to come with them. Pooja asks him to go. They force Naren to have bear and tries to forcefeed bottle in his mouth. Pooja comes and asks them to stop it and says when he don’t want to have, why you are forcing him.

Tina says she is right, we shall not force Naren. Her friend asks Pooja to help her see the farm. They take Pooja with them. Tina says lets sit and talk. She sits on Naren’s lap. Naren asks her to get up. Tina asks what is your problem and why do you behave like sadhu baba. Her friends come back and asks Tina and Naren to dance with them. Pooja also comes back. They try to force Naren. Tina says may be he don’t know dancing and asks shall I play bhajan for you. Naren and Pooja looks on.

“Kahin rishte nibhe jazbaat se
Kahin naate jude pyaar se
Par zor ke dum par chalte rishte
Kya mol chute vyawaar ke”.

(Somewhere relations are made with emotions,
Somewhere connections are made with love,
But the relations which is forced,
Can justify with their actions)

Malanga Re plays….

Pooja asks Tina and her friends to leave. Tina says so a helper will asks us to leave.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. There were so many cute moments between Naren and Pooja today; Pooja is probably the first girl (that is as old as him) Naren has been so comfortable with. When she randomly took the ointment and started to help him, he didn’t freak out (maybe she’s done this often 😉 )
    Also, when he told her that she also can scold him and when he shook his head when she left, it was so cute- I really hope they become friends soon.

    Can’t wait to see badass Pooja, I hope she really gives it back to Tina and her gang,
    Naren is probably gonna get so mad when Tina insults Pooja…atleast I hope 😉

    Awesome poetry 🙂

  2. Roumya

    Arre pura precap kaha hai hasan ji… Hi all…good episode… Waiting for tomorrow… Naren and pooja to teach a lesson to Tina and suggest names for naren pooja jodi… I am not getting a good name though

    1. Roumya

      And I am in love with malanga re…. On repeat mode….

    2. Trisha

      Hey Roumya….Even I am in love with ‘Malanga Re’. Its simply beautiful…
      Hmm…let’s see…a good name for Naren and Pooja..
      Renja…Pooren…Narja…Not sure if its acceptable….but feel free to take your pick 🙂

      1. Roumya

        No no no none sounds good… I already thought of them… Sry

      2. How about naja for naren and pooja

  3. Namashte to all.
    i think naren grajually comfortable ho rha ha puja k saath.
    puja hi naren ka khub khyal rakh sakti h aur naren ko v koi problem nahi hogi .shayad!

    1. Roumya

      yeah and the new promo is too good…. accordingly rahul gets caught for misbehaving with pooja and then harish reveals the same to naren and naren calls police…… the voice behind says” kya naren ki yeh kadam, pooja or naren ki dosti ki pehli kadam hai???”…. wow i am so excited….

  4. Devga

    How about NAJA ….NAREJA …… Just a suggestion…. Lol these names are difficult to b paired… MALANG JODI …

    Lovly song MALANG RE … does any one have download link of it …plz comment it….

    1. Roumya

      Use YouTube video link and download it through fullrip.net

      1. Devga

        Thanks will try

  5. Devga

    About this poetry awesome idea evry episode has a 4 line poetry related to the respective episodes. ….

  6. how is renja

  7. Roumya

    Guys does any one know poojas surname….naren its vyaas…. why not uniquely we club surnames??? Just an idea… Suggest guys… And why not we ppl form a malanga family… I am in… Welcome to malanga family… I am Srividya… I am from tn… Whoever is in text name and place… By the way hi all

    1. Hey srividya! Me too in ?
      Mast malang!!

  8. Nice episode .eagerly waiting for tomorrow epi.hope they will soon become friends.

  9. Hello guys,
    Can I join u all?

    1. Roumya

      Yeah sure.. You are in

  10. Nice poetry’s in this serial.

  11. Poetry in naren’s voice sounds touching. Naren looked too cute when he said to tiya to get up and one more thing I wanna share that the childhood name of Swami Vivekananda was Narendra! Naren is reference of that and completely justifying the uniqueness of the personality. I like Naren ?

  12. I think NAREJA wud do for this couple ?

  13. Plz somebody share the link where I can download malanga re …plzz

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